Who do you support for U.S. House in ...

Who do you support for U.S. House in California (District 24) in 2010?

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Newbury Park, California

#1 Oct 12, 2010
Even when I routinely voted Republican,I NEVER voted for Elton Gallegly. Gallegly is probably one of the most unintelligent and shallow individuals who has ever run for public office. This is why he has NEVER in 22 years been willing to engage in public debate, make a speech in public, take questions in person from his constituents, or hold a town forum.

Gallegly was motivated by his bigotry and racism against Hispanics and others and the only thing that has changed is that he has expanded his views to include anyone who does not agree with his agenda, including most Republicans and conservatives.

The fact that the constituents of the 24th Congressional District have just routinely pulled the "R" button does not speak well for us. We should be ashamed. Hopefully, the younger voters who elected Obama in 2008 will start to question why this arrogant, ignorant and incompetent individual has been allowed to occupy this office for so long without any real challenge...even from the Democratic Party.

If the Dems had put just a little bit of money into this race, or made a "celebrity" out of Gallegly because of his utter disregard for the needs, wants and desires of his constituents, they would have had a fighting chance to finally defeat him.

My hope is that in 2012 an independent candidate will be able to mount a campaign against both Gallegly AND whatever weak and ineffectual candidate the Democrats choose to nominate. With this in mind I am creating the MACPAC2012 to encourage and support true representatives of Middleclass America and run for Congress, and other offices. My intent is to be the candidate from the 24th Congressional District in 2012

However, for THIS election I will vote AGAINST Gallegly by voting for Tim Allison, who, I believe is the best candidate in 2010 but will probably not win because the national Democratic Party doesnt think the 24th CA is worth their time or money.
Mariann Cull

Temecula, CA

#2 Oct 14, 2010
He has served our country well.
Eileen MacEnery

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Oct 14, 2010
Mariann Cull wrote:
He has served our country well.
Gallegly has served you, and a small minority perhaps...but it has been to the detriment of the rest of us. And if he is not defeated on November 2, 2010, I will be starting a RECALL of Mr. Gallegly.

I truly believe that once this gets going, you will find out exactly how many people share my opinion of Mr. Gallegly.

You need to stop watching Fox News and start talking to some REAL people here in the 24th Congressional District...especially those who are under the age of 65.

Gallegly is a craven coward, who does not even have the courtesy to speak in person to his constituents. That speaks volumes about his character and about who his TRUE masters are.

Ken Reilly

Grand Rapids, MI

#4 Oct 14, 2010
Bye Bye Democratic Liberal Socialists
Tom Hughes

La Habra, CA

#6 Oct 15, 2010
Easy choice. Either be dumb and vote for the guy that hasn't done much of anything in 24 years or be smart enough to vote for the guy that shows the potential to better represent this district in Congress.
Eileen MacEnery

Los Angeles, CA

#7 Oct 15, 2010
Tom Hughes wrote:
Easy choice. Either be dumb and vote for the guy that hasn't done much of anything in 24 years or be smart enough to vote for the guy that shows the potential to better represent this district in Congress.
You would think so, Tom. And this has been the choice that the voters have had in the 24th CA for at least the past 10 years. So it still BAFFLES me why they keep on electing Gallegly...even though many who USED to be Republicans, and even on his staff, have left him in disgust.

It is as if the voters (who voted for Obama in 2008) are in some kind of alternative universe when they vote for their Congressional Representative.

And even in this race, there has been absolutely NO real activity either in the press or media to do anything to create a buzz. It is as if everyone in this community is under some kind of a spell. People who are otherwise politically aware have no idea who their Representative is....which is why I think the ONLY thing that will create any interest is a RECALL initiative, which I intend to start after the Election.
Marion Julian

United States

#8 Oct 16, 2010
Elton has done a good job
Tom Hughes

United States

#9 Oct 16, 2010
To Marion Julian: could you please tell why you say Elton has done a good job?

To Eileen MacEnery: I hope you and everyone you know vote for Tim Allison first before having to go the impeachment route. Far easier and quicker to vote Elton out than impeach him.

