Who do you side with in Ferguson?

Ashburn, VA

#1475 Aug 27, 2014
Gregory Bryant wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with you. Who can say anything, we were not eye witnesses. Thank you!!
The supposed witnesses are Sreggin, Sreggin are pathological lairs, criminals, a disease on America.

Machines now do the work, time for the Sreggin to go back to africa.





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Bethel Springs, TN

#1476 Aug 27, 2014
Weird 0ne 2 wrote:
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Please may I ask ... Is that strictly a racist opinion? I know the kid proved to be a
thug that day, but at the point he was shot he was simply a jaywalker.
This man was a troubled youth and look at him now.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =Jp6LdIgLp58XX
Judge Greg Mathis
Are you trying to show me one of the judges michael brown would have had to answer to in his life had he not been stopped.
reality is a crutch

Nashua, NH

#1478 Aug 27, 2014
I have dealt with police and blacks and I feel the police are more likely to tell the truth and uphold the law.

Fact is if this Gentle giant had actually be a real gentle person as claimed by the media not a black bully thug he would be alive and in college.

Charlotte, NC

#1480 Aug 27, 2014
I guess that guy should be proud. Being black is quite an accomplishment.
Chief White Man

Custer, SD

#1481 Aug 27, 2014
-zaphad- wrote:
Blacks hate because they hate themselves. Day after month after year after year waking to an image in the mirror of a breed that will never be able to compete! Never be accepted with others of their kind having the same "Made in his Image" expectations.
We really screwed up when our forefathers imported them to our New World!
Native Americans still say the same things about Europeans and wish they would have eliminated the first one’s rather than feeding the thief’s at the first Thanksgiving who asked for just a small chunk of land to live on.

Dallas, TX

#1482 Aug 27, 2014
I side with the forensics. Based on the fact that Eric Holder hasn't arrested Darren Wilson, the forensics are probably in his favor.

United States

#1483 Aug 27, 2014
All i got to say is if it was white man shot we would not of got this media...they r the predjudice not us.....thanx for the law...things would get worse.

Madisonville, KY

#1484 Aug 27, 2014
If it happened more it would happen less.

Cincinnati, OH

#1485 Aug 27, 2014
curious wrote:
All i got to say is if it was white man shot we would not of got this media...they r the predjudice not us.....thanx for the law...things would get worse.
Already a fact, the media must accept EBT cards to be so racist.

Why isn't the media covering the killing of an unarmed white youth by a black police officer?

Meanwhile, the case of Dillon Taylor, a white 20-year-old shot and killed by a black policeman outside a 7-Eleven in Utah has received virtually no media coverage beyond local news reports. His brother, who was with him at the 7-Eleven, says Taylor was unarmed.

I guess only welfare an section 8 people need attention.





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Cincinnati, OH

#1486 Aug 27, 2014
grogs wrote:
<quoted text> The supposed witnesses are Sreggin, Sreggin are pathological lairs, criminals, a disease on America.
Machines now do the work, time for the Sreggin to go back to africa.
Now all they do is destroy America and the free housing they get.





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new resident

Warrensburg, MO

#1487 Aug 27, 2014
The cop should be cleared: Evidence points that way. Brown assaulted the cop. I am also upset with the fact of all those arrested in the "riots" over 90% were NOT residents of Ferguson. Our Muslim President engineered another event to take peoples rights and degrade the white Christian folk in the USA. When will the citizens of our country wake up!
DrNO Marengo OH

Mount Gilead, OH

#1489 Aug 27, 2014
Weird 0ne 2 wrote:
They (topix) sure has butchered up this discussion. I agree with Dirty Laundry on page one saying that they jumped all over this cash cow as have many others.
While it is true this has made such headlines due to the race involved, but I would like to impress upon you to realize ... it could happen to anyone and it doesn't matter the color.
There are some in law enforcement that are getting away with improper and even illegal actions and for those to always side immediately with them, it's just not right. If we continue doing that ... they continue getting away with things when they could and should have handled it in a more humane way.
Everyone deserves their day in court.
I guess that would include the police officer, too. Would the officer have his day in court or would this ape have beaten him or shot him to death?
The Dog

