I am so sick and tired of reading comments made of this "devil mask" robber bullshit. From what I have read he NEVER harmed anyone... Yet the redneck vigilante who decided on his own to get involved, chase a man of foot who has a gun and shoots at said man several times before the man finally shoots to simply stop the idiot from shooting anymore... accidentally he was hit in the stomach... one story says he is fine, another story says he is in 'critical' condition... etc... what it is people?
The said person being "held" in connection does not/did not have a thing to link him to robberies, Jefferson County are sensationalizing this to make themselves look better. 2 reports have said they are looking for a white van in the robberies... really??? The "suspect was in a vehicle that was FAR from a white van.
It's honestly sad that this day and age a person is GUILTY until they PROVE their INNOCENCE... it is supposed to be the other way around. Keep talking about things you know not a damn things about other than what you have read.... it shows the good people of Trussvilles IQ!!! THAT was NOT a compliment by the way!!