Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage

Aug 4, 2010 Full story: www.cnn.com 201,317

A federal judge in California has knocked down the state's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, ruling Wednesday that the state's controversial Proposition 8 violates the U.S. Constitution.

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Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184929 Mar 27, 2013
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
So, all foster children are returned to their parents? And all same-gender families are incapable and unfit to provide foster care or an adoptive home? Show me a study... Show me proof...
I argue from facts and the real world. You have fostered 10 or so kids. Big whoop! Give you a a gold star! Same-gender parents foster and adopt thousands of children. And some how they manage to turn out just fine.
Your sole goal is to trash gays and lesbians from every angle. You don't rely on any science. You GRASP at epigenetics. You LIE and say that scientists have found THE answer. Not a single scientist has said with 100% certainty that epigenetics are related to homosexuality. Yet you come on here and LIE repeatedly, trying to convince everyone that they have.
Aren't Christians supposed to avoid lying?
Say, are you trying to imply that KiMare has claimed to be a Christian?
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184930 Mar 27, 2013
Ronald wrote:
Lately, the Government licensed "news" has been promoting - in unison - the notion that, now, "everyone" supports the idea that two persons of the same SEX should have the "right" to "marry" each other. It must be true. After all, we can always believe the Government propaganda mill. Yeah. Right.
Thank you for that. I have been telling them that, too, but they do not wish to acknowledge it. It gets in the way of the railroading job that we are experiencing.
Barnie Bull

La Puente, CA

#184931 Mar 27, 2013
With all the crime lately happening in Glendora, California it appears the GPD is not or was it ever up tot he task of providing safety and security to it's citizens.

Time to bring in a professional Police Organization; The L.A. County Sheriffs Department.

Glendora's city council pays way to much for their private strong armed thug enforcers. The cost is fast approaching 54% of the cities budget per year.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184932 Mar 27, 2013
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh please, Kim... You are on about 10 (or more) of these gay themed forums. You've posted hundreds (thousands?) of comments over the past 3 years.
And you've most recently taken to outright LYING about epigenetics. You claim that science has reached the conclusion that an epigenetic marker "mistake" has been located. You say that there is no doubt. And you KNOW this is not true.
When you come on here and LIE, you continue to lose credibility.
Those who might support you do not like to be associated with a liar.
But, KiMare does not lie. KiMare speaks more eloquently than just about any other poster, and put your side to shame. Your side has to resort to lies and insults, witness Chongo and its repeated insults about being aborted, Chongo has nothing else, it is why I enjoy stepping on Chongo, more than any other poster in here. Chongo calls people "b!tch", and other names, brings in peoples children, says shit about their kids getting pearl necklaces and such. Who could respect Chongo? KiMare is one of the best posters in here, and I enjoy watching your side produce evasions to KiMares posts.

Moline, IL

#184933 Mar 27, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
I don't agree with the notion that everyone needs to 'get with the times' asap and be openly acceptive of gay marriage.
As a Christian, I oppose it on moral grounds but apart from that I also oppose it because of all the potential complications that could arise from gay marriage and the adoption of heterosexual children.
For example, if a heterosexual teenager develops a hateful attitude towards homosexuals including towards his gay parents, should the gay parents punish him/her for it? Do they ground the child until they give up their 'hate'? I think it could lead to many cases of angry, unruly children, and many may run away from home.
Or I'm sure that gay parents will want to give a kiss and a hug to their adopted heterosexual children from time to time and this may make some of the children uncomfortable even though it would be just a sign of love and affection.
Gay marriage will likely create new family dynamics that have never been dealth with before. I'm still not convinced that gay marriage will be a good thing for our society, so excuse me if I don't get with the times asap.
how do you think straight parents handle gay kids? particularly "christian" parents the espouse the same views as you?
let me tell you about those ramifications as i deal with them regularly as a volunteer in my community....i see the teens that are hurt, emotionally and physically, to the point where they want to commit suicide - at the hands of people that are supposed to love them unconditionally and protect them. sometimes we can intervene in time and successfully save that teen, sometimes not.

