if your going to do anything for veterans you should help them find job. the clinic is just to look good for govrnment they need jobs not seminar if it weren;t veterans from world war 2 korean war vietnam war the people enjoy agood life in america. everthing is now fir the wealthy. they are no breaks for anbody else, especially the war veteran. i was in the air force and my daddy was a b29 bo,ber pilot in the war. if it wasn:t people like us. america would be a 3rd rate country. we are headed to being a third world countyr because everybody thinks you have to have college degree to do anything. i got news for these people unless you have commom sense you can flush your degree down the toilet. Alot of people have talent without college degress but the business world will not give them a chance. that include baby boombers and especially VIETNAM WAR VETERAN. my dady was a b29 pilot in world war 2 i was a vietnam veteran. these are the people that put it where it is today. every body seems to forget this fact.