whatever she goes by now i dont know. all i know is she is still married to someone i know in arkansas. she keeps him from any contact with his son no phone number no address no pictures nothing. she is ingaged to a man who she cant marry legally until she gets a divorce. she wont get a devorce because she can aford it and she doesnt have her oldest son with her her parents have him. from what her husband has been told his son and martikas parents live in a tent somewhere in barre or morrisville or burlington. she also on feb. 14th 2013 tryed commiting suecide by takeing a bottle of over the counter pain pills. all her husband andy wants is a divorce. he wants rights to see his son thats 6 weeks in the summer and every other christmas and every other spring break. but the way i see it i will have to go for full custody. and from the suecide attempt and the fact she dont have zaden and she and her parents are homeless he may have a good chance of getting it. if anyone has any additional info on her or knows more about the laws up there that can help andy get his son please post a comment about it on here.