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Lawrenceburg, IN

#647 Oct 19, 2009
PLP mother wrote:
don't mind the uniforms, but why must they use landsend where pants cost $25/piece? Target sells khaki pants for $12.99. Ditto on the shirts - why must we pay $20 for a shirt with a logo that doesn't even say Pine Lake Preparatory on it? Pay extra for a dumb tree? Why not just let parents get plain collared shirts from target for $6.99 - they are allowing virtually any color anyway. How about gym shorts? We must buy Ed. Outfitters which cost 3x what the SAME blue mesh shorts at walmart cost. Insane!
This is yet another example of how they put NO thought into how do achieve the same results in a more cost effective way. The administration doesn't grasp that some of us need to watch where our money goes and there are easy alternatives that would benefit everyone.
Lilly O

Auburn, AL

#648 Oct 20, 2009
When they are in first grade they do second grade work, and when in second they do third grade work, and so on, So your kid better be pretty sharp or he will struggle through. I feel like they are pushing not prepping. I cant keep up with Ed line , there is so much coming at me its crazy.And you better have a comp and a printer or youll be lost. The Donuts with dads was a joke , it was so crowded and my husband never did find the dounts and parking was insane.

Salisbury, NC

#649 Oct 20, 2009
I have read several of the post since my last post.
The uniform concern is a valid one. It all boils down to a brand name which shows a status. It's the same with everyday clothes. The school is not considerate of all the economical needs of the families. The board feels that by forcing parents to purchase higher priced uniforms they are able to maintain a status and a certain clientel to the school. By forcing the parents to buy the higher priced garments they are keeping the "riff-raff" out of the school. The belief coming from the sterotypical view that people with less money will only cause problems.
The positive qualities of PLP are: PLP has a small overall school size. PLP has very caring teachers. PLP doesn't encourage but requires parent involvement.
The negative qualities of PLP are: PLP overall has a lack of communication between parents, teachers and administrative staff. Administrative staff will tell parents one thing while tell the teachers something different which only causes miscommunication and misunderstanding. PLP requires that parents purchase uniforms from specific vendors that are very high priced. The likelyhood of a new parent to the are being able to get all three children into the school is slim to none since the school has a lottery, wait list and few openings each year. The school does teach at a grade above your child's grade level. If your child has learning disabilities it causes great stress, feelings of failure, and a lack of self confidence for the struggling student. To quote an administrator when ask about students with learning disabilities, "We can't tell them to leave but eventually they will not be able to make it and have to leave". Also, the entire year the students have been taught at a grade above grade level but when testing time comes the students are tested at grade level. This may sound great but in reality about a month to two months has to be spent reviewing material that should have been covered during the year. If parents use the same amount of time at home that is required volunteerig at PLP extending and enhancing what their child is studying in public school the same results can be achieved. Use the books "What Your __ Needs To Know" to enhance your child's public school education along with the other materials found at and community resources. PLP has great ideas but has great difficulty carrying them out (such as Donuts with Dads) or it is only a great idea to one person. The teachers get frustrated with all the extra stuff that is decided that they will do last minute that takes time away from the classroom.
Overall, I would not recommend PLP to the general public.

Since: Oct 09

Lincolnshire, IL

#650 Oct 21, 2009
You can always find positives and negatives in everything.

PLP has a long car line, true. Maybe not the best for the environment, but neither are school buses.

Traffic safety? Just yesterday I heard a (non-PLP) neighbor talk about how unsafe the bus stop was because kids have to stand there in the dark now.

And the deal with the uniforms? PLP is merely trying to remove a variable that distracts from a school day. Anybody who has been in a classroom knows that children are more than interested in what their peers wear. PLP puts everyone on a level playing field. By allowing children to wear shirts from anywhere, it defeats this purpose.

As far as education goes, the fact that they are teaching above grade level is good, in my book. "Grade level" means "average"--nothing more and nothing less. Why wouldn't we want the school to push our children to be above average?

Finally, I am not saying that PLP is the be-all, end-all greatest school on earth. All I am saying is that we should not focus solely on the negatives with PLP, without thinking about how the "solutions" have problems as well.