Ventura, CA

#10 Oct 16, 2010
Incumbents are the reason we are in this mess. Vote out all incumbents, vote libertarian if you can!
Troubled Patriot


#11 Oct 16, 2010
We need Elton and others like him to protect our freedoms.
Eileen MacEnery

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Oct 19, 2010
Tom Hughes wrote:
To Marion Julian: could you please tell why you say Elton has done a good job?
To Eileen MacEnery: I hope you and everyone you know vote for Tim Allison first before having to go the impeachment route. Far easier and quicker to vote Elton out than impeach him.
@ Tom...those who "support" Elton think he has done a "good" job because he shares their racist and narrowminded values. And, if what you want for our district is NO mass transportation, NO black, brown or any of the "OTHERS" living here...NO jobs for the middle class, NO opportunities for young people or families, NO rental housing or middle class housing, and nothing but a community white, elderly and bigoted extreme right (not even moderate) ultra conservatives, then Elton HAS done a "good" job!
And that is why, despite the fact that the man is uneducated (never went to college) can not write his own speeches, or press releases, can not speak in public or answer questions, and has rebuked and rebuffed every attempt to even engage him in a conversation, unless he is protected in his cocoon or behind his gated community, he has been able to be reelected.
There are a number of moderate Republicans, and even some conservatives (Tom McClintock comes to mind) who wanted to replace Elton...and tried. But any effort to get rid of him was squelched...even within the party, because, for some reason the other Republicans are afraid of "something".
When Elton tried to withdraw from the race back in 2006, for some mysterious "health" reasons...we were all so THRILLED! However, then he found out that he couldnt...unless he was DEAD!(He didnt even know the rules about his own office.)
Rumors abounded about what the REAL reason was...my suspicion was that it had something to do with the scandals surrounding the firing of US Attorney Generals/Alberto Gonzalez scandals and the 2004 Election...or maybe Gallegly was afraid of being caught in some involvement in the same web of lobbying crime as his fellow California Congressman, Duke Cunningham.
There were a lot of whispers and rumors...and we may never know the truth...but again, this despicable man has managed to stay out of the limelight and under the radar, simply by doing and saying NOTHING!!!!!!
His ONLY claim to fame in 24 years has been his "Anti_COCK FIGHTING legislation, specifically passed NOT because Gallegly cares about animal rights, but because of his lifelong obsession with targeting Hispanics, who are culturally identified with Cock-fighting. It is pathetically ironic that Gallegly is now known as an "animal rights activist".
This is SOOOOO embarassing to even have to be identified with this man as our elected representative. Which is why, at this point, and since for some unknown reason the Democratic Party has just ignored us, I believe the ONLY way to call attention to Gallegly is going to be a RECALL election.
You would think that every other Congressional District in the area, especially those who have Democrats in office, would do everything they can to get someone with some celebrity and some money to run against him.
When I think of a possible defeat of Gallegly I envision the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy apologizes to the Flying Monkeys for killing the Wicked Witch...expecting them to be upset. But instead...the "spell" is finally broken and they come out of their blind enslavement and shout "Hail to Dorothy, the Wicked Witch is dead!"
One can only hope that, IF we can finally arouse the voters in the 24th to actual LOOK at this man and his abysmal and embarrassing representation that we could break the spell.
It is time for DRASTIC and UNCONVENTIONAL action, since nothing else seems to motivate the people of the 24th, and a recall may be the only way to rally Dems, Republicans and independents to elect a REAL representative.
So, unless and until someone comes up with a better idea, I will encourage you to join the effort to RECALL GALLEGLY.

Santa Barbara, CA

#13 Oct 20, 2010
Tim is an incredible, intelligent, and prepared candidate for the 24th district and would be tireless in serving his constituency, a trait that is totally lacking in Gallagly's character.

Winchester, CA

#14 Oct 21, 2010
Gaggely has been worthless for a long time. He's been in office for 30 or so years and that is way too long. Time for him to get a real job...he stopped doing this one long ago.
Eileen MacEnery

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Oct 21, 2010
@ Marshall and Mary...I totally agree with BOTH of you! But the problem is that, despite the absolute TRUTH of what you say, it is likely that Gallegly will be reelected...again.

Please tell me...WHY you think the intelligent, and educated people of the 24th Congressional District have done NOTHING to get rid of this parasite? What do you think is the reason that other Republicans in the District have been unable to get the nomination, and dont even bother trying?

And why does the Democratic Party DO NOTHING to try and get rid of him...they had the perfect opportunity in 2008...but again, NOTHING!! No money, no national interest...it is as if we do not exist! For the past 15 years...even when I was an active Republican, I have met many many people who cant stand him...and want him out.

In 2004 I actually worked on Brett Wagner's campaign, and like many Republicans who were disgusted with the Iraq War, and the Patriot Act and the Bush Administration, I truly believed we had an opportunity to get rid of this craven and unintelligent failure.


In 2004 I came to the conclusion that, short of a celebrity or movie star deciding to run as a Dem, the best bet would be to find an independent non-partisan candidate, who, at least when compared to Gallegly, would be acceptable to Democrats, Libertarians, and moderate Republicans.

