this is getting ridiculous. the people in this area have say at least 50 times no to lioght rail why are all these committees trying to push it down the throat of people in this area. it will NOT!HELP TRAFFIC SITUATION@WILL HAVE TO RAISE TAXES2IT WILL ONLY HELP PEOPLE LIVING RIRECTLY NEXT TO IT 3THE FIGURES HAVE BEEN INFLATED TOFIT WHAT THEY WANT NOT THE PUBLIC CONSUMER %WILL NOT PRODUCE ALL THESE JOBS IF YOU WANT TO SPEND MONEY 1FORGOT MAKKING 77 A TOLL ROAD 2WIDEN HWY 777 @LISTEN TO PEOPLE LIVING IN THIS AREA these comments are from a 30 years native of mooresville who drove to work to drive a truck and using hwy 6 days a week. if you like the coditons up here then 1pack your bag 2quit your bitching 3the people that moves here from the north have cause raise in taxes , worst housing and road conditions. tthese commissioneers and town council are also a big part of this because THEY ARE IN THR HIP POCKET OF CONTRACTORS IN THIS AREA> WAKE UP PEOPLE YOU ARE BEING SCREWED BY THE PEOPLE YOU KEEP PUTTING BACK IN OFFICE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. YOU MUST FACE IT THIS IS REALITY> WE NEED BIG CHANGES(ESPECIALLY IN LEADERSHIP) IN THIS AREA> I HAVE SEEN THESE THINGS HAPPEN IN IREDELL COUNTY> YOU ARE NOT ATLANTA GEORGIA MOORESVILLE CORNELIUD DAVIDON AND HUNTERSVILLE NC NEEED TO LEARN THIS