Montebello dependent on imported Wate...
Trash taalk

Monterey Park, CA

#41 Sep 19, 2013
Thanks for the Link
Here's what I found
You have to use the Links at the top of the Page
also found
Gray Water Code

Water Waste Ordinance

Montebello has lots to do to move into the 21'st Century.
Theolona Ranger

Monterey Park, CA

#42 Sep 19, 2013

The water world has changed.
Today "grey" infrastructure is out and "green" infrastructure is in. Doing a better job capturing stormwater will help cities meet regulatory approvals, make the region less reliant on imported sources of water, and will move closer to adapting to climate change.
The challenge is that many of our laws, ordinances and practices makes the implementation of sustainable infrastructure difficult for our cities.

"Green Infrastructure Opportunities and Barriers in the Greater Los Angeles Region" takes a deep look at what it will take to implement green infrastructure and provides an essential checklist planners, engineers and city managers can use to ensure they have everything in place for a smooth transition.


The report presents an easy-to-understand breakdown of the benefits of green infrastructure and helps the reader to understand the multi-layered regulatory context driving it's implementation.

"Green Infrastructure Opportunities and Barriers in the Greater Los Angeles Region" was made possible by an EPA Green Infrastructure Technical Assistance Grant.
Theolona Ranger

Monterey Park, CA

#43 Sep 19, 2013
The above was the good news
on the same press release
Storm Drains are going to be monitored
Clean up IS required
No more free lunch for hazardous waste or trash in
the storm drains.

HOW does MONTEBELLO want to pay for the required infrastructure and ongoing clean up costs?


The Council for Watershed Health is requesting proposals from qualified firms to assist with conducting the non-compliance monitoring elements of the San Gabriel River Regional Monitoring Program (SGRRMP)
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Monterey Park, CA

#44 Sep 20, 2013
Not only no water in case of an Earthquake
No Firefighters except those on duty and how long could they fight an urban wildfire anyway?
How are far away living firefighters expected to make it to Montebello?
They would be best to volunteer with their local FD.
But few local volunteers for Montebello
PUC has been underfunding infrastructure
Theolona Ranger

Norwalk, CA

#45 Sep 23, 2013
Not factored into currents costs
Baby wipes are a new cost item

Wipes, paper towels among items clogging sewers

Wastewater officials across the country have been trying to spread the message that not just anything can go down the toilet, and they have recently taken aim at wipes.
A public awareness campaign by the Orange County Sanitation District in California called “What 2 Flush” emphasizes that the toilet is meant only
for the three Ps — pee, poop and toilet paper.
It even says facial tissues are too sturdy to be flushed.
Among the more unusual items it says people...
Theolona Ranger

Norwalk, CA

#46 Sep 23, 2013
from the water thread

"The City of Los Angeles, straining to replace leaky antique chunks of its 100-year-old municipal water system,
and six decades behind on a $3 billion street-paving backlog,
somehow became proud owner of a costly shadow health care system:
the red-and-white taxi service known as LAFD.
Theolona Ranger

Norwalk, CA

#47 Sep 25, 2013
New Water Resource FYI was just recently launched by The Water Education Foundation --
a great new free online resource on topical water issues

The following relates to the upcoming storm drain cleanup (expensive, mandated)

From the Environment Federation comes this timely article by Phil Cruver, exploring interesting alternatives to reduce excess nutrients in coastal waterbodies

"Traditional methods to reduce nutrients include upgrading water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) and reducing stormwater runoff, which carries fertilizer and wastes from the land into estuaries and coastal waters. "

This easy-to-read report takes a deep look at what it will take to implement important stormwater programs and provides an essential checklist cities can use to ensure they have everything in place for a smooth transition to a sustainable future.

Fall Planting Festival
Theolona Ranger

Norwalk, CA

#48 Sep 29, 2013

Interesting comments about Montebello water increasing rates for the first time in a long time.
San Gabriel Water Company overpumping
Water level in the aquifer is really low
Pollution plumbs are on the move.
We need a really wet winter as there is no safety net for out water supply-
It's all been pumped and gone
just like Montebello's other assets and money

“Hilltop Park Above All”

Since: Sep 08

Montebello, CA

#49 Sep 29, 2013
Theolona Ranger wrote: m/opinion/20130920/down-at-the -crossroads-of-a-california-de lta-decision-larry-wilson
Interesting comments about Montebello water increasing rates for the first time in a long time.
San Gabriel Water Company overpumping
Water level in the aquifer is really low
Pollution plumbs are on the move.
We need a really wet winter as there is no safety net for out water supply-
It's all been pumped and gone
just like Montebello's other assets and money
Dearest Theolona,

I think you got your links crossed. This is a story about the Sacramento delta. Please try again.

