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Murray, KY

#70 Aug 22, 2012
its them fat gut donut eatin sweat hogs who is at it agin aint it rex. theys ridin them lectric buggies round an round in walmart stuffin they faces with donuts an drinkin them a mt dew when theys shoppin on them stamps. all them empty donuts boxes throwed in the parkin lot by them fat gut sweat hogs is a dern shame.

Canton, GA

#71 Aug 22, 2012
Yea you are right. My relatives are some of the worse.

Canton, GA

#72 Aug 22, 2012
never mind i found out.

Kittanning, PA

#74 Sep 11, 2012
Well its not working

Decorah, IA

#75 Oct 1, 2012
gal wrote:
The idea of drug testing people on government benefits sounds good in theory, but I think we all need to give the whole idea a lot of thought because there are some very serious implications.
I'm sure that the cost of testing would be very high, when you consider the percentage of Kentuckians that receive some type of assistance. The govt. is usually only really interested in the bottom line, so unless you can show that the savings from not giving out the assistance would offset this cost, it's just not going to go anywhere in a vote.
Also, there is a lot of concern about children in the homes that would be affected by this law. There is just no way to make the parents suffer the consequences of losing benefits without making the children suffer along with them. You can argue then that the children should be removed from the homes, but where are we going to put all these children? Who is going to pay for their care? There are already a lot of children needing homes that are still waiting.
Unless Kentuckians are willing to pay more taxes to support this program, it won't ever make it anywhere. It's a great idea on paper, but just not feasible to enforce. It's a serious problem that needs serious thought put into it, and this proposal won't work unless the simple fail the test lose your benefits idea is thought out a little more.
i agree with this 110%..if WE the people who actually WORK for a living have to be tested, why shouldn't the ones the WON'T!!!!!!!!!!

Dalton, GA

#76 Oct 2, 2012
Well the ones that are handing out all of this free stuff, food stamps, disability checks that a lot don't deserve, crazy checks, oh well crazies aren't responsible for their actions. If they are caught doing so and these low lives will loose THEIR jobs. This is the only way they will get a gripe on the situation. This is in the works and I am glad.
what happened

Lawrenceburg, KY

#77 Oct 7, 2012
OK the laws supposed to have been passed I guess that's what I've read anyway several times on here over the past two years. Anybody know anybody that has lost there benefits? Has anything changed? From what I hear food stamps are easier to get.

Blairsville, GA

#78 Oct 17, 2012
what happened wrote:
OK the laws supposed to have been passed I guess that's what I've read anyway several times on here over the past two years. Anybody know anybody that has lost there benefits? Has anything changed? From what I hear food stamps are easier to get.
ummm Romney is not in yet. A lot is going to take place when he gets in.
obama fan

Manchester, KY

#79 Oct 17, 2012
<quoted text>ummm Romney is not in yet. A lot is going to take place when he gets in.
azzholes are like opions everybody has one go obama
So what I smoked 420

Reading, PA

#82 Dec 20, 2012
Too bad romney got butt bumped... Nice try though hyuk hyuk.. you should drug test some of the idiots on this forum before they post this nonsense... Drug test these morons that.cry wolf when people who worked to earn disability cash out when they are hurt. I bet you ask of them test positive for cigarettes and alcohol, two OF the biggest killers in our country and the earth, besides government they kill a crap load. BOO HOO someone that its getting benefits tested positive for pot did you ever think that pot stays in your system for 30 ! Days.. Maybe they smoked with a buddy or family member that has nothing to do with disability, POINTLESS!!! Just because someone on disability out welfare uses drugs doesn't mean they used the disability for the drugs DUH. DUMB PEOPLE SHOULD BE TESTED FOR CIGS AND WHISKY

Somerset, KY

#83 Dec 20, 2012
About time wrote:
Kentucky signed this bill into law today. Anyone who draws any form of government assistance WILL be drug tested. ANY and ALL drugs in the system WILL show up and the amount that is in the system. They can also detect if you have taken anything to rid your system of the drugs. Maybe this will curve the drug problem a little.
what kinda dope you on not happing u been drug tested lately
At bottom

London, KY

#84 Dec 21, 2012
Yes they all should be tested and every one should have to sign back up again for disability and such at least be investigated for the miss use of system. I know several that gets disability and works for cash every day makes damn good Money on the side, and uses their monthly meds up in less than two weeks then goes begging for pills . I have signed up 4 times denied each time, I have looked for work everywhere even mc d's and won't hire me cause of my health. What's gives?
Quit crying

Reading, PA

#85 Jan 19, 2013
Just because someone tests positive for drugs while on disability or welfare DOES NOT MEAN they used the state money for drugs.. Like i said maybe they did the drugs with a friend that works and bought them himself.. This is the freeking stupidist idea ever.. SO F'ING what a guy on disability uses some of his money on drugs... HE WORKED AND PAYED TAXES TO EARN THAT MONEY.. Are you that dense!?! I bet your not crying for people to be tested for cigs and whisky.. Biggest killers on our planet.. No no those ant the problem rex , hyuk hyuk ( borrowed from another posted who is SUPER FUNNY!!!) If you dumb dumbs would channel all this anger into something worth while maybe you could change something for the better in this world.. Stop worryimg about other people and how they live their lives and worry about your damn self and your damn kids who are raiding your liquor cabinet and cig cartons while your furiously type hatred in this thread.. Maybe some day you will understand that weather people use drugs or not drug testing is NOT OK as this is a violation of civil liberties which our country is apparently founded on.. Hard to tell that anymore though.. Lets pass another 10 laws to protect the children.. OH NOs NOT THE CHILDREN HYUK HYUK!!! WHAT BOUTS THEM THERE CHILDRENSSS REX!! HYUK HYUK!!

Ill leave you hillbillys with a quote
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.~~ Benjamin Franklin
Quit crying

Reading, PA

#86 Jan 19, 2013
workingmom wrote:
<quoted text>Wow, I didn't know that stress and not being able to sleep because of it was a disability. If that's the case, then most of the WORKING people I know should just draw a check like you do. I lose a lot of sleep due to my job...my family...my finances, but yet I work!
You are the most clueless drunk ass idiot i have ever had this displeasure of reading a post from. Lay off the freeking vodka and whisky and put down the cigs you dumbass clueless judgemental asshole..If you ever find someone to touch you( i doubt it you will die lonely) I hope none of your kids (please god dont let this clueless idiot repopulate) ever get hurt with a disability that is not clearly visable.. Try going to work without any sleep for one night, let alone every night of your life., you maam are a complete moron.. Please dont kill yourself with all those cigs im sure tons of people will miss you ( NOT!!!)

Ellwood City, PA

#87 Jan 20, 2013
test on dudes

Rochester, NY

#88 Jan 22, 2013
Damn I have to move to Kentucky. Y'all are so perfect and ye kin have masheen gunz too.Drug testing is a dumb as the war on drugs that has cost us trillions and done absolutely nothing, nor will it. Make tobacco illegal. Whoops there goes the neighborhood.

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