Online protest stops Donald Blom stor...

Online protest stops Donald Blom story that was never meant to ...

There are 40 comments on the story from Nov 4, 2009, titled Online protest stops Donald Blom story that was never meant to .... In it, reports that:

It was a protest that never happened outside the Internet for a story that was never going to be on television.

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Sad but true

Minneapolis, MN

#22 Nov 5, 2009
The Golf Guy wrote:
Yeah right, it was a mistake, we never meant to air it. These TV networks will air anything to make a buck.
Sadly because there's a market for it.

Saint Paul, MN

#23 Nov 5, 2009
Eric - "Free speech does NOT include the right to cause pain to people."
In that case, can we please shut down MTV, because it is extremly painful to watch.
You know, it is possible to be pro-free speech and still have compassion for victims. I think you're all missing the point of the "free speech" post: the more you limit free speech, even in a case as vile as this, the more you are allowing your freedom to be taken away... its the slippery slope!
Oh and I loved the quote in the story saying something like "we don't wanna watch this crap up in the northland". Yea, lets just sugar coat the news, that will really benefit society. Hey, if we don't talk about it, its not really there... come on.

Since: Jun 09

Lincoln, NE

#26 Nov 5, 2009
Freedom of speech means you cannot be prosecuted under law. Nothing protects you from looking like a jerk or an idiot. The station voluntarily pulled the content, because they came to their senses and realized that some touchy feely story about how some rapist and murderer didn't get a fair shake would not be the best thing for their ratings. Especially since after three appeals it has been reaffirmed that he did get a fair shake. Yet he continues to waste our time and money. Those protesting exercised their free speech by letting the station know what the public thought of it. Based on that, the station made its decision.

Saint Paul, MN

#28 Nov 5, 2009
I dont for one minute believe the story about how some poor techy at the station "accidently aired" something that was never intended to be aired.

How you like to be that employee getting thrown under the bus like that?

We all know some yacky little producers and market share analysts came up with the "great idea" about boosting ratings by yet again dredging up poor Katie Poirer, who all her poor parent's had left to bury of her was a tooth.

Scumbabg Blom has had more air time and more appeals than he ever deserved and to try and make yet another dollar of of him and worse yet her is pathetic.

This guy was convicted and re-convicted. His words hold NO merit and aren't worth bringing to the attention of the public. It's serves no newsworthy purpose.

Rather than throwing some poor techy under the bus you should apologize for you lack of creativity, poor judgement, and taste. Those who cooked up this idea should be the ones thrown under the bus, but I'm sure the people making the statement would have to throw themselves under it for the to happen.

No try though, but I don't buy your spin control.
Get a Grip

Saint Paul, MN

#29 Nov 5, 2009
I guess i can understand the anniversary of Jacob Wetterling. This is an unsolved case that for years has left questions unanswered.

However I'm not feeling the "10 Year Anniversary" of the kidnapping, rape and murder of a vibrant young lady.

Rationalizing the "new developments" is also completely dis-ingenuous and insulting cover-up spin.

I can see it if this guy was making his first or perhaps even second appeal. C'mon people this is number four. Will it still be hard news when he's on his 23rd appeal? At what point is it no longer news?

Is is newsworthy that an inmate wants to move to another prison? If it is I'm afraid you probabaly way behind on your reporting becasue I haven't heard that story yet....for ANYONE.

Watch Dennis Anderson......bad toupee, but at least he has a brain and some ethics.

“Who, me?”

Since: Jun 08


#30 Nov 5, 2009
bob wrote:
just another nail in the coffen of free speech. thanks everyone who help squash free speech one more time.
I suggest you study your constitutional law.
The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech in certain circumstances, but, the supreme court has held that there are types of speech not protected by the first amendment.
Some examples are:
child pornography
commercial speech (advertising)
political campaigns
lies intended to harm (slander, libel)
words intended to provoke imminent or potential violence (hate speech)

Now, if you had read the article, you would have also seen, the interview that we being protested never actually existed.

So, your claims of free speech being squashed aren't even valid in this case. You can't squash the free speech rights of a speech that doesn't exist.

Minneapolis, MN

#31 Nov 5, 2009
This is my non-existence blog post about an ad that was never meant to air regarding a non-existent interview.
Grape Shot Jones

Minneapolis, MN

#32 Nov 5, 2009
is this creep still alive ? every dog has his day and this dog had his,it's time to let a sleeping dog lay. Dude gave his rights and life up when he did what he did,enough said.I dont want to even here if he wets the bed,bye have fun and live with what you did.

Hugo, MN

#33 Nov 5, 2009
thank you god wrote:
<quoted text>
Another good christian pro lifer wanting to play god?
And you are the third Blom supporter to post today. I know its MN, but some people still don't like child rapists, or the people who support them. Now go back to your GLBT support group.
Tall Paul

Saint Paul, MN

#35 Nov 5, 2009
What would Favre do?

Hugo, MN

#36 Nov 5, 2009
Denny Hecker wrote:
<quoted text>
Show me where it's written "Free speech does NOT include the right to cause pain to people" You're WRONG!!!! and I should know after all the crap people have said about me
1. Nobody likes you.
2. Nobody cares if you are tormented or not.
3. You are a criminal who has (or will) lost his rights.
4. The Poirer family has endured a great deal with dignity and class, and people like them.
white city girl

Royalton, MN

#37 Nov 5, 2009
Why is the P.O.S. still alive! Minnesota needs the death penalty!!!
Notta Fair

Saint Paul, MN

#39 Nov 5, 2009
The guy is probably innocent.

