Dollar General faces new lawsuit

Dollar General faces new lawsuit

There are 973 comments on the Montgomery Advertiser story from Aug 11, 2006, titled Dollar General faces new lawsuit. In it, Montgomery Advertiser reports that:

A Montgomery law firm has filed a joint lawsuit in federal court, alleging that Dollar General stores intentionally misclassified its store managers as executives to avoid paying them overtime.

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Dora, AL

#803 Sep 5, 2012
Hey Pottymouth,
Be careful or they will find a reason to fire you. Like most of us, after we were injured. And it can be something really stupid or conjured up. Just watch your back.

United States

#804 Sep 19, 2012
I have been with dg for 7 yrs and managedbfor 4 yrs and gota agree its the most stressful job ever. Never enough time for ne thng and not enough understanding frm the big dogs but at same time I've put blood sweat and tears into my store and would be Almost lost without it...jus wish the higher ups would see and feel the non stop stress mgrs go thru ..u are literally never off work but I jus keep pushing and hope one day soon more pay and more hours for my staff

Dora, AL

#805 Sep 20, 2012
I totally enjoyed the challenge of my job also. I honestly hope you never get injured. Because your attitude for this company will change. Right now all you have to deal with is DM's pushing you to basically run the store alone. Get injured and watch how fast they give you help. LOL... Help to push you out the door.... They will nitpick your ever move to find a reason to terminate you. Even make things up. So my advice to you is to be careful and don't get hurt. And don't complain to much or the same thing will happen. Running a Dollar General store is not a bad job. Corporate is the problem, as you will see, if you ever have an injury.
Best of Luck to you.

United States

#806 Sep 20, 2012
Nanawolfg1....I totally agree I have seen it happen and agree with the corporate comment they do care more about money than employees so it seems ...and I get so overwhelmed and pissed and all dms and rms all say the same"we r here to help u " and then the robotic saying they all say at the drop of a dime " Thanks for all you do. Blah blah

Charlottesville, VA

#807 Sep 20, 2012
keep a running memory of everything you hear about your dm from other managers like at the meetings and things where you get together with the other managers. my dm thought she was the shit firing me wrongfully well i got my unemployment and i got her fired five months later thats how long it took to get the full investigation done. they put thier pants on the same way we do and they can go down same way we do.
Enough BS Yet

Troy, MO

#808 Sep 21, 2012
Shawna ,
I liked my job also. I thought I was doing great and had taken a ran down store and brought it up to standards. Once I got hurt I got to see what this company was about.I was never talked to and belittled so bad in my entire life like i did from my DM once I got hurt. I was shocked that people think it's ok to talk and treat people like dirt. Heck all I did was work by butt off and got hurt. Should not have been this big of a deal, but it was. The harassment was unbelievable. I wish you the best!

United States

#809 Sep 21, 2012
Enough bs yet,
I'm so sorry that happen to you and its horrible that I've read so many of those same stories on here its hard to believe the people 'corporate" we break our backs for can b so cruel and not appreciate ne thng guess it goes to show us we r a dime a dozen to them ....and very replaceable
Jennifer Gibson

Sulligent, AL

#810 Sep 26, 2012
tyler wrote:
why work for them then? besides anyone can run a DOLLAR general with half a brain! move on to better and bigger things ok now....
That's so true because I worked with them a year eigths months and it was awful,they fired me because i wanted to step down and I never got my vacation time and that wasn't fair
Enough BS yet

Troy, MO

#811 Oct 19, 2012
So, just an up date . I have had my 3 surgeys and have also been left with a deformity and limited mobility. Not only does this company think their shit don't stink they will not even respond to my WC lawyer . lol lol They sure know how to dig them selfs a big hole.
Unemployed DG worker

Jackson, KY

#812 Oct 20, 2012
broken hearted wrote:
Six months ago my nineteen yr old son died right in front of me of an embolism. my husband did cpr n he was in a coma but to me he was gone that first day. ten days in a coma and we had to let him go. My DM told them to fire me because i buried my son on a saturday and they wanted me back on that monday. the manager refused and everyone worked my hrs and kept my job for me. i still work there and they are the worst. Ifitwasnt for the people i work with and that if i stayed home all i do is cry I would be long gone.
I worked for Dg also until about 3 months ago. But my niece passed away and my DM wouldn't let me go to the funeral I would have lost my job. I was the store manager. I just got to go for two hours of visitation. Another manager's son passed away and this same DM made this manager come to work right after the funeral. Another manager her mother passed away and the same DM did the same thing. But the one manager wrote a letter to corporate, but it didn't do any good. I quit my job because I couldn't take all the mental and verbal abuse from this DM. He is satan himself. It is wrong for a corporation to be allowed to do this to their employees. After all we are all of the human race.
Curious DM

Bernalillo, NM

#813 Oct 24, 2012
I have considered switching jobs to DG as a DM. I'm currently a DM for another retailer. Hearing these stories about abusive DM's & RM's is shocking. I've never treated my associates and SM's like this. Does the company turn them into these bad people?

Dora, AL

#814 Oct 25, 2012
To Curious DM
My first DM with DG I had known previously at Walmart. Really nice guy to cashiers, but had a standard for management that he expected to be upheld. He wasn't unfair, just very strict. A no excuse kind of guy.Very Honest. I liked him very well. He was promoted to RM while I was still employed at DG. The DM's that came after him. Let's just say were trained by and with a different mind set. They don't want anyone employed that may have a degree of any kind. They want people who will do what they are told to do, even if it is against company policies. If they have a mind of their own, DG will find a way to terminate them. And don't get hurt, your ass will be out the door before you can file it with workman's comp. They have so many law suits against them right now that their CEO just sold 2 million dollars in DG stock as did 5 other top excutives to tune of almost 8 million dollars. Seems to me as if they are getting ready to bale out. So if you are happy with the salary and the people you are working with now, I would suggest you stay where you are.
They are even being sued for their cheap products from China. Which most of their products are.

