Contrary to the hysteria being spread by the media and the isolated recent tragedies, gun violence continues to decrease in the USA and these leaked US Department of Justice Reports attest to that. They also reveal deception in Senator Feinstein's web site.

Consider Norway, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the free world. On July 22, 2011, after complying with all of the stringent criteria mandated by Norwegian laws, and jumping through every single hoop he was asked to, a 33-year old Norwegian man massacred SEVENTY-SEVEN (77) TEENAGERS and wounded many others using a rifle and homemade explosives.

To see, and download if you wish, the US Department of Justice Reports and other information, go to the web site:

To read more details about the Utoey Island, near Oslo, Norway, massacre of July 22, 2011, go to or just simply Google:

Utoey Island, Norway+Massacre+July 22, 2011. The Truth Is Out There! Don't let yourselves get stampeded into surrender of your rights by professional manipulators!