john kenney found guilty in grimes killings

John Kenney, in court on Wednesday with his attorney Daniel Olmos, was found guilty of murder in the first degree of Elizabeth Grimes and second-degree murder of Mel Grimes. Full Story

United States

#94 Jul 19, 2010
I saw the Dateline story. This man (Kenney), unecessarily trespassed and commited violence against someone else's animals, and then, kills both people in such premeditated manner. He is a mental case.

People like Kenney are simply sociopathic monsters. I have experienced smaller scale disputes with people of lesser threat. I have seen a man punch a kid because a paper airplane landed on his screen enclosure in the past. All seem to start with the control freak feeling like they don't have enough control, or sometimes unruly idiots who want to drag others down. Oddly enough, all the offenders are the people who move in after the person they commit the offense against.

1. Person "A" punched kid over flying paper airplane moved in 5 years after the kid.

2. Person "B" tried to grow a tree into my building. Daughter threatened to beat up my mother. Moved in 20 years after I first arrived.

3. Person "C" moved in 25 years after I first arrived and tried to consistently cause noise while I performed work throughout my evening. From dinner through midnight it was constant noise (smashing a basketball against a backboard very hard, motorcycles, purposeful screaming, making their dog bark). Police would do nothing due to lack of defined noise ordinances against manually created sound. If it was a radio or jackhammer, then I could have done something. The dog I could have done something about, due to an ordinance, but it was not the biggest issue. Basically, I worked in peace when they wanted me to work, and I slept when they wanted me to sleep for 8 months. You had to be there to believe it. Everyday, screaming, foul language, dog barking, motorcycle with the mufflers removed to make maxmimal noise, banging from basketballs from the time I got home to as late as 1 p.m. Losers will sacrifice their own lives to be unruly. These people had substance abuse records, and multiple evictions (I wonder why?).

And many, many more. Like Mrs. Grimes son said, you get jaded fast. These maniacs mess up your peace of mind like most cannot imagine. it had me freaked out for a long time, with no end in sight. This story makes me feel so bad, because the Grimes' were essentially living my dream (away from the cities and out with nature). People who move into a new neighborhood need to respect the way things were before they arrived. If you don't like it, leave. If I moved into a neighborhood that turned out be a bunch of hicks, I would make plans to leave. To get territorial when it is your error is idiotic. Kenney made the bad investment, not the Grimes.

In my life, I have tolerated damage to my property, because my life means more to me than just some stuff. Killing someone or an animal I love would possibly be the last straw. It leaves me thinking one thought, I can't let this person live on thinking this kind of behavior pays off in the end.

Madison, WI

#96 Jul 20, 2010
In Defense wrote:
Army, people like you are scarey because you think you know it all.
And what exactly do you know?

Fontana, CA

#97 Jul 23, 2010
Mach5Motorsport wrote:
<quoted text>
If you have a better grasp why keep them to yourself? The "fact" that a real, violent crime happened in Carmel Valley and that law enforcement was asleep seeing the signs that bad things were happening?
Oh yeah, it's always common to place large rocks behind other owner's vehicles and homes.
You have alluded to "facts" yet you show nothing. Kinda like the Kenney defense.
The fact is he killed 2 people in cold blood and then tried to get away with it by claiming self-defense. He thought that because he was some distinguished white guy he could get away with it I suppose, and he could of, too, if the people he killed were hoodlums. But they were as distinguished and well respected as he. All three attended the same church. But when I look at the pictures of Kenney that were included in the dateline episodo I see no angel. The real fact is that there are only 2 kinds of people - the weeds and the seeds, and I'm not even sure which am I, but I think I gotta good idea which is he.

United States

#98 Jul 24, 2010
Age does not give you the right to murder. GOD knows what happened, and hopefully Kenney will arrive for the judgement meeting soon. He was not a frail defenseless old man. He could have easily moved away, but chose to stay there with his OC disorder and pick on his neighbors, who had lived happily there for many years. The easement proved to belong to neither party but had been use by Grimes for years, so Kenney was out of line.
Besides why be so petty over such a small piece of land unless you are an asshole to begin with. If you are afraid of your neighbors, try to get along, befriend them, don't antagonize them. I have not one ounce of sympathy for the murderer and the people who defend his actions,SHAME ON YOU. Maybe that is why our society is crumbling.

