D.A. alleges John Kenney laid in wait...

D.A. alleges John Kenney laid in wait to kill Grimeses

There are 30 comments on the Monterey County Herald story from Feb 7, 2008, titled D.A. alleges John Kenney laid in wait to kill Grimeses. In it, Monterey County Herald reports that:

Prosecutors have filed new special-circumstance allegations in the case against a Carmel Valley man accused of killing his neighbors.

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Miss Donna

Sacramento, CA

#25 Feb 28, 2012
I watched this story again on a 48 hours repeat and again, this old
man, who murdered 2 people in COLD BLOOD had an obvious
control issue. It's just to bad he isn't younger and would spend 50 years in jail instead of the probable 10 or so, he will die there.
Justice served. However, where the hell was the Carmel Valley city assessors? They needed to just take away that property line of 3 feet and have it be part of the county road way...end of story.
JP Hurd

Dallas, TX

#26 Jan 22, 2013
Anybody that defends this sick twisted nasty old bastard must have the heart od a killer himself. Fact is he shot a defenseless woman in the back. You condemn them as "pot promoters". I personally hate pot and have little respect for the promotion of it, but putting that aside, HE SHOT A DEFENSELESS WOMAN IN THE BACK!!!!!!!!!!" Lile is not good enough for this despicable piece of garbage. Give him death.
MW Mann

Broken Arrow, OK

#28 May 11, 2015
Just saw this program on the I.D.Discovery Channel.Its way obvious to me this kenny character was a child in a man's body.And eventually a worthless murderer.And who is this prick defending this murdering bastard on this program?Hell,I suppose even the devil has his defenders.Regardless kenney should understand,in reality we own nothing!The government can come take his precious property whenever they damn well feel like it.Maybe his fatass baldheaded friend was an accessory.At least in spirit he was.After hearing his asinine defense of this low life cold blooded murderer kenney.I hope the old bitch is being turned into just that,a bitch in prison.Had the maturity of a child and the attitude of an elitist bastard.
Military wife

Yuba City, CA

#29 May 25, 2015
katabatic wrote:
I have a neighbor like Kenney. He calls himself 'the mayor' and annointed himself the spokesman of the neighborhood. he owns several guns, lets everyone know he has guns and then intimidates people into following his 'natural leadership'. He's another ex-military type. Seems to be part of the military profile.
No, it is not. My husband is a 28yr AF veteran. Served in Vietnam and every major and minor war/skirmish up until 2001 when he retired. He is very meticulous but he is not a "natural leader", he does not insist that anyone conform to his standards(not even me, his wife of 15yrs and the mother of his children, I am not a neatnik, he is, I am a cook, he is not, he is organized(not to the extent of Kenney the psycho and organizing his firewood by size) and I am only organized when I have to be. LOL He works in a refinery now and he is not a "boss" in the refinery, he is a tech along with many other previous and current military(it's a very technical job and suits a lot of military retirees but not all). Yes, there are a lot of psycho former military who believe that simply because they were in the military, that people should defer to the automatically but it is not a part of the military profile. Not everyone can be a general, there are a lot of foot soldiers who are decent people.
Military wife

Yuba City, CA

#30 May 25, 2015
SomeFolksAreStupid wrote:
Wow. How conservative and tightassed is the person who tried to equate pot to being evil haha. And yes, he defended accused criminals. Criminals that have a right to fair legal council. Those who choose to be a defense attourney are not always evil. And just because he is good at it, that doesn't make him evil either. It's astounding to see the generational gap in the differences of opinions. I assume there is a genaration gap, only because the old fashioned sentiments by some who equate pot or bein a defence lawyer with evil are so outdated that I refuse to believe that anyone under the age of 45 would even think that small.
Hey, I am over 45 and I know better to generalize defense attorney's as evil unless they are working for Gotti. LOL And I am also the niece of two amazing pot smoking 70+yr old hippie aunties that I love dearly who have never hurt a single person in their lives, hold responsible jobs and are also not evil. Now it seems that Kenney was a control freak of the highest order whose own wife and daughters chose to live in France instead of with this POS. I watched Dateline and not once did I get the impression that his daughters or wife actually liked him at all. There was no declaration of love, no "my father would not do this", just "he was a decent man" Wow, what a ringing endorsement. Not one of them even chose to come to CA in his "time of need" or speak in his defense in court. He was a liar, a psychopath, a sociopath and a murderer.

Houston, TX

#31 May 28, 2015
cvtree wrote:
Hill "theorized" ! this whole trialc is based on hearsay and speculation. Nobody but Kenney saw what happened. It will be interesting to see the results.
The whole incident was recording on the phone, it's not hard to discern what took place, he got what he deserved
Grimes family

