Logan County baby death

Logan County baby death

There are 125 comments on the KFOR story from Jan 19, 2010, titled Logan County baby death. In it, KFOR reports that:

Surrounded by friends and family who were wearing purple ribbons in support, Amy Holder made her way into a Logan County courtroom for her initial appearance.

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#1 Jan 19, 2010
Hang in there Amy. Our thoughts are with you!

United States

#2 Jan 19, 2010
Someone should let her attorney know that when he makes public statements to gain public sympathy, he should probably avoid referring to the child as "it." Using that pronoun does not provide emotional distance- it only comes across as cold and uncaring.

United States

#3 Jan 19, 2010
More children are physically and sexually abused in cps foster care than you know (5 or more times, 500% that is, than by natural parents). It is good to see that at least in Oklahoma, they rightfully investigate and prosecute the perps equally. In other states they do not. They cover it up.
RIP little one. You have just become a child advocate for family rights, and angel. Your story will be heard nationwide.

Attachment disorder:
Children suffer extreme trauma when removed from their bio family (the ties that bind) and primary caretaker. This is especially true with reports against the parent to unlawfully remove the child (usually without court order or warrant) are unsubstantiated or use false hearsay or are fabricated to take the child which is in the majority of national cases (Social Security Title IV funds from your retirement monies paid to the states as incentives to kidnap children -$$$ 19+ trillion according to PEW FosterCare).

Finally someone is prosecuting a state contractor.

God bless this child. The other injuries show that there was prior abuse. Amy, was it too much that the child threw tanatrums, torturing herself for not understanding her perceived abandonment by her family?

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 18:10

"They have given a boy for a harlot, and have sold a girl for wine, and have drunk it..and have sold the children of Judah and the children of Jerusalem to the sons of the Grecians, that ye might remove them far from their border." Joel 3-6

But whoso ever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6
Team Amy

Dallas, TX

#4 Jan 19, 2010
You prayed with me and I'll pray with you. She is a christian women that truly cares for others. Stay Strong and keep Praying!

United States

#7 Jan 19, 2010
there is so much of this going on..you don't have to be guilty,just have someone say something..it is very sad that the child died and it would seem she could have been taken to hospital or doctor for proper care. I don't know all the rules of foster child care, but I am of the opinion that medical care is an accepted thing for a foster parent to do.I know,for a fact, that these children sometimes act out and that it is traumatic for them to move from home to home,or other care. Someone pay attention.
Team Naomi

Okeene, OK

#8 Jan 19, 2010
Sit at wake for the child with Family and Friends and you couldn't help but notice the terrible Bruises on that Baby, the Make-up couldn't even hide it. If that lady didn't do it someone in that house took the Baby's Precious life. I have her pic on cell phone and you can see the bruises.Whoever did the UnThinkable,should spend the rest of your life in Prison.That Baby in no way put those deep bruises on herself,PERIOD!!!!!
team amy holder

Oklahoma City, OK

#9 Jan 19, 2010
Some of these comments make me sick. If you aren't involved in the case nor do you know anyone involved, don't assume. It is a huge chance your facts are NOT true and you have no idea what this woman is like. She is the most loving friend, mother, and person and the cause of the child's death has NOTHING to do with her. She loved that little girl with her entire heart and tried so many times to get her help because she DID have prior issues because of her biological mother. I find it extremely odd that after a YEAR they are coming back at her saying there is proof of child abuse. When the medical examiners stated there was no child abuse involved when they took her body. Did the bruises just appear over time? It is wrong, and people are out for her for NO REASON. This family is a loving, warm hearted, christian family and there is no reason they should be having to go through this. They loved her with all they had. If you don't know them personally, then SHUT UP and get your facts straight.
Mom of 4

Oklahoma City, OK

#10 Jan 20, 2010
Horrible horrible....so sad that this type of story is heard regularly on the news. Team Amy, I understand that you want to show support for your friend but just like you have an opinion, the public has the right to express their opionions also. All the facts are not known...and we shouldn't judge anyone but human nature is human nature. The child died in Amy's custody....she would naturally be the 1st suspect....if she is innocent, the facts will prove it. Such an ugly situation....don't forget the most important person in this case....the beautiful innocent child.
Team Naomi

Oklahoma City, OK

#11 Jan 20, 2010
I too knew this woman and I have a different view of her. She is wicked and evil! I'm not sure how anyone that knew her can sit there and defend anything she has to say or defend anything she has done. She doesn't have a kind bone in her body! May justice be served and may this poor baby RIP.
Another opinion

Montgomery, AL

#12 Jan 20, 2010
The other sad thing about the whole foster situation is you have truly loving adults that care for kids and want to help them have a better life and because of DHS either being understaffed or insenced from over above work load they can't monitor properly or just look for the bad in people that the system is so messed up. Then you have the adult's just looking for a pay check so they take kids in and screw them up worse. I don't know the truthor the whole story so to speak. I just hope that the truth comes out and all are treated fair and justly whichever way it may be.

Oklahoma City, OK

#13 Jan 20, 2010
First I'd just like to point out the obvious, there is no time line to file charges against somebody when it comes to child abuse/neglect or murder. The state can take as long as they like to gather evidence, investigate the allegations of a crime, and bring charges. I see a lot of Team Amy responding very emotionally that this is a good family, which they very well could be. I don't know them personally. But some of the comments are coming across, for lack of a better word, naive. ANYBODY at anytime, good or bad, rich or poor, male or female, can snap and to plead to the public to believe in a person's innocence because they go to church is condescending and offensive. Let the investigators do their job and we should all be praying that the state continue to find and approve good, acceptible foster homes. That is what this is about, a child being removed from her natural home into a placement home and then dying. I'd also be very careful when speaking ill of the bio-mom. You should not know any facts about the case because it is confidential and if it were to come out that Ms. Holden shared confidential information with you, you could be held liable.
Amy Supporter

Oklahoma City, OK

#14 Jan 20, 2010
This is an awful case but once again not all the facts are known. Unfortunately, the child was in Amy's care but Amy did not cause the injuries. Amy loved on that child, prayed for that child because she knew it was God's child.
I can recall the medical examiner's were really screwed up with many cases in between the time the child died and up to now with these all of sudden, finger pointing accusations.
God will prevail and He will shine light on the truth.

