To the parents at the thrift store that were looking at the toys that they wished they could buy for their kids Christmas...If I had the extra money I would no doubt bought these for your kids. Believe me I felt like crying inside, when I witness that annoying fat thrift store manager blurt out repeatedly to you, "Toys are HALF OFF ONLY! Christmas items are ONLY included in the bag sale! " "If I suspect that you have TOYS in YOUR BAG, I will INSPECT your bags!" I witnessed another mother scooping up the toys that she had and put them back on the shelf. Another dad was looking at the remaining toys, counting the bills in his wallet...and leave without purchasing anything. It was heartbreaking. I am a very sensitive person. I felt like walking up to that fat annoying loud mouth heartless manager and smacking her right across her face. HEARTLESS you SCROOGE! I had $3 left to my name. The manager saw what I had bought and kept telling me "you need to get another bag, you have to be able to CLOSE your can't have stuff sticking out of your bag...are those TOYS in that BAG?" Bless you you other kind worker that saw me trying to refit the items in my bag and understood when I kept saying that I didn't have another $3 for another bag... For your information you annoying manager, I buy items that I can resell on Ebay to help supplement our household income. To the other parents that walked out empty handed, there is another thrift store/toy store that is close to the same area, right along the main drag. It is run by a caring soul...CAROL. The lady whom used to run the original thrift store. Don't take advantage, but she does have an understanding heart if you're in a situation and having trouble getting toys for your child.