Goleta, CA

#32 Jul 15, 2015
Are you on crack!?!? Or do you enjoy making up shit so you can give your beyond wrong stupid and majorly disrespectful opinion. The Grimes were my family. I had to deal withEVERYTHING first hand including rinsing the blood from their murder in the driveway with a hose while holding my newborn baby and their son laying on the deck crying his eyes out. I will say Elizabeth was no angel. Mel was an amazing man. But Kenney killed them in a thought out planned calculated murder!!! The grimes NEVER ever Built anything on his property. Get your facts straight you piece of shit. Elizsbeth had a "sun room" built off their deck facing the complete opposite direction of Kenneys house. No one literally could even see it without either being inside their home or climbing the hill and standing on top of their propert. Far from the property line orKenneys property. Elizabeth did not get the proper permits for any of it. Kenney who was a control freak asshole was very much anal and a neat freak. His wood pile outside his garage was stacked so nicely always it looked fake. The Grimes, well their property looked like a hippie dumpy yard. No trash but all their old crap decorated their property in a very funky way they thought looked cool and how they liked. Kenney hated it. I'd have hated it too but either don't look at it, non of his windows even faced their home!! And he was far from social or had people over that would see it. Plus that area most houses look that way but worse. At least their home wasn't worn down or looked trashy. Just funky. Kenney hated their home and after botching at Elizabeth ended up hating her too. She was tiny but a fire cracker with a huge temper. But she was 5 feet tall and far from violent. Just attitude when she wanted. Big deal. Kenney was aggressive, fiery temper, physically very large, & extremely unfriendly. They definitely butted heads. Mel who was as laid back as a guy can be was actually suffering from a major heart problem and was only weeks away from heart surgery. He was not an aggressive person, not a lawyer type, very soft spoken and kind. He got caught in the middle of their constant bickering and as any good man/husband would he defended his wife but never in an inappropriate or aggressive way. Mel started to get more upset after Kenney poisoned a cat of theirs and had filed reports with the city regarding their construction on the property since he found out they had no permits for the work. Legal fees and fines just from the permit crap he reported and had snuck on their property to take photos of cost them over $40k! Elizabeth's stupidity for not getting proper permits but that's another story. Kenney lured them out knowing he was going to kill them. As for Mel's rinky dinky legal career, he defended DUI drivers and stupid crimes like that. Not murderers and criminals even comparable to Kenney. Hence why when they died they were over drawn in their bank accounts. His law practice was tiny and simple. He didn't have the town or the legal community on his side. Being a defense attorney he wasn't exactly loved by the police in that area. They were extremely rude after the murder it was shocking. They also were so lazy and didn't do their jobs preventing the murders from happening knowing Kenney was starting a confrontation. They were to lazy to drive up the long driveway and didn't care about Mel enough to help him out by doing their job. Kenney at the end of the trial proved he was a crazy asshole when he stood up and said he was happy the truth had come out and he was innocent. This is after he was found guilty. His daughter and wife both apologized to us and felt horrible with what happened. He was an asshole. Elizabeth was as well but she was the one shot in the back and she wasn't the one who started it or finished it. A verbal argument usually doesn't end in being shot!! Your an asshole.., a lying asshole at that.

Lakeland, FL

#33 Nov 2, 2015
katabatic wrote:
I have a neighbor like Kenney. He calls himself 'the mayor' and annointed himself the spokesman of the neighborhood. he owns several guns, lets everyone know he has guns and then intimidates people into following his 'natural leadership'. He's another ex-military type. Seems to be part of the military profile.
Being in the military does not equal being a murderer, Kenny was a control freak and failed to realize that he was only the king of his castle and thus should have left his neighbors alone. Kenny should have found a home in a 55+ deed restricted neighborhood or moved to a part or the woods where he had a private road then no one else could ever bother him, so he could have lived and died alone. Clearly thats what he wanted and what he deserves.

United States

#34 Dec 7, 2015
TwoSides wrote:
There are two sides to every dispute and I believe Kenney was guilty of arrogance, a victim of bad advice, but not murder. While what happened to the Grimes was tragic, and that shot in the back is worrisome - I believe their culpability was downplayed. Kenney was harrassed, intimidated - should he have handled it by placing a giant boulder on the driveway? Clearly not. But there's guilt/culpability on both sides. The Grimes should not have done what they did, Kenney should not have blocked their access. Whoever advised Kenney to do that should have been charged as an accomplice. This dispute was obvious to the entire community and they should have done something before it escalated to this point. Shame on Carmel Valley.

Shooting someone in the back is much more than worrisome. Not only was it in the back this 5 foot inch woman was lying on the ground attending to her husband who had already been shot. Worrisome is an understatement. What's worrisome is that this man had lied to the police and said he had no gun while the Grimes had turned over their weapon. My guess is that he kept his gun because he intended to use it which is exactly what he did. While prior to the shooting there may have been killed on both sides, once we got to the question homicide there's only guilt on one side. Mr Kenney had no injuries while both of the Grimes are dead.

United States

#35 Dec 11, 2015
katabatic wrote:
I have a neighbor like Kenney. He calls himself 'the mayor' and annointed himself the spokesman of the neighborhood. he owns several guns, lets everyone know he has guns and then intimidates people into following his 'natural leadership'. He's another ex-military type. Seems to be part of the military profile.
"Military profile types?" Really! We spend our lives, give our lives and get injured for your freedom and you put us in a pile of control freaks with guns? I am insulted by your comment. I am a law abiding veteran, yes with a gun for protection on my property only, not from my very kind neighbors. I don't hide the fact nor do I wave it about. Don't profile what you don't understand, military people. Not all of us are like J Kenney. He is a crazy, OCD old man with control issues. I know plenty of those people who have never served in the military. Think before you judge anyone. This was a tragedy built by Kenney and finished by him. Sounds like the Grimes' just tried to tolerate his attitude for as long as possible but paid for their anger by being murdered. A jury upheld that murder conviction even on appeal. Do not link the entire veteran community with him, please. Insulted

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