Wichita Falls, TX

#15 Jan 20, 2010
to all Amy team,you are ao right,God will see justice is done.He will be there just like He was there when this terrible tragady happened.OH she has 4 daughters.Noone mentions the one she abused and kicked out of their home.
Passing by

Yukon, OK

#16 Jan 20, 2010
Who refers to a baby as "IT"?

Aransas Pass, TX

#17 Jan 20, 2010
Perhaps the rantings (see Rose's comment)and vindictiveness we're seeing surround this case is society's way of grieving the loss of this child. We grieve in different ways... not always rationally. Blaming ourselves and others is a common part of the grieving process.

Sadly, Amy and her family are the recipients of what I observe as irrational blaming. Grieve the loss of the child and stop blaming Amy.

I wish I were as confident as Team Amy. I'm not so sure the facts will ever be known. There's a real danger that a case as emotionally charged as this will result in an unjust verdict. Amy is innocent under the law but that hasn't stopped people from declaring her guilty; people that don't know her or the facts.

There have been so many cases where the defendants were unjustly convicted and later proved innocent. Rarely do you see prosecutors & juries apologize or admit their mistakes.

The public fervor over this case just shows that a good old fashioned lynching never goes out of style.

I offer my prayers for Amy and her family, for Naomi and her family; and to those of you passing judgement... shame on you!!!
team amy holder

Oklahoma City, OK

#18 Jan 20, 2010
Team Naomi wrote:
I too knew this woman and I have a different view of her. She is wicked and evil! I'm not sure how anyone that knew her can sit there and defend anything she has to say or defend anything she has done. She doesn't have a kind bone in her body! May justice be served and may this poor baby RIP.
You obviously know NOTHING about Amy Holder. Your words about her make me and all of her other supports SICK. Wicked and evil? She has a family of 5 who she raises and loves with her entire heart. I too pray that Naomi rest in peace but you have NO reason to attack Amy with words like that, she is a wonderful woman who is COMPLETELY innocent. Get your facts straight.
Team Amy

United States

#19 Jan 20, 2010
To those of you who have jumped to judge Amy I hope you know her on an extremely personal level. I know the family very well, and was around when precious naomi was in their care. That family showed the little girl what love is, what a family is, and now they've been wrongly accused. She was the most beautiful little girl anyone has met; but had been through more in her precious two years than half of us will see in a lifetime. Her death shook us all. Don't doubt for a second that we are not sitting in the same boat grieving her loss with any of you. We just happen to know the truth, and stand beside Amy in her fight to prove her innocence. My prayers are with the holder family, naomis family, and all the lives Naomi affected in her beautiful two years with us.

To those of you who know only what the news has told, please quit talking such hurtful things about a woman you do not know. The news will always be partial and only tell the side they want you to know. They haven't mentioned a word about the beautiful kids she has, what a great mother she is, and everything she does. They took in Naomi to get her away from a hurtful life. Why aren't we pointing fingers at the biological mom? There is a reason
Naomi was put into foster care, and a good chance the past her mother had brought on her affected her future. It is just sad it had to happen in the care of the holders. So please, until you know everything please just pray that the truth comes out, that the judge comes with a clear mind ready to make the right decisions, and that everyone involved finds just a moment of peace.

Naomi- I know you know the love the holders had and have for you. You are our guardian angel. We will prove that they were fighting for you and for you to be taken out of such a unhealthy place. I love you and miss your beautiful face.

United States

#20 Jan 20, 2010
What has ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?? None of us have all the facts so please don't pass judgement on someone you don't know.
I know this family very well and know the person that she is and her innocence will be proven.
Rest in Peace baby girl!!

Oklahoma City, OK

#21 Jan 20, 2010
There is a lot of defense for Ms. Holder and accusations that people are being judgemental of her. There is also some accusations from TEAM AMY against the bio-family. I'd just like to say...tread lightly. The only ones that should know anything about a child welfare case is those involved in it. Your not helping Ms. Holder claiming to know the history of Naomi's short lived life. She could be or get in trouble for SHARING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Also, I'd just like to point out that no one, absolutely no one except for those involved in Naomi's case knows about her natural home. It is the mission of social workers to aid in the success of children being RETURNED to their home. A good social worker wants to see the parents correct the conditions that led to removal so that the children can be placed back at home. Just let the investigators do their job. If she didn't harm that child then she has nothing to worry about.

United States

#22 Jan 20, 2010
Hmmm. The truth will come out, but it certainly works in her favor that she constantly contacted dhs over this childs issues. But I don't know nearly enough about this case to give a very strong opinion one way or the other. However, when my kids were in foster care the youngest often came to visits with scratches and bruises on her body. The older one had much more horrifying stories to tell. Both stories were denied and the foster parent claimed that the scratches and bruises came from the other kids. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't.
But I can see where an older kid could cause serious damage to a smaller child and the blame be pinned on one of the adults. Don't know what this particular foster home was like, but in general, I can see that happening.
If she's guilty, then I hope she's stuck with a public defender. If she's innocent, then I hope she can afford a real kick a$$ lawyer. The truth never really counts to the prosecution. The trick is hiring a lawyer that is a better manipulator then they are. It's all a game to them. Their butts aren't on the line.

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