who all got busted
piston head

Pineville, KY

#9 Apr 7, 2009
well they didnt get the ones selling pills yet.with out of state presciptions?

Leavenworth, IN

#10 Apr 7, 2009
they will never be able to stop the pills out on the street. Doctors keep writing the scripts. Most of the people that get scripts need more money than what they get paid at work, so they sell the pills. there will always be a supply and demand for pills. Stopping the sale of presciption pills is like trying to scoop water out of a bath-tub while the faucet is still turned on... its a never ending, pointless cycle. I think all they can do about it is to start handing out more jail time to the ones thats caught.
piston head

Pineville, KY

#11 Apr 7, 2009
all of us probably need more moneythan we get paid.but we dont sell drugs to make up the difference.if a person knows some one who is selling prescription drugs they should REPORT THEM TO FEDERAL AUTHORITIES.that way we can keep them from our kids??
jager meister

Pineville, KY

#12 Apr 7, 2009
some people are selling prescription drugs so they can support their habit.they sell a few of theirs so they can buy the stronger more expensive ones.

Leavenworth, IN

#18 Apr 7, 2009
I did have friends that were on meth. And I begged them to stop before they were found dead somewhere. They promised me that they would stop, and they did. they are doing just fine now. I do not feel one bit sorry for anybody that is making or using meth. And I only wanted to know the names of who got busted because I know they will be right back out on the street doing it again. and I would like to know who they are, they might move in next door to me, and if they did.... I would want to know about it. I do not want a meth lab around me. I want to know who all is making it so that I can watch out for them. There is alot of money made making meth, money that can be made pretty fast, and pretty easy. when these people get out of jail, they are going to be right back at it and I think that everybody should keep an eye on everyone of them when they get out, because they are just going to have another lab going. this time it might be right beside of you or me. and if I know that someone beside me is making meth... I will be the first to report it. I dont want the fumes getting into my apartment, I dont want the theives that smoke the crap around my apartment waiting for me to leave so that they can rob me and trade my stuff for more meth. and I certaintly dont want anything exploding or on fire on the other side of the wall from where my baby sleeps. the fumes alone are enough to kill an infant with no warning. how would you like to wake up to find your baby lying died in its crib due to chemical exposure from a meth lab next to you? you have no sympathy from me. And neither does any of the names listed. I know alot of these people. use to be friends with some of them. But I still wont come on here taking up for them, and u shouldnt either. This meth crap has to stop and it has to stop NOW. I will do whatever I can to get all of these peoples names out there for everybody to see. We need to know who to blame for destroying our town. and if u have family addicted to the stuff, u need to know where it is coming from, and who to blame for messing up their lifes. And just so you know, I have a cousin that is addicted to meth. Crystal meth has been the reason for everything bad in his life. He has already been locked up I dont know how many times over his addiction, he has lost his kid. lost his job that he had for 5 yrs and was making close to $20 an hour... and meth is to blame for all of it. if the meth labs were not here, he couldnt have gotten the stuff. I have begged him to get off of it to, but his woman is worse on it than he is, and she just gets him started back. I do not feel sorry for him. I want him to stop, but there is nothing I can do about it. And if he was around me making or using meth, I would turn him in to, family or not. Thank god he is in stanford and not around here. People addicted to crystal meth do need help, and when they get locked up for it, that is one of the first things they are offered. They offer them drug classes, and life skills classes on how to straighten up and live productive lifes when they do get out. All the people making meth need locked up, maybe some of them will take these classes serious and change for the better. Somebody (family or law inforcement) needs to make it clear to them that what they are doing is illegal, and very dangerous. they are killing people. These people are not scientists. all it takes is making one batch of bad meth to kill everyone that smokes it. How many peopl do u want to see die over it?
former addict

