what is wrong with the iredell county...
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bbeen there

Cornelius, NC

#67 Dec 28, 2012
seeing som new comments here update ICJ jailr was buted for smuggling pot in to the jal just the other day.and true to my wor have filed lawsuit against ICJ in cort. look t my 12/28/2011 comment. so JUSTICE will be servd now my style
Humble Helper

Statesville, NC

#68 Jan 3, 2013
Joseph wrote:
What a bunch of losers. First, every inmate has a right to fair treatment and healthcare--it doesn't matter whether you're guilty or not.
Second, many of the statements made on this board are flat lies from individuals who, by nature, aren't trustworthy--hence the reason they've experienced the inside of a jail. Take the sources into consideration.
Third, all North Carolina jails are monitored by both state and federal authorities. There are grievance options--you are not limited to spewing bile on an internet discussion board. Use the accepted avenues of recourse.
Finally, I'd just like to say, YOU ALL SUX!
Well unless you know for sure who the people are who are posting on here you have no right to make statements as to the trustworthiness of anyone...lol... here is a thought, have you ever considered that grievances have already been filed and that they are not being taken seriously???.... Come on you have to really sit back and think before you type...

Furthermore there really is no way to fix a corrupt entity that has been in place for a long time... I mean look at the federal government....lol... no luck there....

if you want to help people who commit crimes, that really want the help, you have to treat people like humans not animals...

No I am not in any kind of Law enforcement because 99% have a god complex whether they realize it or not... when they take that oath and climb into their cruiser they think they can get away with anything... Event the jailers have a god complex because inmates are at their mercy... As has been said if you can't do the time don't do the crime but if doing the time harms you in any way keep a written record of the events and try to do things legally if you can if not well I am not sure what to tell you....

Prisoners die in jails all across the country and 90% get swept under the rug....

I know of one that happened in Kentucky where a jailer strapped a man in a chair and beat him to death and all he got was a suspension and a demotion nothing more...

Corruption needs to be stamped out because that is truly the only way to show them that what they are doing is wrong..
Its jail not a spa

Charlotte, NC

#69 Jan 6, 2013
Perhaps don't put yourself in a situation that causes you to go to jail. It's not Disney Land! You people are unbelivable! Be accountable for your mistakes and stop pointing blame on someone else. Your complaining because jail is not cozy enough? To the drug addict who didn't get his methadone, you chose that path yourself. Your withdrawal was the best thing that happened to you and hopefully you're not stupid enough to do it again. Life is what you put into it. Choose your path wisely.

Mooresville, NC

#70 Jan 11, 2013
best way to not have to put up with it is to not get arrested!!
The one

Lincolnton, NC

#71 Mar 8, 2013
Iredell's police force if full of a bunch of power hungry pricks that cant wipe their own ass. They act like they are so powerful but they are all a bunch of P's. They are also crooked and if we had a sheriff that didn't look like Kenny rogers on crack, we might get some change. unfortunately cops often become pricks after they get passed over for raises and they realize they are just considered pricks by the general public. It is sad but true. not all cops are like this..just the ones in iredell count and mooresville.

Willard, NC

#72 Apr 20, 2013
My husband was in dillon county detention center in dillon sc and they refused to give him his seizure medicine and he ended up in the hospital on life support.They didn't call us until 24hrs after he was hospitalized and after the detention center gave them permission to call,got to the hospital he was in icu on life support and they left his papers to meet court by his bedside. Now,if that's not cruel,then I don't know what is!!!!!
Been there done that

Auburn, WA

#73 Apr 20, 2013
I was arrested several years ago and dragged into this hellhole. A perfectly innocent man, I was later cleared of all charges and released. But not befor I almost died.
I was on several not one, blood pressure, heart and anti seizure medications. The withdrawal of any one could have been fatal. The short, fat nurse in white removed all medication from me and placed me in a freezing cold, 4x5 cell for days until I was rescued.
N one in North Carolina seemed to care, I went to ICU after being released, years later I suffer permanent kidney and brain damage from this false arrest and torture on American soil.
It is inconciebbable to me what they call a medical department is actually a death department in this p,ace. It must, must be closed immediately, and replaced with a humane, sanitary and competent staff and building.
According to many attorneys 15% or more of people arrested are INNOCENTS!!!!!!
Read the many books on the matter if you doubt me. John Grisham has written a few.
The medical department cost me 20 years of life, all over completely false allegations and now a totally cleared record.
I pray to God daily these people rot in hell.

