i'm an animal lover who lives in marina, but there are big problems that come with having chickens in town.
since my neighbor got his chickens i have raccoons, skunks, and possums passing through my backyard regularly. like i said, i love animals and find this fascinating, but these wild critters carry diseases that we don't want to subject our pets and kids to- not just rabies, etc. if bitten, but the droppings of wild animals can carry a multitude of diseases.(not to mention my dog getting skunked in our own backyard recently!)
also, you won't be able to stop people from letting eggs hatch- who is going to be able to regulate this law? there will be more than 4 hens per household- there will be roosters crowing and eventually sold off to cock-fighting rings, and there will be chickens being butchered in backyards for dinner.
please think this through! like i said, my neighbor already has chickens and i am attesting to the problems this brings!
thank you.