Dollar General faces new lawsuit

A Montgomery law firm has filed a joint lawsuit in federal court, alleging that Dollar General stores intentionally misclassified its store managers as executives to avoid paying them overtime. Full Story

Huntington, WV

#885 Apr 24, 2013
Hopeing4Karma wrote:
<quoted text>Thanks for the info!Was hoping for better feedback than that but y would I expect anything different. It's dg that I was working for! I'll be lucky to get my unemployment!! Widow and unemployed got to love it!!
I know some of how you feel I was fired after 17 years of my life down the drain for a " pip plan "

Merrillville, IN

#886 Apr 28, 2013
As I read through these posts it helps to know I wad not alone in what I went thorugh. I eventually quit DG due to the overworked and stressfull days...hours being cut, open to close several days a week, early days and late nights on truck days. Was told about 4 months or so into being a store mgr. that my pay was incorrect, it was changed but retro paid. Had good customer services numbers, sales and p&l but yet always repremanded and cut more and more hours. I would love to know what can be done. Someone who can actually get something accomplished and wants information as to what I know please contact me at
Debbie Flynn

United States

#887 May 3, 2013
My daughter was employed with Dollar Gerenal in Ar. I wanted her to move home so I purchased a home for and she transferred to Sulligent , Al. When she got her there were two or three stores near by that wanted her to work for them. She choose the one here in Sulligent. After about three months the district manager, wanted her to take the class and be a store manager, so she did . There was all ready s store manager at the store so for a month or so they both were managers. The one manager went on leave for something and the next thing that was said . Someone call in and said the store was dirty. My daughter worked till 12:00 pm with two other employer cleaning and straighting the store up. The next day the one who took leave came in with a lady and was so jeolious that she called n and said my daughter had changed the schedule and she did but not for more money just to where is was the one to stock. They never gave my daughter a chance to clear her name . They took the other girl side and said it was against policy for her to do that and slso got in trouble for doing an exchange for the other manager, said it was fraudulent . No one got fired but my daughter. There are some that tske money at night shift and put it back the next day there is two ov them that just walks around and does nothing. I feel that was harassment and unfair what can she do

Gaston, SC

#889 May 7, 2013
deh1064 wrote:
<quoted text> If the story ever runs in the Huffington post, I was hopeing that would bring us some national attention and get it on a major news network. But we need NUMBERS of people out there with the simalar stories to be able to have this get done. I am always willing to do whatever has to be done. I am not hiding or keeping quiet for the fear of it ruining my personal workmans comp. case. I told Dave to put my name in big bold letters when it does run. We have to be strong and stand up for ourselves or quit ehinning about it.
I have worked for DG for 7 years because I refused a manager position and I make over 10 dollars an hour they pushed me out. I have been accused for things i have not done and my district manager is a sexual deviant. I am soon going to be homeless because of a company I have busted my ass for. THANKS DOLLAR GENERAL!!

Lemoore, CA

#890 May 8, 2013
Hi, I recently started working for a DG that opened up in California. I lived in TN for the first 20 years of my life so I grew up around them and sort of knew how they were.

My original store manager just stepped down because she was told it was either that or get fired. We have a new one who is extremely nice and willing to help us in anyway we can. They're opening a store up near my sister in law and we're trying to actually move close to her. I called my DM today to talk to him about transferring and he told me I couldn't because of how bad our store was. Everything he told me I needed to improve on was manager duties and I'm just a sales associate. I'm also confused as to how she was able to go to a different store but the rest of us cant.

Can he hold me in one store for mistakes that I didn't contribute to or am I just completely screwed?

Also, my old manager never paid me for all the time I worked. I was short 5 hours of overtime and two hours of double time on a few checks from when the store first opened. I called ERC about it and nothing has been done, I'm not the only one in the store that is having this issue.