Again, what is the hold that Gallegly has on the Republican AND the Democratic parties in the 24th? It is absolutely bizarre...!!!

It reminds me of the fairy tale...The Emperor's New Clothes...everyone afraid to say that the vain and foolish emperor was nekkid..until finally a CHILD said it!

I, for one, am NOT afraid of this man...and that is why I am speaking out. And that is why I am forming the MACPAC2012 to at least start a recall election in 2011...unless a miracle occurs and Tim Allison is elected.

Back in 1995, while living in Simi Valley, I tried to expose some corruption in that town...and went to Gallegly's office. Within minutes of telling them why I was there, they threatened to have me arrested. The corrupt use of HUD funds was something that went back for years...and don't forget, Gallegly was a Simi Valley councilmember and mayor.

Shortly afterwards, some "strange" and threatening things began to happen to me, which were frightening enough that I dropped my investigation, and on the advice of caring and concerned individuals, I moved to Thousand Oaks. I was a single mother at the time, of two young girls, and I was smart enough to know that it was NOT the right time for me to be a martyr...and put my family in danger.

However, now my children are grown, and I can no longer keep quiet. Why do you think that Gallegly refuses to be seen in public or answer questions? This bunker mentality is his best choice. Privately, there I have met and spoken to so many people who have similar stories and information about this pariah. Is there no one else willing to step forward and take action?

However, from what I understand, all that is necessary for someone to be recalled is for enough constituents to be willing to sign their name.

I TRULY believe that IF we can get this going...the rest of the community will join us...and no one has to stick their neck out.

Yes, I would like to run for the office...and I intend to do so, either as a result of a successful recall, or as an independent candidate in 2012. And if someone else steps forward to run who is willing and qualified, whether independent or from a party, who WILL be able to challenge Gallegly, or his hand picked successor, then I will be content.

But either way, we MUST do something to BUST THE BUNKER that Gallegly has barricaded himself into! It is time to get some PUBLICITY going about this coward and "name and shame" him...and what better way then a RECALL.

This is why I am starting the MACPAC2012 (email MACPAC2012@gmail.com).
Eileen MacEnery

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Oct 21, 2010
Marshall...I am sure Tim is great! But unless he gets elected...what difference does it make. By the way, right after the primary I contacted Tim Allison's campaign and offered to try and get out the independent vote. My SPECIFIC suggestion was to do what I had done back in 2004 when I worked for Pedro Nava's campaign.

Nava had campaign workers standing in front of stores registering voters. I suggested to Tim Allison that he do something "different" from what the local Dems have done for the past 20 years...the precinct walking and phone calling.

More than that I told him that he had to DIRECTLY and AGGRESSIVELY appeal to the independent voters and capitalize on Gallegly's lack of availability.

I got a polite but negative reply and was encouraged to be part of doing the same old thing that had not worked for the last 20 years.

I am NOT a registered Democrat...I am an independent, and in order to appeal to those who, like me, think that political parties are becoming "dinosaurs" it is time to do something that reflects the ideas and opinions of the 21st century.

I am NOT a wealthy or "connected" person. I am NOT a celebrity. I have avoided selling my soul to either party...which is my strength and my weakness. It is a REAL SHAME that Tim Allison did not get better advice or get someone with dynamic and innovative ideas to put someinterest into the political life of this District.

Tim Allison has probably been the BEST candidate the Dems have had in the last 20 years...in that he is the most "electable". It is too bad that the Dems wasted the opportunity.

I HOPE AND PRAY I AM WRONG! Nothing will make me happier than to find out on November 3rd that Tim Allison is the new Congressman from the 24th CA Congressional District...and I will humbly apologize for doubting and being so upset.

HOWEVER...if he is NOT elected...can we PLEASE PLEASE all work together to do something different for 2012?????
KJitty Katz


#17 Oct 26, 2010
Elton usually votes as afiscal Conservative, something BADLY lacking in Congress.
Lesli Hogan

United States

#18 Nov 1, 2010
In many, many attempts to contact with Mr. Gallegly's office, he has clearly made no effort whatsoever to explain WHY he voted contrary to the position expressed in my letters, which I feel, having taken the time to write, deserved at least a token response. Further, when he actually purported to attempt to "look into" a matter regarding my student loan, and the legality of how it was being administered, all he did was send the letter that the bank sent to him back to me, as if I couldn't have that THAT myself. I THOUGHT I was seeking the assistance of my CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE, who might actually have some insight into the legislative process behind the federally funded student loan program.

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