Norwalk, CA

#50 Sep 30, 2013
Sacramento Delta Politics, the levees, the islands, the peripheral canal/ tunnel, pumping/ fish strainers and the snail darter all directly affect the costs and availability of MWD water.
Montebello is dependent on MWD water as the local groundwater supply has been depleted.
San Gabriel Valley Water Company has been holding costs down (maximizing profits) by not buying adequate supplies of imported water and maintaining the delivery and storage infrastructure.
Trash Talk

Norwalk, CA

#51 Sep 30, 2013
Right Slick
Montebello does not get Owens Valley water- that's LADPW but we are also dependent on Colorado River which is also iffy.

Advisory: Very warm and dry conditions will bring elevated fire danger to LA County Thurs-Sat. Single digit humidity


...Dry and Warm Offshore Wind Event Possible Thursday Evening Through Saturday...


Large Fire Growth Potential - the combination of very low relative humidity and gusty offshore winds may bring a significant threat of critical fire weather to southern California Thursday evening through Saturday.
Extremely dry fuel conditions already in place would allow for rapid fire growth potential if winds and dry air develop as projected late in the week.
The air mass will warm considerably as air is forced down the mountain slopes toward the beaches on Friday and Saturday, adding to the fire growth potential in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

Chance for a big fire behind the dam, in the hills or an urban wildfire!

Forwarded by:

Captain Mike Parker
Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau - Newsroom
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Trash talk

Norwalk, CA

#53 Oct 2, 2013
Stop old California rivalries over water issues: Editorial

Garamendi, along with six other Northern California members of Congress cosigners, takes our state back to the perennial North-vs.-South rivalry over water and other matters. The split has sometimes been so deep that an outsider could be forgiven for believing there were two Californias, as there are two Dakotas and two Carolinas.

But there are not. There is one California. Occasional semi-joking forays into spitsville politics aside, there will always be one California.
And our representatives need to start reflecting that reality when it comes to the future of California.

It’s not an easy matter, this proposed massive water project aimed at both making supply more reliable statewide and conserving wildlife and other resources in the vast Delta inland from the Bay Area and south of Sacramento. It is, however, an important issue for the entire state to grapple with and accomplish — together.

At this point, why would the Northern California representatives be surprised if an equal (or larger) number of members of Congress from the south signed a letter to the secretary of the Interior noting how important this plan is the state?

They could legitimately argue it’s needed to make water supplies safer in event of the large earthquake that is surely coming and to protect Delta lands from the over-farming that generations of access to artificially cheap water acquired by ancient rights has wrought.

Actually, it’s to be hoped that such a move is precisely not what this all comes to.
California representatives need to stop working at cross-purposes on water issues and dispense with the artificial construct that has created this Hatfields and McCoys rivalry.

It is not “our” water, and it is not “their” water. It is California’s water.
Theolona Ranger

Norwalk, CA

#54 Oct 2, 2013
Montebello dos not have the resources or water supply to fight an Urban Wildfire

Santa Ana conditions will develop over night into the early hours Friday and continue Saturday with the strongest winds averaging 20 to 40 mph, said Ken Clark, meteorologist for Accuweather

“The combination of the wind and the low humidity and low temps is going to create a high fire danger across the state because the air is so dry,” Clark said.“In windy areas, if a fire gets started, it’s going to be very hard to stop it.”
Slick Glossy

Norwalk, CA

#55 Oct 4, 2013

“Even though the calendar says October, this is when conditions are at their driest across the state this year,” Berlant said.“We just haven’t had enough rain.”

Not enough rain to provide Water for Montebello.

LOS ANGELES — Forecasters warned Thursday of an onslaught of gusty, dry conditions that will dramatically raise fire danger in large swaths of California as surface high pressure builds into the Pacific Northwest.

In Southern California, the National Weather Service predicted a siege of Santa Ana winds with powerful offshore gusts and very low humidity levels beginning Thursday night and lasting through the weekend.

“This could be one of the more significant Santa Ana events we’ve seen in many years,” said Eric Boldt, a Weather Service meteorologist.“You can expect widespread single-digit humidity, from Ventura County down to the Mexico border.”

An array of red flag warnings have been issued for the greater Los Angeles region, the inland counties and south to San Diego.