Mansfield, OH

#99 Jul 28, 2010
Geez, No one wants to talk about the obvious. The fact that there was a gun involved at all. Americans and their guns. I have lived all over the world. No where have I lived that has more access guns and more gun violence than here. And I have lived in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe. What's the deal?

Right, right, guns don't kill people... give me a break. If he hadn't had a hand gun, those people would be alive or he would have had to get his hands dirty by using a knife. A little more difficult to use deadly force when you are within 2 feet of a living person.

I live in solace that things always get more extreme before the tide turns. All this concealed carry legislation? I bet it will be gone within 20 years. All this "may God have mercy on his soul?" Also an endangered and antiquated idea.

It's the 21st century America. Wake up, the world is moving forward without you all.

Madison, WI

#100 Aug 3, 2010
Agreed. No matter what is said of the Grime's character and conduct, in the end what matters is who was left alive. Kenney was a priggish, selfish old man who used a gun when a flyswatter would have sufficed. The upshot of this whole thing is - they were completely within their rights to use the easement. How ironic.
XXX wrote:

United States

#101 Aug 30, 2010
In Defense wrote:
Army, people like you are scarey because you think you know it all.
I know this case better than you can know. The evidence was clear. The chronology of the calls are further evidence against this man. As for his claims regarding military training during his trial, Mr. Kenney should count himself lucky this wasn't a Court Martial. None of what came before that day mattered. The events of that day were more than enough for the jury to render a proper and just verdict. And yet Army will still be on duty tomorrow so you may retain your right too such utter nonsense here.

Atlanta, GA

#102 Nov 11, 2010
I live in Atlanta and watched the 48 hours special on ID tonight, 11/10/10. I am not aware of the dispute but watched the entire episode and then read about the dispute on the internet. I am truly sorry for your loss as friend of Mel and Elizabeth.

I am outraged by what had happened. I think I am most appalled by the family of the coward, Kenney. I believe that he should receive death because he does not respect life.

Again, I am sorry for the loss that your community experienced. Yet I am glad that a deranged person is out of your community. However, that being said, I am very scared for the rest of society because we all have to live with the stupidity of some of the comments that were made by people that were in defense of this Kenney, who does not need to be a part of our communities.

God bless to Mel and Elizabeth's son for he is the one that suffered the most.
Moi from Carmel Valley wrote:
In Defense - I don't think you've been following the trial very closely.
John Kenney killed two unarmed people. He shot a crouching woman in the back. He shot both of them twice. The property in dispute was NOT owned by Kenney. The property in dispute had been USED by the Grimes' for 10 years BEFORE John Kenney even bought his house.
You do realize, don't you, that you heard exactly ONE side of the story? Do you even get why that is? That's because the two people who could tell the other side of the story were both dead. They couldn't say one word in their own defense.
Did you listen to the 911 phone call from Elizabeth Grimes? She was not angry or defensive or attacking John Kenney. She was scared. It was NOT the voice of an agressive (petite) woman attacking a poor old defenseless man with a cane. He was not defenseless, remember? He had a gun. Did you happen to read about John Kenney's description of how he was holding the gun? He was holding it as he was taught in the service - with two hands. Where was the cane that this poor, defenseless man needed? Oh yeah - about that gun - it was the gun that he lied about having. Would an upstanding citizen lie about having a gun? Personally, I feel that what occurred was premeditated. John Kenney received a much lighter verdict than I would have given him.
And by the way, Mel Grimes was a friend from years ago. He never once displayed even the tiniest bit of anger in all the time I knew him.
I'm sorry that you don't have your facts straight. Or your opinions.

Riverview, FL

#103 Nov 11, 2010
In Defense wrote:
May Mel and Elizabeth rest in peace irregardless of the outcome, but Mr. Kenney was not guilty he was just trying to defend himself. The jury didn't believe him because of a dispute about 1988 or 1994 which has nothing to do with self defense at the scene. They charged at him what would you do if you were old and with a cane and someone tried to hit you with a sledgehammer?
Errrr...stay in the house like he was told. Imagine that...had he not gone out there with a gun it would not have happened. He deserves to waste away slowly.

