Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

Full story: Newsday 70,102
Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family. Full Story

South Elgin, IL

#50145 Mar 14, 2013
JOEL wrote:
<quoted text>
No one is denying the standard definition. If tomorrow technological advances make it possible for say chimps, aliens (?) or cows to interbreed with humans would that make the hybrids a species? I've heard that covert science has already done this....
What I was hinting at in my post was that there exist structural and functional differences based on genetic distinctiveness among various groups of humans as seen among Africans, Caucasions, Mongolians, Dravidians and others....
Yawn. Please re-read what you wrote.

1. "would that make the hybrids a species?"

2. One cannot take a word with an accepted scientific meaning and attempt to redefine it to mean something entirely different. I causes others not to know what the hell the former means. The scientific classifications of living organisms is a fixed system.

Mumbai, India

#50147 Mar 14, 2013

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Mumbai, India

#50148 Mar 14, 2013

What would my funeral be like?

Recently, the senior Ezras, knowing my aversion to the traditional religious rituals, asked me about the kind of funeral I'd desire if anything untoward were to happen to me.

Well, I gave them the following info that they carefully listened to:

1) Wash my body thoroughly with fresh spring water and sprinkle a little sandal wood serum on it.

2) Cover the body with a white piece of cotton cloth.

3) Place the body in a casket with face upwards and hands and palms open so that the escaping forces easily quit the cataleptic body. The face should never be placed in the downward position and the palms should not be closed or clenched palm as these positions retard the escape the forces from the body.

4) Bury the casket in the north south direction with the head pointing towards the geographical north where the earth's magnetic south pole is located. The magnetic north pole in the body lies in the head region, while the body's magnetic south pole is in the feet. So, by aligning the body's magnetic north with the earth's magnetic south pole there would be no repulsion and the exiting force fields from the dead body would gain a smoother passage and maintain their electro-magnetic stability all throughout.

5) No prayers or chanting or weeping at my funeral. Only thoughts of peace, good will and harmony should permeate the minds of those present. This will aid in creating an atmosphereof balance in the exiting forces from my dead body.

6) No donation of my body parts for medical or other purposes as the forces maintain a link even after death for at least 7 days with the corpse.

7) On the 7th day, white and frgarant flowers should be placed on my grave as a sign of universal stability and to indicate the final exiting of all the forces from the dead body.

8) Even if I drop dead today, I'll go happily as I've experienced some of the very best in the mystical, intellectual and material spheres with the only regret being the lack of happiness with parents and sister (Tina) all of whom are no more. Shalom.

Kingston, Jamaica

#50149 Mar 14, 2013
JOEL wrote:
I wish I could undo my own circumcision...
If possible you would once again have your pencil.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#50150 Mar 14, 2013
I will say this think about Joel....he never tires of blowing his own trumpet.

Sometimes I would postpone my post, seeing no one else posted, but to him it is encouragement to post some more, till he finishes his quota of 100 or 200 daily posts.

Subjects and their order do not matter in the least

Since: Feb 13

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#50151 Mar 14, 2013
The dietary laws are part of the holiness code and it's far from a deadly sin. There's no such thing as messianic Judaism, they are mutually exclusive. Christianity is idolatry and it's forbiddance goes all the way back to Abraham. Jews keep the law including the first 2 commandments which defines them. You cannot be Christian and Jewish at the same time.

Mumbai, India

#50152 Mar 14, 2013
Girl friends are like medicines - they come with an expiry date.

Mumbai, India

#50153 Mar 14, 2013
Few people in life come as blessings, most come as lessons.

Mumbai, India

#50154 Mar 14, 2013
MUQ wrote:
I will say this think about Joel....he never tires of blowing his own trumpet.

Sometimes I would postpone my post, seeing no one else posted, but to him it is encouragement to post some more, till he finishes his quota of 100 or 200 daily posts.

Subjects and their order do not matter in the least.
The more fertile the mind, the greater the versatility.

Why should there be a limit on the number of posts and why should there be a restriction on the kind of topics posted for discussion?

Posters are free to post any number of posts and on any topic they fancy.

Who're you to censor anyone?