Flushing, MI

#891 May 8, 2013
You need to get ahold of payroll and let them know about your unpaid hours. IF your managers refuse to give you the number ,look up DG's corporate number and call them and ask for payroll. You also may want to call your regional manager and speak with him about a transfer. Just so you know, DG plays lots of games with employee's. High turnover rates do not bother them.
If they think they can hire someone cheaper before you getyour first raise they will. Also ALWAYS count your starting drawer,this is another one of their games if they want to get rid of you.
Read thru these stories, it's all true.
Good luck.

Bowling Green, KY

#892 May 20, 2013
Here is my question Just how far back does DGS on there Background Checks 7 years 10 years or unlimited?

Charlottesville, VA

#893 May 20, 2013
i have noticed that when your post goes on here your username doesnt match up with your post meaning only they can get your info from topix and i dont beleive this forum will let them have our names and where we live. sure they watch this site. but it still doenst make them sorry or remorseful for what goes on in thier company. well you no longer work for dg so they cannot get you for anything. i just got a back pay check from dg from three years ago and it didnt have enough numbers in it. said more was coming. it wasnt enough to catch up on all the bills. but people do need to complain as loudly as they can to anyone they can, the wage and hour division, fair labor standards act, civil liberties union, better business burueau and consumer reports and ripoff reports. also there is a dollar general commnet forum on . well it been three years almost now and havnt got much back out of the screaming i have done. i wish there was a brave enugh reporter to take on our cases and let he world know what happens. i am still seeing a counselor and i have ptsd from what they did to me. i cannot let go of this. too many people getting hurt, families being put into poverties and could just go on and on. if there are any lawyers out there or reporters who would like to to bring this one in front of obama, he would either join then or make them change thier policies. haha. good luck

Flint, MI

#894 May 21, 2013
Yes, I agree with nofoolnomore, we have to keep Yelling it loud about the wrong doings of Dollar General. I spoke with the Huffington Post reporter yesterday and he is close to running the story. I know it's about time, I was interviewed in December for it. But I trust him and I think he will run it. You can't be afraid to give him your name. I told him to put mine in big bold letters. And I am still waiting to go to court. That is suppose to happen the 19th of June. I am not afraid of DG, they need to be afraid of us.

Galena, OH

#895 May 22, 2013
dawn wrote:
Yes, I agree with nofoolnomore, we have to keep Yelling it loud about the wrong doings of Dollar General. I spoke with the Huffington Post reporter yesterday and he is close to running the story. I know it's about time, I was interviewed in December for it. But I trust him and I think he will run it. You can't be afraid to give him your name. I told him to put mine in big bold letters. And I am still waiting to go to court. That is suppose to happen the 19th of June. I am not afraid of DG, they need to be afraid of us.
Im not sure but I think we may be in the same region here. This company and its people are a freakin joke, I was hired almost two years ago and was told i was going to get a store. I took the test and passed. After my store manager took a week off work that the Dm i was no longer wanted as a store manager.

Flint, MI

#896 May 23, 2013
Ihatemyjob, This company will use you to their advantage. If anyone does not see how bad they are to try and work for all they have to do is read the blogs on this site. It's not a joke, they are horrible. I wish they would get as much bad press as Walmart and others get. I would love to see our stories on Primetime or 20/20. They would have hard time deciding who's stories to do. That is what the Huffington Posts reporter found out when I told him about this site.