Decorah, IA

#19 Apr 8, 2009
"If I was related to one of these low lifes I would be ashamed" well let me tell you something Jason, you just stated above you are related to one a cousin I believe you said. Well, I am a former meth addict, I used and abused meth for 7 years. I am not proud of what I done at all! I want you to know it is a serious problem everyone has to deal with and you are right it is lethal. I also have a very small infant less than a year old, I do NOT want those chemicals around her. I changed my life, I went to prison and I done 2 years, well that was 5 years ago and I have been clean since! I have a very good life, I have got out and resumed a sober clean lifestyle, I work, I pay taxes, I have a child whom is loved and taken care of to the best extent, I have family that I am glad did not feel the way you do. A person who makes or abuses meth is not a LOST cause, they are someones family, and just because they were guilty of making it or using it does not mean they could not change thier lives!! Most dont but in some cases it is possible. These people have children and family who dont want to turn the computer on and keep getting thier named run in the mud! You didnt put your cousins name on here I noticed! I dont know what to do to fix the meth problem, I wish I knew then I would stop it, but nobody on here knows how to fix this. For you to get on here and fuss with folks or slander and sling names does not do any good. Why not get in a prayer group, turn your cousin in to the authorities and watch all your neighbors like hawks and make sure you keep right on with your clean, nice living and hope that someday you dont have to deal with these issues. Like I said I dont sling mud and I dont get on here and fuss, I have a child and sometimes, you reap what you sow and who is to know what the future holds! Better start praying for all these people instead of posting thier names all over topix.
I m on you re side

London, KY

#21 Apr 8, 2009
also you was talking about protecting our kids from this you're right because you never know if the person living next door is running a meth lab or not.
I knowed of a meth lab that the cops were trying to dismantle and it blew all the windows out of house & there were several people hurt and a couple of them lost thier life.You never know what all they are using to subsitute with cause they aren't able to get the ingredient that they need to make this and they don't care if they are fixing to mix something that is going to blow up and kill them and everyone around them just as long as they get there meth.

Also while this stuff is working off did you know that it is moved or even jard by even a mouse that it can cause it to blow up.It's time that we do something about the meth problem we have to so we can protect our kids now and thier future because look at how bad the meth problem is now and if something isn't done whats it going to be when are younger generation grows up what are they going to have to look forward to.
It's already being sold at our schools by kids to kids so if nothings done now what is it going to be like in the next 5 to 10 years from now.

One more thing look at all the babies that are being born to mothers who use meth while they are pregnant&these babies are being born hooked on meth&have to go threw withdraws when they are born.a baby going threw with draws is worse than any baby that has the worst case of colic.everyone needs to do there part to help protect all the little children because they are precious&innocennt & we are there protectors
TAke CHarge

Somerset, KY

#26 Apr 8, 2009
The only thing I blame the law enforcement to is turning a blind eye to many people locally. Why is it that people know what is going on in certain communities, at certain houses, and for years. If community members know this, then those doing the detective work would have to know what is going on too. Of course, they need proof, and small time rats are needed. However, some of these druggie rats have committed more crimes than the druggie's. Then they are rewarded with secret cash transfer's and freedom. I would like to see alot of these rats 35 and over doing some time EVENTUALLY. As far as addicts being lost causes, no they are not. But they are also, returned to the streets over and over and are hardly ever in jail. What punishment is it to be busted with drugs, misleading the public that a person is going to get 3-5 years, when in fact, they are lucky if they get thirty days behind bars. Who learns there lesson after thirty days. How many learn their lesson after a year? I would like to be proud of our law enforcement (cops, lawyers, judges, drug task team) and actually observe the druggies behind bars serving stiffer sentencing. Do you see that in this town? Also, birds of a feather flock together. What is the concern to "clean citizens" if drugggies names are posted or not? If you are not on drugs, not partaking of illegal stuff, then what's the big deal. I'm glad these people are being exposed, don't blame posting names, if these people would clean up their lives, they wouldn't be on the front page of the newspaper in relation to a meth lab bust.
I agree

Decorah, IA

#28 Apr 8, 2009
former addict wrote:
<quoted text>
I WAS NOT DEFENDING ANYONE...I just told where I had been and where I came from and that ALL these people are not lost causes they have family and they also have children too. I never done drugs while I was pregnant, I never done anything except everything I could to insure myself a healthy child...which God has blessed me with!! I said that you cannot stop loving your family when they are on drugs, but you DONT NEED TO ENABLE THEM!!!! I am just one example that meth does not ruin a person for life, they just have to want to give it up and in 90 percent of the cases they dont want to I GUESS I WAS JUST AN EXCEPTION!!
I agree with each post. I am very proud to hear the one post from former addict, stating that the two years she got done her good. Two years is about suffienct enough time to clean a person up if they want to stay clean it is thier own choice but what they do to us and this world is our choice. Let it be known who all does this let thier true colors show so that someday we might live in a safe enviroment!
former addict