This forum is not a benighted Islamic theocracy where severe restrictions are placed on free speech or where people are punished for exposing the rubbish of Allah and Muhammad.

Get it, moron?

Mumbai, India

#50155 Mar 14, 2013
HughBe wrote:
<quoted text>

If possible you would once again have your pencil.
Are you lusting after my pencil, mon?

It's lovely to look at - pinkish brown and modest in size (not jet black and 14" x 3" like yours).


Mumbai, India

#50159 Mar 14, 2013

The problem with most Indians is that they're uncivilized, as for instance:

1) In the middle class stand-alone restaurant washrooms they waste litres of a precious resource like water to wash hands and gargle loudly without understanding the simple fact that just a quick rinse of the hands would do as in most cases cutlery would be used while eating. They spend time and waste water on washing hands but feel nothing when they dump refuse in the streets or delay other clients waiting in line to wash. Most of these educated-middle class types feel ill-at-ease in the uber-stylish restaurants and swank shopping arcades of the 5 star hotels.

2) In speciality stores like FabIndia, I've seen top notch executives working for multinationals helping the expats working for the same company in shopping and making a mess - the Indian executives recommend those items on sale that are the most inferior and surprisingly the expats willingly purchase the recommended stuff which could be toiletry, edibles, clothes, a painting or furniture. I thought the expat would know better than these educated but uncivilized Indians where such things are concerned. The Indians are personified by their loud voices, pathetic spoken English, unpoised body language, total ignorance about quality and style and table manners, lack of global outlook, crude frontal personalities, lack of creativity, mental slavery, almost nil knowledge about rival brands, the wrong words used to describe the goods on display, a lack of courtesy when dealing with the sales staff and an inability to deftly deal with the situation with grace are some of the outstanding hall marks of this category of educated Indians that're found in large numbers in our cities and millions of such tacky Indians live in the civilized environs of the US, Australia and Europe.

Mumbai, India

#50160 Mar 14, 2013
So, love and hate are diametrical opposites and as such they'll perpetually keep tussling with each other for supremacy and in the melee the march of civilization and the evolution of consciousness can go to the dogs. ROFL.

Mumbai, India

#50161 Mar 14, 2013
The Ultimate Reality is beyond the opposites and their causal mechanism.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#50166 Mar 14, 2013
Which “Sword” the Prophet Used against his enemies:

Enemies of Islam represent our prophet as a very cruel and blood thirsty man, who would kill his “opponents, enemies and any one who disagreed with him” at “the drop of hat” and all his adversaries would be “terrified” at the mere sight of him.

The picture is far from true, let us look at some incidents from the life of prophet, as what was “this sword which killed the enmity for ever”


A. Early History:

Abu Sufian was from Umayyad clan of Makkah and his clan were highly regarded and were a very powerful clan.

Abu Sufian, himself was a very able leader and a man of resources and means. He married Hind the Daughter of Utbah…. Ha had many sons and daughters, one of them (Muaviah rose in ranks to became the 5th Caliph of Islamic nation).

When prophet declared his mission, Abu Sufian sided with other chiefs of Makkah to oppose him…but one of his daughter “Umme Habibah” became an early convert of Islam and she migrated to Abyssinia with her husband, when persecution of Makkah people became unbearable. In Abyssinia her husband left Islam and became Christian, but his wife remained a true Muslim. After death of her husband, prophet married her and she became one of the “mothers of believers”.

So Abu Sufian was a relative of prophet by marriage!

B. Abu Sufian Becomes the Leader of Makkan Army:

After the battle of Badr, when Makkan lost their most distinguished leaders, Abu Sufian was chosen as leader of Makkan Armies and in this capacity he fought all battles against the Prophet. The battle of Ohud, the Battle of trenches etc.

There is no doubt that Prophet and Muslims had to suffer much at the hands of Abu Sufian and had many legitimate grudges against him.

C. Abu Sufian’s pride is hurt

In the treaty of Hudabiah which was enacted in year 6 AH, there was a clause that all hostilities shall end and no one will take part in any military campaign against each other, further no party will aid or harm any of the allies of their party.

