I've seen other people posting about this on other forums, and couldn't believe it. I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me, because nothing really happened. But if other people are talking about it, I guess something must've happened.
Last summer, we were coming back from dinner at my parents, who live in Amelia. I got out of work late and didn't have the energy to cook dinner, so my dad told us to eat at theirs. My wife was on a business trip, so it was just me and our son in the car. He was sleeping in the seat in the back.
I was bushed. The radio was on but I didn't want to roll down the windows because that would wake him up. I try to never drive tired, especially when my kid's in the car, but I was pretty sure I could make it home in one piece. TBH I have diabetes and can get woozy sometimes, but I've done the drive so many times before that even if I had fallen asleep I would probably have woken up in my garage.
I remember there was an ad for a private school on the radio when I heard a really soft voice coming from behind. Oh great, he's awake, I thought, and turned down the volume. Looking in the mirror to check on him, I couldn't make out the back seat at first. He seemed to be slouched over to the side. Next to him—and I swear this is what I saw—a little boy, not much older than him, was leaning over and whispering in his ear. I didn't turn around, just sat there trying to listen. The kid's hair must have been bleached or something, because he was practically glowing back there.
Just when I was about to turn around and see what the hell was going on my front tire hit the rumble strip and I had to adjust the wheel. When I looked back again it was just my son back there, looking out the window. I asked him about the white-haired kid but he couldn't remember anything. We got home in one piece, and I just chalked it up to tiredness. But it seems like some other people have been talking about similar experiences, and now I'm curious.