United States

#897 Jun 11, 2013
Disgruntled Employee wrote:
I have worked for dollar general for 2 and half years.I have had 5 managers in this time period. I have seen managers hired on who have no business being a manager but they get the job anyway. I'm talking about people who are busy playing scrabble on their phone rather than work and who have opened a store more than 2 hour late. My location went 2 months running with no manager or assistant manager in the store. The girl who was performing the manager duties at the time and who took the manager test and past it the first time she took it has been denied the manager position 3 times now and hasn't even been put in the system as a managerial candidate, which requires that she is to be paid more.She was yelled at by the district manager for making a legitimate complaint against the previous manager, and her complaint was even read word for word to the manager and her name given to the manager. This led to the previous manager retaliating against her and even screaming at her in the office. I have been denied assistant manager and keep getting the run around as to when and if I could have that position. I am still in the system as a part time employee even though for 5 months I averaged 32 hours a week,which according to company policy is considered full time, but I don't see the benefits that a full time employee receives.I was even asked to perform interviews during the 2 months with no manager in the store, which is a job that is to be done by the assistant and the manager, not a part time key. The company was upset with me for complaining about the same previous manager that the above mentioned employee complained about. This manager was replacing money in her employees drawers, and was demanding that bank runs were done while off the clock and who would put his/her employees in danger by having us take 3 deposits at a time to the bank.On top of that merchandise was being damaged out so it could be taken home which is theft! It is for this reason that I am not in good standing with the higher ups because I dared to open my mouth.I was even scorned by the DM because I finally called the regional after the DM ignored the problems in the store posed by the manager at the time for nearly 6 months. I have seen people bumped up in this company not based on their qualifications and work ethic but rather on how well the district manager likes this person on a personal level. And lets not forget that if you dare to make a legitimate complaint because you are concerned about the store you work for, holy crap does this company retaliate against you. We are suppose to just shut up and do our job and how dare we try to care about the company we work for. As far as I'm concerned they can take their company and shove it. As soon as I take leave for my baby I plan on finding something else. I am absolutely giving my 2 weeks notice so I can do the exit interview and let them know just exactly how corrupt, unorganized, and unprofessional their company can be. I figured this was just an issue in the region I work for, but apparently it's a problem in many of the companies regions.
they have done some dispicable things to me as well talk about retaliation i was terminated for stealing money from eposiit that they told me was all there when deposit got to the bank they reinstated me with backpay and then D.M fired me again for trumped charges

United States

#898 Jun 11, 2013
nofoolnomore wrote:
this company and their illegal practices has to be told on to anyone who will listen. like the person said before shout it from the rooftops. i am hopefully going to learn how to get it on espn. they have to be brought to thier knees for how they treat people. i am going to do it. i just need anyone who will want to back up thier stories on national news. i can understand some people just come on here to vent and go away. but for those of you who want to get your stories out, send me a email. and i will tell you where you can go to do it. i will stand up before the world and tell it all. it has been two and half years since i was wrongfully fired, proved it to them and ask for my job back. they problably knew better not to give it back to me. they took something from me that is very important to me and i want it back. and i mean to get it back if i have to force it back to me. dg does not like media and publicity. you hit them where it will hurt. i have tried to let this go but likei said they took something from me and i mean to get it back. we need more stories. and people to back them up with. media coverage is what is needed and i am going to do it somehow. anybody that thinks the same way i do send me a email biting back will hurt. that last lawsuit that was won bet that bit hard. those were very brave women. thank you wanda womack and any female manager still working there should thank her also. and the other brave women that were on it too. yes patrick hayes law firm is accepting names for injured workers.
ill do it

United States

#899 Jun 11, 2013
dll wrote:
I just want to know if this happens in all dollar general stores. Employees clock out then are expected to work off the clock.
yes all the time and go to the bank on your day off or off clock and they have the nerve to put phone no on payroll portal to call and report working off clock haha what a joke ill bet that nombe is busy all the time when i was reinstated for wrongful termination i was told i as going to get backpay on second check when i didnt recieve it i called payroll they said they didnt know what i was talking about i talked to my manager and d.m they finally deposited my money and was complaining that payroll was going to be so high that week if i wouldnt have called i would NEVER of gotten it