Saint Louis, MO

#1490 Aug 27, 2014
He is Buried so go home have a Malt 0 and a smile and for God's Sakes act Human, don't embarrass your Race like you did on National TV last time, Oh Yeh the Tyrant Obama only wants a Race War, you've seen his leadership and what he cares about, so please don't be a Idiot like him and Jesse give me Da Cash Jackson or Sharpton, they are all Quacks..
says I

Charleston, WV

#1491 Aug 27, 2014
The guy who got shot.
toilet paper

Columbus, OH

#1492 Aug 27, 2014
Whites are like this their always looking for an excuse why something happened. Instead of stepping up and trying to make things truly right they make excuses and pretend and lie and smile on your face when all while they hate you.yes you should have sent us back but you didnt.so deal with it.they think they are god they have a god complex.they made jesus to look like them.they make fun of blacks and everyone else that not white. They are an angry seathing hate filled race.you truly have a few good ones instead of negotiating and try to work things out they would rather k*ll everybody and think nothing will be done to them.white people your smart your very powerfull but your not god .you have had 98.5? Of all the money since the beginning r.

Madisonville, KY

#1493 Aug 27, 2014
ALL of you should take a walk through the black part of town then comment.

Gainesville, GA

#1494 Aug 27, 2014
Da Popo Kilt dat young boy.

Alamogordo, NM

#1495 Aug 27, 2014
enough wrote:
<quoted text>
I looked up Rosewood and Black Wall Street and now I ask you this rosewood happened in 1922 and Black Wall Street 1921 now tell me in 92 years later you guys haven't figured out how to move on? Rosewood was burned to the ground during a riot brought on by a white womans clam of rape. Are you all not burning your own towns and cities in riots now? Black Wall Street was thriving you are correct and due to whites(before I was even alive) it was destroyed. Can I change it? No. It has been 92 years people back then were no doubt awful and cruel. Now my question to you is what do you want us to do about it? How can you blame the whites of today for something they took no part in? As far as jews getting 10yrs of help what about the help given to black people? Naacp, united negro college fund, Affimative action etc. What more do you want. When is enough enough? when do the excuses stop and healing begin?
This is the best response to fly's continuous rant about the past. VERY well done Enough!

What is stated here is what most of us are feeling about racism in America today. We acknowledge the bad in our history, but point to the here and now with many successful blacks and two generations now post civil rights era as PROOF that if you apply yourself and assimilate, you'll succeed.

Our half black president and full black attorney general are PROOF of this. Do you think history has kept either of them down?

Time for blacks to leave the past, take care of today, and embrace America.

Alamogordo, NM

#1497 Aug 27, 2014
Flygerian wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh I leave for 4 hours and you count yourself a victory lol
Even though for the 12 hours before you were running away from questions like they were the plague. Ironic huh?
Hey Fly, did you read "Enough's" response to your historical rant? He completely takes apart your argument in a rational, logical fashion! Its a good read. And even short enough for you to pay attention to ;)

Eugene, OR

#1500 Aug 27, 2014
The same cries of racism was attempted with the Powell shooting also, only the person who made the video of that shooting didn't realize it would also reveal the fact that Powell was not only armed but walked directly at the officer with his knife in his hand. Kajieme Powell stole two energy drinks from a convenient store then puts them out near the corner, he stands there with one hand in his pocket ranting unintelligibly until the police arrives, then pulls his knife out of his pocket and begins to scream "shoot me , shoot me MF", and walks directly at one of the the police officers with his knife in his hand. When he gets about five feet from the officer he is shot.

Then you will hear people begin to say " they killed him, they killed him, he didn't even have a gun or nothing (5:12). I'm glad he did video it because there would have been another riot with looting and the burning of more businesses , and eyewitnesses would have been saying he was unarmed and gunned down with his hands in the air, etc.. The only thing that disturbs me about the Powell shooting is if you look closely at the video you will notice Powell is already beginning to fall after the second shot,(1:16) then he is shot seven or eight more times which seemed like so much unnecessary overkill to me. What happened with the idea of adequate force? Once the threat is eliminated after the first several shots they could have just stopped shooting, backed up a bit and watched him fall to the ground, then if he tried to get up and move in the direction of the police officer fire another round maybe into his leg or arm, why shoot him so many times?

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