Mooresville, NC

#651 Oct 21, 2009
PLP mother wrote:
KAD needs to be working at an area private school. She's trying to turn PLP into a learning environment for only the most elite people in the area (her own peninusula friends and those in the point). She completely disregards the many, many families who can't afford her little country club agenda - like taking kids on a $600 field trip to disney or the middle school trips with similar price tags. Middle class families with multiple kids at this school can't afford $1200-1500 in field trip fees! The "nurturing" environment is such a crock - talk to the dozens of kids who couldn't afford to attend those trips all their friends got to go on during a normal school week. Betcha they didn't feel terribly "nurtured" or "engaged" that week. Those that couldn't afford to go were basically told "too bad" and that the trips weren't mandatory. That's going to make the poor kids who couldn't go feel lots better! Not!
Where are the priorities? A library or some books would be nice to have. I'd rather donate money to those causes than spend hundreds of dollars a year on these so called field trips!
Had such high hopes for this school, but it's going downhill fast with the current administration.
the first two sentences are absolutely correct. We've been at PLP since the beginning and, along with the traffic issues and the fact that I spend 2 hours per day dropping off and picking up, this is my biggest complaint. They have little to no regard for those families that are struggling right now. If I felt good about MGSD, I'd pull them. It's really sad. They should allow less expensive uniforms. In order to get any assistance, you have to show them your tax return. No way in hell I'm showing KAD and KJ my personal information for $50 in uniform assistance.
frustrated w_plp

Gastonia, NC

#652 Oct 22, 2009
the one poster made a great point about edline. While I thought it was a great tool at first (for checking grades), it has become insane. PLP has cut back by not providing books - now they save extra money by not even giving your children standard handouts for reading or homework sheets. I have several hours of scutt work every single day keeping up with all the dozens of things my kids need from edline. Finding and printing out everything they need is a complete and utter nightmare. All the teachers organize material differently, and many times each page of a handout is saved as a separate pdf file. Not fair to the kids to have to rely on parents to get them everything they need. Then again, PLP assumes every 5 year old has his own laptop and printer, right?
Lilly O

Auburn, AL

#653 Oct 23, 2009
I dont want to pull my child out of plp because of her friends but Im thinking about it. And I have plenty of money to give to the school, or go on trips. But I spend all evening on pine lake prep stuff. I too feel like edline is overloaded and wish they would quit expecting parents to take care of it all at night. God forbid my comp or printer goes out. Ive been at plp for 3yrs and I havent been blown away by anything yet. I have friends who are doing their kids work just so they can keep up with all the paper work. Thats just sad and not right. I think the stuff is coming at most of the kids so fast that they are not getting it befor they move on to something else. My teacher said that she had to catch 6 students up last year that werent ready for her work. Im starting to cut back on AR because our evenings are so full of studying and homework it leaves no time to read, Im just sad about the whole thing.:(
curious mom

Davidson, NC

#654 Oct 25, 2009
Can someone tell me if AP courses are offered in the high school?
MS student

Davidson, NC

#655 Nov 9, 2009
The school is okay i guess but their teachers can be soo strict sometimes. I really hate the uniform policy, though. There has also been a bit of race discrimination too, like some nice indian kids have been called TERRORISTS!!! it really hurts them. The learning experience needs a more balanced out homework setup becuzz some days I have around 2 hours of HW, unlike the 1 hour promised
MS Mom

Davidson, NC

#656 Jan 18, 2010
We are a smart school, so why can't we come up with a solution to the carpool nightmare? Hundreds of kids walk to the Sno Cone Shack parking lot each day to beat the carpool line, or even across Hwy 115 in 55 mph traffic to waiting cars. Is this safe? Checked with Lake Norman Charter School, similar in size to PLP, and they manage to load 28 cars at one time so that their carpool is manageable. We need to come up with a safe, tenable solution! Any ideas - parents - students?

Charlotte, NC

#657 Jan 23, 2010
Just for my own info, can somebody tell what is the tuition fee of PLP?
Replying Mom

Stanley, NC

#658 Jan 23, 2010
PLP has no tuition. It is a public charter school. However, most parents volunteer many hours and donate towards capital needs (which are not paid for by taxes for charters in NC). PLP's wonderful teachers make the sacrifice worth it to our families, however.

