deer hunting sucks
joker stash

Martin, TN

#41 Oct 13, 2011
since when did deer hunting become a poor man's way of eating. it costs out the ass to hunt. I've been hunting before and ive killed a few, i don't get the sport out of it. The way people act after they have killed something is laughable, getting their picture taken with a deer lol. Hunt grizzlies that would be a sport lolololololol
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Smyrna, TN

#42 Oct 14, 2011
Bottom line, it is all about the fear. First, the same type of cowardly ass holes ganged up against the natural predators killing them senselessly. Back then, same as now, these cowards were also armed to the teath. Now, they use the excuse of overpopulation of deer to continue killing innocent and defenseless animals. God brbid any of these cowards will go against an animal with bear hands. NO! They will bring out a bazooka to kill an animal that would't hurt a fly. Later, they can brag about it to their friends and family. Yeah, they are so tough!!!
joker stash

Martin, TN

#43 Oct 14, 2011
Long time Hunter wrote:
nothing quite like killing an animal and watching it die in Texas we have deer stands and corn feeders
just pick out on you think you can brag about and Bang down that sucker gos i us a rifle that would make a sniper proud
who cares if you don't like it you cant stop it its big business
Are you Mexican? If not, what does "gos i us" mean? Or is that German. Happy Hunting lolol

Saint Paul, MN

#44 Mar 20, 2012
who cares wrote:
Who cares about a flipping deer. Worry about children being murdered or starving . There are so many more important issues than deer hunting deer . Go hug a tree and get a life .
You are very right. Cruelty for fun is uncalled for and uncivilized in this day and age. Saying that it is needed for the meat is a bunch of crap too because nobody needs red meat. But nobody will take you serious if you write like that.

United States

#45 Mar 21, 2012
God created fish and animals like deer to hunt and eat! How do you think He fed the multitude? Go read a little of the Bible friends!!

Sparta, TN

#46 Mar 22, 2012
Deer hunting only Sucks if you're the deer.

Portland, OR

#47 Oct 9, 2012
Hunting in this day and age is purely for the blood sport and the inbred cornholer freaks who do this have total inferiority complexes, completely pathetic.

Cookeville, TN

#48 Oct 9, 2012
For all of you who are NOT vegetarians who think its wrong to kill deer please don't complain anymore until you have watched "from farm to fridge" on the internet. Anyone who hasn't seen it should. I would rather eat deer meat than any meat, eggs, milk, fish or anything that came from an animal at the grocery store. Deer hunting is was more humane. Feel free to comment on the video after you have watched it and let us know if you eat anything mentioned in it!

Clinton Township, MI

#49 Oct 10, 2012
First of all we deer hunters have always been respectful to u anti hunters. U don't see us going around and posting on forums that anti hunters just suck and don't know wat there their talking about. So all of u anti hunters that do stuff like that to us should be ashamed of yourselves. Get a life and quit worrying about it and next time u put on your leather belt or your eat ur chicken sandwhich think about the POOR INNOCENT animal that stood in a tiny cage it's whole life until it was unwillingly slaughtered without a fair chance and post an offensive opinion about that.

Clinton Township, MI

#50 Oct 10, 2012
Realman wrote:
This is the 21st century you backwoods deliverance ream licking assholes. Don't try to justify your bloodlust by repeating that same old defence with, oh we give what we don't want to the needy. Hell's fire why don't you just stop killin' animals when you have
one? That's not what it really about,is it Scooter? It's really about the blood and guts, the pain and thrashing about of the defenceless animal,right there Skippy?
First of all we deer hunters have always been respectful to u anti hunters. U don't see us going around and posting on forums that anti just suck and don't know wat there their talking about. So all of u anti hunters that do stuff like that to us should be ashamed of yourselves. Get a life and quit worrying about it and next time u put on your leather belt or your eat ur chicken sandwhich think about the POOR INNOCENT animal that stood in a tiny cage it's whole life until it was unwillingly slaughtered without a fair chance and post an offensive opinion about that.

Crete, IL

#51 Jan 22, 2013

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#52 Apr 13, 2013
What is wrong with people these days? Hunting for sport is deffinetly, 100% wrong. And who ever decided that humans are more important than animals? They are most deffinetly not. It's the fact that your damaging the environments, but the fact that you are killing a living creature, just like any human, for fun.
As every sane person knows, judging a book by its cover is wrong. For example, judging a black person as a criminal. That is messed up and wrong. Well, humans and animals are the same, it's just that they might be hairier, or different colored, or shaped different, or think different, but in the end they have feelings. They feel sad, happy, and in pain. Just like the starving children in Africa, there are starving animals, except the animals have no one to care for them, or as far as they know. Just imagine how it would feel if you were hungry, weak, being chased for no reason, and had no clue what is going on and no one to got o. It's a horrifying thought.I know this may seem silly, but think of an animal like a human baby, they simply don't know what is happening.
They have done nothing wrong, but they are suffering so much even without hunters. So p,ease, I know this will probably convince no one to stop hunting, but at least please please please try to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Newark, NJ

#53 May 14, 2013
deer hunting needs to be out lawed all these people are doing is killing innocent animals just so they can say "look what i killed" what a bunch of dumb a$$es
It'll never happen. Deer hunting is the funnest thing I've ever done!

