I am disappointed that by now ROSEMARY BERNARDI did not offer a warmer apology and do not . I DO NOT KNOW HER I have spoken to her twice asking why did she resigned and suggesting she make an apology with more conviction regarding her statements which can be interpreted as anti-Semitic. I was hoping she would apologize with conviction. IF I was on the board and was convinced she was anti-Semitic I WOULD have ACTED IN THE SAME WAY. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND AFTER ALL MY ATTEMPTS WHY SHE DID NOT TRY AND CALM DOWN THE SITUATION. WE DO NOT NEED ILL FEELINGS BETWEEN JEWS AND NON-JEWS. I never back down from a fight to support Jews but I also try to mend fences especially when asked. AFTER receiving more information I BELIEVE, in my opinion, SHE ACTED with Anti-Semitism in mind. The board of education never called for Rosemary Bernardi to resign. The board of education never voted on the matter. This was reported to me incorrectly. MY APOLOGIES TO THE COMMUNITY AND BOARD. OF EVESHAM TOWNSHIP. I join with you in denouncing anti-Semitism. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG