I am writing to all the concern people who live in
the town of Maple Shade N.J. to please come out to
vote DOWN the increase in taxes due to the school
budget. It is not right to ask for this while so
many residents are leaving because of foreclosures,
and people who had to move due to the fact of lost jobs and the increases that they are unable to pay.
Ask yourself, can you really afford another tax increase? Is the schoolboard being honest with the
money from the last tax increase and will more increases be expected? I truly believe that they need to know that if you make the mess you clean it up. Don't expect the tax payers to do it for you. Start from the top that is where the dirt
usually is. As for the children, if the parents are
sooo concerned let them spend time with their children instead of
putting them in front of the t.v. to entertain them, or sending
them out and not knowing where they are at all hours of the night.
To the School Board why don't you ask the Seniors in your community
how did they learn in school, it might help you to learn a thing or two, that is, just like your students, if you want to learn you will.