Charlotte, NC

#74 Apr 25, 2013
just wondering wrote:
<quoted text>are you talking about the statesville jail,they also have a prison off of exit 54 dont they?
That's the annex. Still county. For juvies and the road crew, things like that

Lincolnton, NC

#75 May 8, 2013
If you are a jail bird you deserve the worst treatment possible. Citizens pay to keep your sorry ass up. I say.... put you to sleep!!!!
Living witness to death

Charlotte, NC

#76 May 8, 2013
Pal wrote:
If you are a jail bird you deserve the worst treatment possible. Citizens pay to keep your sorry ass up. I say.... put you to sleep!!!!
Now come on, I do pray you are never arrested on a false identity charge, or a false complaint, are completely innocent and put to sleep, or have your life shortened 30 years. Or have a fetus beat out of you if you are female.

Like so many posters have stated, not everyone a cop on the street arrests, is guilty. Period.

No go to sleep. Nighty night. No more posting for you please.

My turn: Let the fat ugly blonde white nurse in white and the meth addict assistant nurse in civis also have a good nights sleep. As they are guilty of killing. As is a guard.


Cornelius, NC

#77 May 9, 2013
Pal wrote:
If you are a jail bird you deserve the worst treatment possible. Citizens pay to keep your sorry ass up. I say.... put you to sleep!!!!
we are talking bout ppl locked up for no reason DA u really need to got a life u have no business posting your comments if u havent been there like i have

Statesville, NC

#78 Feb 4, 2014
For the record just because you obey the law doesn't mean you are going to stay out of jail......I had an ex best friend who framed me for something recently that she did and I got blamed for it but because the court refused to bring her into court they couldn't prove this and I have to do 7 days in the Iredell County Jail for something another person did.........So some of us "innocent" people who obey the law and get screwed over would like to know what kind of circumstances we will be in while serving our sentence.....I have lived in Statesville for 24 years and our justice system, cops, etc. are nothing but a bunch of crooks....Cops around here do drugs, sale drugs, some have raped women. Its just absolutely ridiculous.......All they want is their money and to charge you out the ass in court cost....They could care or less about whether or not you learn from your mistakes or not......If everyone learned in their eyes there would be no crime therefore they wouldn't have any jobs......Its all corrupted to be honest!!! just like everything else in this country

Bradenton, FL

#79 Jul 24, 2014
Iredell county is so corrupt. The sheriff has been charged with cocaine charges for gods sake. I wish I had the money to help people who's lives have been ruined or taken away from this county. You know there is a young boy who has been sitting in there for 3 YEARS for shop lifting at Walmart. His bond is only 300 dollars but you mine as well say they put him in there and threw the keys away. The poor kid has missed most of his young adult life. His parents are drug addicts and he has no money in his account to call anyone for help. My heart breaks for this kid. Also, for the others going through the same thing. It is absolutely terrible and I can not believe this sheriff has been running for 25 years. It is really sick! I couldn't move away from there fast enough. I thought things like this just happened in the movies. Hopefully this county will become a real justice system one day because there is none right now.
lawful Citizen

Denver, NC

#80 Jul 29, 2014
If you go to jail you are a dog and should be treated like a criminal. Maybe you will not come back if you live through it. Bubba will screw that butt for you! Bet you learn a lesson. Bikers will knock your teeth out. Good for you!!! Save the tax payers money and go jump off a bridge!!!!!

Denver, NC

#81 Aug 1, 2014
You wind up in jail you should be treated like the trash dog you are! SUFFER!!!!!

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