Palm Harbor, FL

#54 Sep 8, 2013
Big Ole Redneck wrote:
I would not get out before dawn and freeze my balls off just to shoot something in the face. Oh and it's not a sport. Kill everything with your bare hands and then it's a sport.
You don't shoot them in the face retard. Too much risk of not killing them. I have killed hogs with only a knife before. Checkmate
Avid Sportsman

Cookeville, TN

#55 Sep 9, 2013
Well, regardless of what some of you think, I enjoy all hunting seasons. I certainly don't do it get my picture in the paper, I could care less about that and I'm certainly not gay, ( as some have pointed out about these two things). I enjoy the sport, I've brought home deer, and out west and in Western Canada I've bought home bear, wild hogs and buffalo. I don't kill for the sport of it, I do it for the food, me and my family enjoy these kinds of food. My wife even goes with me and she enjoys it too. I certainly share what I bring home. We don't kill for the sport of it, we do it for the food, and if you haven't never tried it, don't knock it until you do. We are NOT inhumane.

Cookeville, TN

#56 Sep 10, 2013
must take a big ole man to stalk and pray on a animal that runs into cars,lol
hey now

Jamestown, TN

#57 Sep 19, 2013
look if you don't like to hunt that's fine but don't put others down because they do.
mountain man

Matthews, NC

#58 Sep 27, 2013
Their ain't no suffering and thrashing around if you know how to shoot a rifle and where to shoot a deer they never even feel it. And all of you that are so down on deer hunting tell us what your hobbies are so we have a chance to down grade what you do.
Jon Schultz

Washougal, WA

#59 Sep 30, 2013
I feed the deer who live around my house and for the most part they are very intelligent and friendly animals. Some will eat from my hand and let me pet them or touch their antlers. Archery hunters just killed a wonderful large doe I called Matilda, who was the mother of several generation of deer in this area. She had two babies this year who are now left to fend for themselves. You hunters simply don't know what wonderful animals they are how barbaric it is to kill them. I am not a vegetarian but would like deer hunting to be illegal, just as it is illegal to kill dogs and cats for food or sport. If deer are causing vehicle accidents or other problems in a particular area, it would be the responsibility of the local government to deal with that in the most humane way possible.

United States

#60 Oct 6, 2013
Realman wrote:
Deer hunters like to blow the hell outa defenceless animals because they where abused when they were young. Yea, dear ole Dad, septdad, uncle or the sissy guy next door. When these fearless "sportsmen" head out with the latest deer killin' gear like deer stands, scopes, piss scent, camo, spotlights oh what the hell, hand grenades, dinomite and what ever it takes to bring down that menising four hooved creature. So go on out there and kill, kill, kill because nature can't take care of it'self. Just so you know you really are country queers. Bang! I got you.
I see your name here says real man?? How much of a real man are you? Does a real man drive to the grocery store and pick up some steaks. Hamburger. Pork chops, or chicken to feed his wife and kids? Does a real man make it that easy? Well guess what "realman" those critters sittin on your plate tonight had to die in a much more cruel fashion than a deer from a bow hunter ever did. Would you trot fearlessly through the darkened woods with no flashlight to climb 30ft in a tree like a realman would? Fearlessly prob not. Would you silently wait patiently for a deer arrive so that you may carry out the act that you have came to do like a real man would? Would you like a real man take that meat, dress it, clean it, cook it, and lay it on the table in front of your family like a real man would? Would you like a fearless real man spend all that time just to make sure that your family had a little extra food in the freezer? Well guess what real man, I don't think you know what a real man is. A real man comes to the wood to meditate, it's a place to get away. Have down that real man? Well maybe you should try it before you go making these big assumptions when you have no clue what your talking about. There are those sorry ass deer hunters out there that don't give a shit about what they hunting and the manner in which they take the animal. But the reall hunters take pride in what they do, they love what they do, and they find the beauty in all of gods creations. And when they take an animals life they do not see it as another trophy on the wall, they see it as a gift beyond all gifts. A gift and an experience that can only Mother Nature can provide. These my real man friend are truely real men. And Mother Nature can take care of it's self better than anything else on this planet. Try killing a deer and you will find out that it is not as easy as you think "real man". So just leave it to the real men. And before you go making assumptions next time about something you have no idea about "real man", become a real man and try it for your self, then you will have a true opinion about what your saying. Because otherwise your not a real man. I think your the only queer in this situation "real man". Bang I got you!

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