Charlottesville, VA

#815 Oct 30, 2012
@curious dm

I will tell you my story. I started retail in a small town grocery store which closed when food lion came to town. I was assistant manager when the store closed. I went to food lion as customer service manager. I had a goal of being a store manager. I thought well, heres my chance to show what i can really do. The dg store i was going to was a mess. 22 rolltainers of stock in 2008 with boxes of 2006 health and beauty in the floor. The store was in bad shape, but me being the person that loves a good challenge, i took it all on. It took a year but i got the store to model store. I was third in the district to get model store. My crew took a complete turnabout to get a good crew in there with no bad habits to learn from. I did keep two people from the previous manager. it was a hard year with 120 planograms, all the store work, making the store right in all aspects, getting inventory from 2.21 to .88 in one years time. I was there almost three years. i rarely seen the light of day. my dm never cared. she would come in on my vacations and ask employee about me and if they saw me doing anything wrong. she did a whole lot worse to me, but that would take up a lot of space, but i believe this company turns good people into these monsters of using policy and procedure to dg own benefits. loads of work on the dm too. the dm i had, i did all her work for inventory and my own store visit scorecard plus anything else that could fall on my shoulders. I will tell you i learned my lesson. before i went to dg, i told my store manager where i was going to and he told me please dont go there, you dont know what you are getting into. If only i had listened. the grass isnt always greener on the other side. good luck to you.
marty kee

Little Rock, AR

#816 Nov 8, 2012
I have just found this site where everyone answered me. Guess i am not real good with comp. The women they put in my place at the store almost two months after she told ue. They had no openings for me to come back to. Has a lawsuite against her with eeoc. Still need to no how i can kick their butts. There has neen so many complaints against this dm and reg. Mgr. But they keep protecting these two.

Charlottesville, VA

#817 Nov 10, 2012 she is the one that started a investigation on my district manager and five months later the dm was fired. she will not talk to you but she will answer you or have her secretary do it. write everything to her and dont leave anything out. you have to simply go over heads at this point. do you still work there? also you need to be more detailed on here for the people that do help to reach out and help you. let us know what happened and what you need. we will contact you. we are fighting as we speak. and we have lawyers. thanks

Charlottesville, VA

#818 Nov 12, 2012
to all former dollar general workers that want to get your story out. please speak up. this will all be compiled and you must be heard. otherwise our future children will have to work in these conditions also.


[email protected]
Not a happy camper

Benson, NC

#819 Nov 21, 2012
Well i am an Assistant Manager at Dollar general. And i have to agree with a few of the comments. There is absolutely no way this so called Basket size policy works. I have been written up on several occasions do to low basket size.Its a ridiculous policy. How can my basket be compared to someone who is on register for 7 hrs. Me being a manager backs up the main register so therefore Im not on register much. Im only called if my cashier has a long line or goes on break. Other than that i am on the sales floor completing tasks. Then have to be off the register by 8 so i can be on the sales floor for the last hour. I have even tried staying below the 50 customers hence the 50/50/50 rule. All last week i stayed under 50 customers and was told by my store manager that it still counts. That i am probably sliding and they will be watching me and my night cashier. I was and still am very offended by the mere thought of being referred to as a thief. Dollar general is a horrible company to work for. They expect you to kill yourself for the pennies they throw your way. I am praying i find another job soon .Don't know how much more i can take. I don't mind working hard but i expect to be compensated accordingly. And treated fairly not harassed about something out of my control. I can't make customers purchase something they don't wantjust so my basket size is larger. Many more things should be taken into consideration such as shift worked, length of shift worked and customer count per shift worked.

Port Richey, FL

#820 Nov 24, 2012
cira wrote:
I was employed at my job and I got fired now the general manager is going around tell the employees why I was fired and it was suppose to be confidential. Now he is defacing my name and I dont know what to do. I am so Irrate I want to go and tell him off in front of everyone but I wont stoop to his level cause it is pretty low and he has absolutely no filter. The GM has broken so many rules if I was to rat him out he would have been fired 2 months ago
You can write a letter to the company(certified) and voice your complaints, it may not get your job back, but your side needs to be told. Also you may run this by an attorney (personal injury), there is much of this going around. Bullying needs to be stopped.

Port Richey, FL

#821 Nov 24, 2012
shawna wrote:
Nanawolfg1....I totally agree I have seen it happen and agree with the corporate comment they do care more about money than employees so it seems ...and I get so overwhelmed and pissed and all dms and rms all say the same"we r here to help u " and then the robotic saying they all say at the drop of a dime " Thanks for all you do. Blah blah
I can tell you with a 100% accuracy that the senior mgrs are being weeded out and held more liable than ever for the hours and condition of the store. Save a few hundred on salary to get the younger ones in, to build more stores. It's all about the numbers, the Turners whats left of them should be ashamed, and the founders are rolling over in their graves.

Port Richey, FL

#822 Nov 24, 2012
raven wrote:
<quoted text>You can write a letter to the company(certified) and voice your complaints, it may not get your job back, but your side needs to be told. Also you may run this by an attorney (personal injury), there is much of this going around. Bullying needs to be stopped.
Your basket size decreases when you do refunds on your drawer, use the main cashiers drawer off and on. Keep all wrongs being done on a ledger and or documented if I were you.

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