Leesburg, VA

#104 Nov 11, 2010
I also just saw this on ID, glad Kenney got what he deserved.

Definitely going to think twice of the neat freak neighbors...

Ferndale, MI

#105 Jan 8, 2011
Just watch a documentary on this case. Miserable old pricks like Kenney are in very neighborhood. I'm glad at least one of them is rotting in prison!
What if ----

Grand Forks, Canada

#106 Jan 17, 2011
What if John Kenney was actually telling the truth?
Jay Jackson

United States

#107 Jan 18, 2011
Where the hell was Dirty Hairy. The community of Carmel let these people down big time!! Shame on Carmel!!!

Plymouth, MA

#108 Jan 18, 2011
What a pathetic man... both of the 911 calls say it all.. five shots fired, he admits that he shot each one twice that is not something you do in self defense (especially in the back).. and when he called after he shot them first of all he lied because we all heard the 911 calls and in his own words, "um that's as much as I think I should say right now". What about that last shot.. hmmmmm.. If he was so helpless and scared why didn't he stay in his home and call 911 as he was instructed to do by the his security consultant and attorney.

Huntington, NY

#109 Jan 19, 2011
well there it is, the people have spoken. His peers made a solid decision and the right one. May his appeal fall flat on it's face.

the Grimes were very patient. the killing of the pets is about all the patience i would have had with that EVIL bastard. the boulder was just insane and i can not think of anywhere in this country where someone would get away with pulling off a stunt like that.

San Jose, CA

#110 Jan 19, 2011
I was and continue to be grateful to the jury for their verdict in this case. RIP Mel and Elizabeth. It should be noted the editing team for Dateline left out numerous bad facts about Kenney that came out at trial. In particular, they failed to mention prior to the killings Kenney broke into Mel and Eluzabeth's house. For you naysayers Kenney admitted this on the stand. I watched him testify. I was extremely disappointed by the shoddy reporting of NBC. I pointed it out to their lead reporter who said her editor made a decision to leave out many many facts about Kenney. So this dateline story is a tabloid version. Sad but true.

Salinas, CA

#111 Jan 19, 2011
I live not far from where this incident occurred and I can't believe how the whole thing went down. The Grimes seem like wonderful people who were obviously not used to dealing with conflict. Kenney on the other hand, I have my doubts about. There is a reason why he lived and isolated life with his family in another country. Why wouldn't they live with him? Came across like a very disturbed man to me.

Fulton, TX

#112 Jan 19, 2011
Just watched the dateline show about this horrible tragedy. I was in complete shock that someone would use a gun, when it was far from necessary.
I was also appalled with the way the daughter was talking about her father. "He's a caring man"...Yet he shot a dying woman in the back. Yeah, dont think he's so caring after all. Just because he provided them a comfortable lifestyle doesn't mean he's caring, it means he has money.
The satellite lost the signal when they played back Kenney's 911 call. Could someone paraphrase it?
I hope Kenney lives till hes 120 and rots in jail.
Chris Hansen

Palmdale, CA

#113 Jan 22, 2011
Anybody know what happened to the boulder ?. I've been looking for one about that size . My neighbor has been parking in their own driveway but once in a while they look at my house and I'm fed up with it !!. I think they might be hippies because hi hair is over his ears and she's obviously a whore because she wears make up .. So anyway I'm looking for that boulder now . Do you think it's traumatized from seeing the murders ? I mean hey ! It is a bay area boulder ! So you never know ..

Watertown, NY

#114 Jan 22, 2011
hnb831 wrote:
Just watched the dateline show about this horrible tragedy. I was in complete shock that someone would use a gun, when it was far from necessary.
I was also appalled with the way the daughter was talking about her father. "He's a caring man"...Yet he shot a dying woman in the back. Yeah, dont think he's so caring after all. Just because he provided them a comfortable lifestyle doesn't mean he's caring, it means he has money.
The satellite lost the signal when they played back Kenney's 911 call. Could someone paraphrase it?
I hope Kenney lives till hes 120 and rots in jail.

Transcript of Dateline episode...911 call near the end.

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