and let me speak to the situation you point to - my partner & i are the parents of 3 straight kids - 1 young adult in college, one teen in high school and the youngest in elementary school. we have other friends that have children as well. there is no issue insofar as dealing with "anger"....or wanting to hug the kids, etc. the kids see us as their parents, know us as their parents and treat us as their parents. likewise, we treat them as we should - our kids. we coach them, discipline them, teach them, interact with them, listen to them, lecture them, the same as you do yours. you fail to see the similarities. throw into that mix is us raising them in going to church with us and being active in the church and our community. all 3 kids do well in school, have friends, are active in sports and clubs. nothing different from you'd expect in any other middle class kid growing up in america.

...and another thing you might want to consider - straight parents brought us homosexuals up in this world (if we're adults now) and taught us how to be adults and how to be parents. the successes and failures you see are from our raising from straight parents.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184934 Mar 27, 2013
Big D wrote:
<quoted text>
We all watched Romney jump way to the right in order to be nominated, it was really amusing watching him say things that he never ever even indicated before, to get himself nominated.
We all saw it, maybe you were on vacation, you donít remember the comments played over and over about how you say this to get nominated, and then have to backtrack in order to get elected? It was in all the media except the Faux News of course.
And the things he did and said, lost him the election against someone that could have easily been beaten if he had remained the moderate he was before running for office.
His problem was, once saying the right wing fringe stuff in the primary, it is recorded and played back during the general.
Every Republican nominee is going to have the same issue until the republican party moves back to the center.
Until they do, I donít see a way around the problem the Republicans have.
No, D, you are wrong (again). The Electoral College had already picked our president for us, all that was hoopla, nothing more. Don't you people get this yet? Watch for Jeb in the White House.
hemp for telelgraphs

Anderson, CA

#184935 Mar 27, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
Which color belongs to the Polygamists?
once they learn to be more inclusive of other colors.,,

i hope P.S&&t head's attitude isnt common among polygamists, but i suspect mormon polygamists are against full equality...
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184936 Mar 27, 2013
Big D wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually Rome fell not long after becoming a Christian empire.
You have to go to actual school, not sunday school to learn about history.
Rome was in decline long before becoming a Christian Empire. You, also, appear to need history lessons, old fella...

Lincoln City, OR

#184937 Mar 27, 2013
This whole debate over 'gay' marriage is a symptom of a much larger problem: people losing what marriage is. Marriage isn't about some piece of paper or some benefit from the government. If gays could really be married they would not care if the government recognized their 'marriage' or not.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184938 Mar 27, 2013
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
The Roman Empire fell for numerous reasons. It's a myth to say that it fell due to an acceptance of homosexuality.
Most historians believe that the Empire fell primarily because it became so large that it could not defend itself, from a monetary standpoint and a lack of manpower.
Regarding "diseases", you have to understand that these illnesses do not care about the orientation of the person when it transmits itself from one person to another. They are opportunistic infections that simply find the easiest way to stay alive and grow.
And if you want to talk about a "deadly disease", let's talk about how you straight people abort 40,000,000 babies each year. In a little over seven and a half years, that's about the number of people who live in the U.S.
You guys cause much more death on the planet than gay men.
And lesbians are less likely than even heterosexuals to develop HIV.
So, your comments about disease and the gay community is just false.
Even the lead, used in their water pipes, contributed. Lead poisoning, subsequent dementia. Allowed them to exhibit all sorts of nasty symptoms, including homsexuality, which they also didn't understand. They did all sorts of wrong things.
hemp for telelgraphs

Anderson, CA

#184939 Mar 27, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't be so stupid! We HAVE legal immigration. We just made provisions for those that didn't want to do it the legal way. We made room for the pushy ones. We moved over for the criminals. We gave them "Operation Amnesty" to accommodate the ones who have no respect for the opinions of "Real Americans". Don't be so stupid! We have legal immigration. We also have The Border Patrol, who are no longer allowed to deport the criminals. Thanks to Obammy.
all the while, border jumping, has fallen WAY off.

yet, we need people to do jobs american wont, like pick fruit in the 110 degree california sun.