But Makkah people broke that clause of treaty, when they helped and attacked one ally of Muslims and said that “treaty is ended”.

They realised their mistake and sent Abu Sufian as emissary to Madina so as to renew treaty…but prophet did not give him any answer and kept quite. Abu Sufian was apprehensive , he had no alternative, so he unilaterally renewed the treaty and returned empty handed.

While in Madina, he had to face a very strange situation…he visited Umm Habibah, his own daughter and now a Wife of Prophet. He tried to sit on the bed sheet of prophet, but his daughter folded it back. He was stunned, he asked “Am I not fit to sit on this sheet”? His daughter replied “This is sacred bed of Prophet and you are an unbeliever, it is not fitting for you to touch his bed sheet” Abu Sufian was shocked? And it made him to think.

When Abu Sufian returned empty handed, the prophet made secret preparation to attack Makkah with such a large force and with so much surprise, them Makkah would be captured without much blood shed….so he gathered a large army of 10,000 warriors and marched it secretly towards Makkah.



Jubail, Saudi Arabia

#50167 Mar 14, 2013
D. How did prophet “Slew” this Distinguished Enemy:”

Abu Sufian was apprehensive of Prophet’s next move and was expecting a surprise attack, so he used to go out of Makkah during night and look for any sign.

On one such night, he heard in night two people speaking, one of whom was Abbas, the uncle of Prophet. Abbas and Abu Sufian had friendship during Makkah, so he spoke to Abbas.

Abbas told him that prophet is going to attack Makkah and Abu Sufian will surely be killed, so the only option for him to save his life is to got o prophet and accept Islam.

So Abbas took him by night to prophet and he accepted Islam and prophet forgave him all his past mistakes.

As a further sign of honor, prophet declared that if any one enters House of Abu Sufian he will not be harmed.

When Makkah was captured most of its population including all his sons and his wife they all became Muslims.

E. Abu Sufian After Islam:

Abu Sufian turned out to be a very good Muslim afterwards, he remained firm in the internal turmoil that arose after death of prophet.

Once during time of 2nd Caliph, Abu Sufian and some other Senior leaders of Makkah went to Omar to discuss some matters, as Omar was busy, they were asked to wait outside….while they were waiting outside, Bilal, Khbbab and some other slaves of Makkah came to see the Caliph, they were admitted immediately.

Some of Chiefs of Makkah complained as to what has become of their reputation now? Abu Sufian is said to have answered “Prophet indeed invited every one…but we delayed it and these people went ahead of us….now why should be complain if they are given preference above us”?

This shows his sincerity of faith. Abu Sufian took part in many battles during the reign of 1st and 2nd Caliph. He even lost one of his eyes in the famous Battle of Yarmouk in 14 AH.

Such is the story of Abu Sufian “Killed by the Sword of Pardon and Mercy” of prophet!

Source: Companions of Prophet: by Talib Hashmi

“Legumes of the World Unite ”

Since: Sep 11

Location hidden

#50169 Mar 15, 2013
reruns again

I thought you were going to be sparse

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#50175 Mar 15, 2013
Frijoles wrote:
reruns again
I thought you were going to be sparse
A good story should be often retold.

Did not you see those movies, coming one after other?

How many sequels to Rocky, Rambo, Starwars etc.

Why chaff at a good literature.

If you have any question about the matter, ask me.

Kingston, Jamaica

#50177 Mar 15, 2013
JOEL wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you lusting after my pencil, mon?
It's lovely to look at - pinkish brown and modest in size (not jet black and 14" x 3" like yours).
Please dry up the saliva that is streaming out of your mouth as you talk about the mighty BLACK TOOL.

Much love,from dear Hugh
rabbee yehoshooah adam

Denver, CO

#50180 Mar 16, 2013
JOEL wrote:
Girl friends are like medicines - they come with an expiry date.
rabbee: well so do you, come with an expiration date. and lack of truth accelerates is non-freshness code.

Mumbai, India

#50182 Mar 16, 2013
The dancers from the middle school from Cathedral School were -

Shania, Liyane, Veda, Sharanya, Nihaal, Rayhan, Nirvaan, Arman, Zaheer performing on Dynamite for the Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai.


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