Huntersville, NC

#659 Feb 1, 2010
Pine Lake is a "school of the arts," right? If so, then why does the school board keep pushing for a sports building when the MAIN building that needs to be built that will fit in with PLP's supposed focus is the Arts Building?
Someone answer that....
And about the uniforms not distracting students.... no matter what kind of clothes are required there will always be girls that wear their skirts too high or their shirts to low. I see it every day.
plp parent2

Gastonia, NC

#660 Feb 8, 2010
I'd like for the school to get their priorities in order. Spending money to solve the parking nightmare would be #1. They can't even hold events on campus since there's no place to park. Incredibly short-sighted and bad planning. Now they keep asking grandparents to attend events (since they want their deep pockets for the new building). I keep my parents FAR away from the nightmare of that campus, since I know the lack of parking will irritate them.

How about a LIBRARY? Where kids could do research. These kids know NOTHING about research going into high school. My middle school child is encouraged to do research on the internet. He hasn't been taught about using primary research sources.

But, no...the school remains focused on superficial things - trips to disney, catered lunches for the kids, etc. Would love to see some time and attention spent on some meaningful things.
Replying Mom

Stanley, NC

#661 Feb 8, 2010
I agree about the parking. Part of the money they are raising for the Community Center building is budgeted towards paving the MS lot, as well as almost doubling its size. Regardless of the timing on the new building, they need to do the parking lot improvements this summer (as well as finding a better fix for LS road icing in winter).

I disagree on a book-based library as a top priority. We have good public libraries and librarians in our towns; ask them to show your kids how to reference based research or show them yourself. There are books available at the LS, MS, and US to borrow to read as well. Meanwhile, today most research IS done on the internet (sorry, but it is the primary resource today); those methods must be taught, including evaluating the reliability of each website and search methodology.

PLP does need a tech center, including space for our Junior Engineers and MS/US robot building (~10% of PLP kids are in these clubs), computer center with PhotoShop etc for Digital Arts classes and keyboarding/computer skills classes, and Spanish Language Lab.

I suspect we will need more classroom space in the MS/US next year as the junior/senior classes expand plus a larger/soundproof space for the band is also needed. The percussionists don't even fit in the back of that classroom!

Nevertheless, the kids will get a lot of use out of a large building which can house PE classes as well as large grade, school, or parental meetings, fairs, and demonstrations.

In other words, we all need to donate our fair share because there are a lot of very legitimate needs, and our government leaders don't want to pay for it for public charter schools.
Replying Mom

Stanley, NC

#662 Feb 8, 2010
curious mom wrote:
Can someone tell me if AP courses are offered in the high school?
Yes, next year they will have AP in English Lit/Lang, American and World History, Music Theory, Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and perhaps others depending on student requests. The course list is in the US Edline; if you are not yet a PLP family, contact the school.
PLP Reformation

Vienna, Austria

#663 Feb 15, 2010
We are a group of parents who are concerned about how Mrs. Dunaway runs Pine Lake as her very own Private School. Just as Martin Luther wrote his 95 theses, we are writing our 95 theses and will post on the school door once we have 95. We have started this effort as a few parents from all three schools, but we agreed that everyone should be able to take part in this reformation movement. If you would like to add to our 95 theses, feel free to follow the link below and add a comment on the blog post (all comments are anonymous). If appropriate, we will add your comment.
PLP Reformation

Vienna, Austria

#664 Feb 15, 2010
We are a group of parents who are fed up with how Mrs. Dunaway runs Pine Lake as her own Private School. Just as Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, we will be posting our 95 Theses on the school doors. Come join us and add to the list!(All comments on the blog are anonymous. Any comments deemed appropriate will be added to the list)
PLP Reformation

Vienna, Austria

#665 Feb 15, 2010
We are a group of parents who are fed up with how Mrs. Dunaway runs Pine Lake as her own Private School. Just as Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, we will be posting our 95 Theses on the school doors. Come join us and add to the list!(All comments on the blog are anonymous. Any comments deemed appropriate will be added to the list)

Gastonia, NC

#666 Feb 23, 2010
not thrilled with the obnoxious fundraising calls that come in at 6pm during dinner. Note to board and fundraising committee: We scraped together over $1,000 to send our 2 kids on "field trips" so that they wouldn't feel left out. We have no discretionary money left for your buildings and larger projects. Maybe the school needs to tone down the "extras" they bully us into paying for if they want more than 15% of the parents to donate to the bigger causes. I would love to have money to contribute towards the larger objectives, but I also don't want my children to feel left behind on those big trips. When I have to decide, one over the other, I'm going to pay to send my children on the field trips and the fundraising efforts will have to be ignored. Sorry.

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