Decorah, IA

#31 Apr 8, 2009
I agree with you on keeping track of the people. Also keep track of the people in albany who have gotten busted with labs also, so you know when the move up there and get it started again. Albany has had several busts also!! Its sad and I wish I could tell you something to ease your mind as I said I have a small child myself and I dont want anything like that near my child!! Its bad when you live in apartments and I thank God that I dont live in apartments anymore for that reason. I hope that eventually they can get this problem under control but I dont see it happening it takes more than thirty days in jail to get that out of your system, I would say atleast 21 months and an addict would be clean and if they stay that way great but most of them dont. I will try to get you the names of the busts in albany because as you know most of albany and monticello hang tight together and they run from town to town. I wish you the best.........GOD HELP US ALL WITH THIS EPIDEMIC, its not just affecting the dealers and users it is affecting the entire community!! GOD BE WITH US!

Somerset, KY

#32 Apr 8, 2009
The wayne co outlook done even better. They posted pics of several of the ones busted. YAY!!! so now if we dont know who they are we have a pic to go by.

London, KY

#33 Apr 9, 2009
Friend wrote:
<quoted text>
to many busts to keep up with but a whole of people, they need to get more of them but don't get on here and critize these people you and neither do I have any idea what these people are going through or what they are thinking if thinking at all but do not get on here and post there names they are already getting bashed enough over and over it;s not fair to them the bad thing is that we all are related to or live by one or even know of one of theses people and in due time they will get there sentencing
The Angels in Black

I sit all alone in my room but I no longer cry
It doesnít matter much to mom and dad who only care
about getting high.
I donít go to school much these days, Iím sick, hungry and
itís hard for me to breathe
No one cares about the things I really need
Dad cooks things in my house but itís not for us to eat
It burns my lungs and my skin and its hard for me to see
Why does no one hear me? Why does no one care?
My mom and dad donít love me back, and I donít think thatís fair.
Then one night I hear the sounds as the door comes crashing down
Mom and Dad rush to hide the things I know they donít want found
My mom and dad are on the floor, their hands behind their back
The men all have guns and helmets, and they are all dressed in black
They move from room to room as they continue to yell ĎPolice!í
I am very scared as I fall upon my knees
Then one of them looks down at me and he can tell
Iím a child in need
He puts the gun away as he reaches down to me
He picks me up from the floor that has become my bed
The hand that held the gun, now gently holds my head
I can only see his eyes but they look so very sad
I wonder if he has a Child like me, I wish he were MY dad
He rushes me from my house to an ambulance on the street
His eyes fill up with tears as he lays me on the seat
I now have good clothes to wear and good food to eat
I can breathe good again and itís not hard for me to see
I know now there is a God because when
I prayed he sent an answer back
For the men who came to rescue me are really
The Angels in Black

Author Unknown

this is why wwe have to help the little kids and put the people who are making this meth out there for everyone to know what they are doing to these innocent children & what they are having to go threw.

Leavenworth, IN

#36 Apr 11, 2009
i think it needs to stay in the public eye maybe these people will no they are being watched if everyone will report them maybe this town can be cleaned up as for an earlier post of reminding family members of it i think they need to be reminded some of them uphold the kids and other family members maybe if they see the names every time the turn o the computer they will get the idea that people are tired of it

Greenbrier, AR

#37 Apr 12, 2009
info wrote:
The wayne co outlook done even better. They posted pics of several of the ones busted. YAY!!! so now if we dont know who they are we have a pic to go by.
I wish they would put pictures of all of them in there. Everyone that has been caught. To show the wonderful people on Wayne County that this has got to stop. I know of someone that has been caught in the past and got out and guess what they are still at it. They have been reported several times and nothing has been done. Then eveyone finds out they ratted on others and that is why they are still out and doing whatever they want. They think they cannot be touched. Life is wonderful for some huh. What about the people that live around them has the law showed the justice. I think not. What is going to happen when that one blows up and kills someone that lives around them. How will the law feel then. Well this makes me angry because there is no justice for some but there is for others. Go Figure this is Monticello.
my opinion

London, KY

#38 Apr 12, 2009
maybe if their name is being posted on topix and they know that other people are being made aware of their problem, it will cause them to take them to take action to solve the problem. and they need their names posted on here to protect others who might come into contact with them and decide to try what they are doing. post their names, we need to be aware of it. this is a way of protecting our children we must do whatever it takes to protect them, if it means posting their names all around the doughboy. whatever it takes. i feel bad for the addicts, but i have my children and they come first, my advice to the addicts is to get help and help us as parents and citizens get rid of the druggies in this town.

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