River Falls, WI

#41 Nov 5, 2009
how come nobody killed this pig in prison yet, what, do they have him tucked away so nobody can get at him.

Hugo, MN

#42 Nov 5, 2009
Denny Hecker wrote:
<quoted text>
You're a moran and I can say what I want about the Poirer family because it is my constitutional right! So both you and the Poirer family can KMA!
Oooohhh, tough guy eh? Does it make you feel "big" to disparage the victims of a rapist and murderer? Wow, you are real tough. Why don't you come up from the basement, go out to a public place, and tell the people how you feel about this? Can't do it, can you? Its because you are a coward. You exercise your "constitutional right only when you are safe in your moms basement, huh? You are probably the same type of coward that Blom is, picking on defensless little girls. But when someone spots you, you run away like a little weasel.

by the way, Chip, whats a "moran"?
not cool

Albert Lea, MN

#43 Nov 5, 2009
The station is lying to cover their tracks. The promos were aired not only on their own station, but on radio stations. Blom's voice was set over creepy music saying, "I never killed that girl." The absolutely used Blom's voice to gain attention for their story- which was going to include parts of the interview with Michelle Lee. I know because I called the news room and was told this by someone who answered the phone. They changed their tune BECAUSE of the protest, and are using the 'promo' person as a scapegoat. What kind of news director would not take the time to listen to and approve the promotional commercials for a story they heavily promoted... DURING SWEEPS? They are lying, and this is pure damage control.

Minneapolis, MN

#44 Nov 5, 2009
Yep...I am wrong in an important sense--clarity

What I meant to say was that free speech does not give the media the right to harm people without the possibility of retribution. i.e. boycots, et cetera.

Didn't write the whole sentence...moved ahead too rapidly to the next point. My bad. Should have re-read my post again to make sure I made the point I intended to make.
Irish Muse

Saint Paul, MN

#45 Nov 5, 2009
This incident is what you get when you forget the basic and the tried-and-true tenets of good journalism.

Everybody in many newsrooms across this nation wants the big scoop &/or exclusive without trying to edit, research, and qualify facts. The days of true investigative style has given way to the easy instant cyber-factoid that substitutes for hard news.

Also, what relevance to history, the nation, world, and the people affected does the news report have or is it pertinent to present realities of life?

Whatever happened to the 5-W's of journalism? The "who, what, when, where, and why". The ersatz journalists of today have forgotten these tenets.

Also, when is a story not a story anymore as in the case of the Poirier murder? Would a brief news comment or paragraph on the murder anniversary sufficed without making it a painful 'cause celebre' for all concerned?

Many questions exist regarding this whole sordid incident. Let's hope we learn from this rush to sensationalism.
James L McIntyre

Mound, MN

#46 Nov 6, 2009
Donald Albin Blom killed Kathlyn "Katie" Elizabeth Poirier in 1999. He also killed Jane Doe 12-16.
The FBI are looking for the I-70 Killer, it may interest them to know Donald Blom and the I-70 Killer are one and the same! Katie was the last in a long list of victims, the rest of the are listed below.
Robin Fuldauer 26, Indianapolis, Indiana murdered on April 8, 1992.
Patricia Magers 32, Patricia Smith 23, Wichita, Kansas BOTH were murdered on April 11, 1992.
Michael McCown 40, Terre Haute, Indiana murdered on April 27, 1992.
Nancy Kitzmiller 24, St. Charles, Missouri murdered on May 3, 1992.
Sarah Blessing 37, Raytown, Missouri raped and murdered on May 3, 1992.
Vicki Webb 35, Houston, Texas attempted murder on January 15, 1994.
Description of I-70 Killer: He was 5'8" to 5'9" tall, thin-almost gaunt, with a weathered look about him, reddish blonde. Description of killer's motorcycle matches that of Donald Blom's.
The current body count that I have is 17 victims.
Katie Poirier is the last in a long line of victims. The DNA recovered from Sarah Blessing will MATCH Donald Blom's! I would be very surprised if it doesn't! Donald Blom is living in a dreamland if he thinks he will ever see a release date. Sheriff Dave Seboe may have been given all of the credit, But I did all of the work! It took me only two days to track Blom down. Sheriff Dave Seboe and Company either TAINTED THE EVIDENCE OR LOST THE EVIDENCE ENTIRELY,(ARSON). I was known as Leon B. Leon or [email protected] I used an alias because I knew this would be a MEDIA CIRCUS case.
James L. McIntyre
McIntyre Consulting

Since: Jul 11

Forest Lake, MN

#47 Jul 9, 2011
Minnesotans need to be aware and vigilant about these criminal cases, for to deter future killers from striking their intended victims. Information about Donald Blom and the Blom case ought to be available on the Internet, so that concerned citizens can do research and can prepare themselves for the time when they chance to meet the killers and rapists who prowl in their midst. The next witness of a kidnapper may be you or I, so we need to confront and question the attacker, or at least gather the pertinent facts before he drives away.

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