United States

#900 Jun 11, 2013
Cathy wrote:
I had a dear friend, my mom and my daughter all working in management in different stores in alabama at the same time with same DM and He trated single and younger women with no children alot differenty than he did those middle age and married with pchildren, his reasoning was "If you can't spend the hours to keep the store stocked, cleaned, fronted and all the paper work completed I need to find someone with no other responsibilty, so they can fully dedicate themselves to this store, because if You can't find someone else to stay with your child at the hospital, your not dedicated to this position." The child was 18 months old and pnuemonia. She worked an average of about 70 hours a week and was often in the store by herself 2-3hours a day by herself because they would not allow her enough hours to schedule enough employees to cover every hour the store was open. It was basically the same way in all three stores. I think it had something to do with his bonus and him think men were better than women.
omg is the baby ok thats just so wrong and yes we are kind of like cattle and robots if we dont do what they want when they want it and as long as they want it done they dont get bonuses i think if they would spread some of the bonus wealth around they may be surprised at the results

United States

#901 Jun 11, 2013
hopeing4karma wrote:
I just want my story to be heard and a little advice. I have worked for dg for 20 years. The dm called my store on Sat. afternoon and asked for me I was gone to bank and lunch. I gave my keys to my back-up key carrier, who wasn't anymore a key carrier because of cutting her hours and took her insurance and her pay away. I came back and was told to call him immediately. I called and he said he wanted me and my two employees in the store on Monday morning. One of the girls couldn't make it because of commitments so he talked to me and the other employee said he was taken our statements and sending them in. He waited a week then come back in and said I was fired after 20 years of service. I lost my husband three years ago and didn't get a card, a sorry or kiss my butt. But my pepsi guys showed up at funeral home and sent a plant! That tells you whose loyal and whose not!!! What a company to work for I think not!!! I also had an ex-employee who has wanted my job since she worked for me come in my store and threaten me. I called dm and was advised I could not ban her because she new all the ins and outs of dg and didn't want me to "OPEN THAT CAN OF WORMS"! I have real faith in the dms and dollar general really got your back. I call that an unsafe work environment. Also 4-5 days later my car was hit in parking lot and nobody seems to know how that happened and nothing was done about it! I could go on and on cause you see I have gave half my life up for this piece of shit company!! Now I am unemployed no insurance with 20 years of my life and my husband gone!!! Need a little info I will probably have to fight them just to get unemployment of which I have never applied for in my life. I do have evidence of my threats on tape and police reports to back it up. Who do I talk to about this? Oh forgot to mention that the ex-employee of mine had the same dm as I have had for past 3 years. what a coincidence? I've had more write-ups in last 3 years than I've had in 17. Just wanting to gain a little leverage and knowledge. Hopeing4Karma
call Frankle and Frankle 1800lawyers and talk to gene burkette h is a wrongful termination lawyer good luck they tried to say i offered my keys to cashier wich i didnt do

Flint, MI

#902 Jun 12, 2013
It's been on the news the US Goverenment is going after DG for their background check wrong doings. Now is our chance to start bombbarding all news outlets with our stories.

Mattoon, IL

#903 Jun 13, 2013
dawn wrote:
It's been on the news the US Goverenment is going after DG for their background check wrong doings. Now is our chance to start bombbarding all news outlets with our stories.
Where do I go to tell my story and to who? Just give me info would be glad to tell them all about it.

Flint, MI

#904 Jun 13, 2013
Hopeing4Karma, any national news channel. CNN< HLN< ABC< CBS< NBC, Primetime, 20/20, 60 minutes.,,any and all.

Millbury, OH

#905 Jun 21, 2013
I've been working at Dollar General for the last 2 years and I've always had the night shift. We just recently hired a new DM for the Ohio store I'm working at. I for the last couple months have had a low basket count due to my hours. Nobody really comes in at night and because of this he now thinks I should be fired because my basket has been the lowest. I've never done anything wrong to the company, in fact I really love my job. I'm running out of options, its not like I can force people to buy more items. I'm so scared of losing my job and at this point I don't know what to do. I have maybe three weeks before I get written up for the final time and then I'm gone. Can someone please tell me what I can do to stop this. It isn't fair for them to fire me when I've done nothing wrong.

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