I support immigration reform.

including, expanding the guest worker program.
hemp for telelgraphs

Anderson, CA

#184940 Mar 27, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
No, D, you are wrong (again). The Electoral College had already picked our president for us, all that was hoopla, nothing more. Don't you people get this yet? Watch for Jeb in the White House.
If the rethugs were silly enough to give bush the nomination??

he will get steamed rolled BY WHO EVER.

but HIllary, on the other hand, will steamroll ANYONE who runs agianst her.

im hoping you guys make good on your threat to nominate a "TRUE"
conservative, like santorum, palin or bachmann...

so you can see what it was like to be barry goldwater..

you thought 2012 was close?

mitt lost by 3 million votes...

because his campaign effort, s&&cked.

and your party's values stink badly.
hemp for telelgraphs

Anderson, CA

#184941 Mar 27, 2013
Prop hate will likey stand, as the conservatives on the court dont want to hear it...

if they vote, it will end up 6-3.

the libs on the court, arnt states rights arbitrators by nature.

so they will agree with conservattives if they dont want to deal with prop hate.

prop hate is done either way.

if the gay marraige ban is put back on the ballot, it will fail.
hemp for telelgraphs

Anderson, CA

#184942 Mar 27, 2013
I meant the lower courts decision will stand
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184944 Mar 27, 2013
endocannabanoid system wrote:
<quoted text>
100 years from now they will look at YOU like we look at the southern slave master, who didnt want to change and step into a new reality....sound familiar??...
we look back in SHAME at the bigots who were against interracial marraige, just 50 years ago....
things change quickly.
in 1996, only 23 % of the people supported GAy and lESBIAN marriage.
now that number is around 60%
social progress is social progress.....
100 years ago women could not vote....
ill bet if we gave you fools the chance, youd repeal that too.
in other words, you all profess to be great constitutionalists..
but if we left you alone with that document.....
we wouldnt recognize the document we got back from you.
1) Speak for yourself, don't be so presumptious, as to speak for all of us.
2) That 60% number is a flat-out lie.
3) We already don't recognize the document that you are attempting to re-interpret, in your favor, of course. That's the document that states that the States decide marriage law, not the Fed.
Shit, son, by the time you get done fiddling with it, we'll all be gay, if you get your way. We already know what you want.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184945 Mar 27, 2013
RiccardoFire wrote:
<quoted text>Drinking your hater aid with your bong hit this morning?
He is claiming to be a great psychologist, and a psychiatrist to boot, now. He knows more than Freud or Jung, now.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184946 Mar 27, 2013
Dusty Mangina wrote:
Sweet Baby Jesus, the haterosexuals are spinning out of control today.
Reality IS a bitch, eh Kuntmary?
Speaking of K*nts, here's one, spewing more insults, to substitute for an argument...
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184947 Mar 27, 2013
Xavier Breath wrote:
<quoted text>
...and your qualifications are.....?
And your qualifications for asking him "and your qualifications are" are?
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#184948 Mar 27, 2013
RiccardoFire wrote:
<quoted text>I never hear of anyone that spits hate at those that were against the civil rights of Blacks. People are smart enough to realize that times change, most slave owners were not the evil beaters that hollywood makes them out to be. Most people realize religion never saved anyone, it's your relationship with God.
And no-one ever points out how much money the Negroes made, selling their brethren into slavery. It's all about "hate the white man", all that that is. Remember the cry "Pharaoh, let my people go?"? The ancient Egyptians were a black race. Owning the lighter skinned Jews.$$, wherever you look.

La Puente, CA

#184949 Mar 27, 2013
Those idiots running Glendora, California city hall and local government don't know a hill of beans of how to run an honest "open government" lies and cover up's are the norm.

Just like a Mafia Organization on the west coast.

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