Temperatures will spike into the 90s across the Los Angeles basin, Boldt said. Wind speeds between 50 mph and 60 mph will be common in mountain and valley areas, with peak winds reaching 70 mph in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys, he said.
Trash talk

Norwalk, CA

#56 Oct 4, 2013
Thanks Slick
another update this AM
You are correct- Montebello not only has a water shortage/ availability deficiency it has a undersized under capacity and earthquake vulnerable system.
All planning was done not factoring in earthquakes OR Santa Winds

LOS ANGELES — Much of Southern California is under a red-flag alert for high winds and hot, dry weather conditions that have dangerously raised the threat of wildfire.

The National Weather Service issued the alert Friday morning for much of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties, as well as other areas. Winds in some high-desert areas and mountain passes had reached 30 to 40 miles per hour by early morning.

Forecasters say the conditions, including temperatures in the 90s, are expected to persist into Sunday.

The city of Pasadena announced Thursday night it is putting parking restrictions into effect

The restrictions make it easier for emergency vehicles to respond to a fire

Beverly Hills and Glendale are doing the same.

And the Montebello hills project has NO fire access/ emergency exits from the South or East
Theolona ranger

Norwalk, CA

#57 Oct 4, 2013
Montebello and other city's are faced with expensive storm water clean ups

Water Environment Federation the water quality people
Natural solution for cleaner California waters
Phil Cruver 

Nutrient pollution in San Pedro Bay  
The combined Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors consist of about 730 ha (1800 ac) of water in the inner navigation channels and 2430 ha (6000 ac) of water in sheltered anchorages and navigation channels.
As with many coastal waters, these harbors have been degraded by nutrient pollution, and the Los Angeles River is a major culprit.
The river runs 82 km (51 mi) from the Santa Monica Mountains across 18 municipalities that are home to 1 million residences before dumping 5180 m3/s (183,000 ft3/s) of nutrient-loaded water into San Pedro Bay. 

According to the report Characterization of Water Quality in the Los Angeles River, the study was conducted in what would be considered a fairly dry month and showed that,“[t]he three water reclamation plants discharged the majority (72%) of the volume flowing in the Los Angeles River during this study.”
This discharge was found to contain “the highest concentrations and greatest mass emissions of nutrients including nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and total phosphate,” the report says. 
The Los Angeles River Estuary connects the Los Angeles River to San Pedro Bay.
It has 4.2 km (2.6 mi) of soft bottom, with an average width of 122 m (400 ft).
The estuary is about 1.8 m (6 ft) deep, depending on the season and tidal influences, and produces about 302,800 m3/d (80 mgd) during drier months. Point and nonpoint source urban runoff and the three WRRFs provide year-round river flow. 

Phil Cruver is president of KZO Education (Long Beach, Calif.), a 501(c)(3) education and research
Low Impact Developmant

Norwalk, CA

#58 Oct 5, 2013
DPW Recycle News Fall 2013

Recently, the LA Regional Water Quality control Board mandated that Cities adopt Low Impact Development (LID) standards as par of the new storm-water permit.
LID calls for water to be captured and collected close to its source in order to prevent urban runoff form entering the ocean via the stormdrains

LID aids in preventing pollution from entering waterways and help to retain precious water resources
Truth Squad

Norwalk, CA

#59 Oct 6, 2013
Stormwater Management from city of Monrovia
Costs of storm drain clean up is going UP

After a rainstorm, have you ever watched a leaf float down the gutter and out of sight?
Have you ever wondered where it goes?
Well, a leaf or anything else that goes into a storm water drain in Monrovia can make an incredible journey all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
The leaf using the long and complex storm drain system can be carried by rainwater away from our homes, streets and businesses.

Unlike the sewer system, which carries water from indoor drains to water treatment plants,
the storm water drain system releases water into the ocean untreated.
This means any trash or hazardous chemicals which are dumped into the storm drain system in Monrovia can pollute our important water resources, beaches and marine wildlife along the coast.
Urban runoff pollution contaminates the ocean, closes beaches, harms aquatic life and increases the risk of inland flooding by clogging gutters and catch basins.
100 million gallons of polluted urban runoff enters the Pacific Ocean untreated each day, leaving toxic chemicals in our surf and tons of trash on our beaches.
Truth Squad

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#60 Oct 7, 2013
Spend more money on replacing pipes —

Gas, Water
Montebello has aging infrastructure
Montebello's infrastructure is not Earthquake Safe
Montebello's infrastructure is inadequate
Truth Squad

Norwalk, CA

#61 Oct 7, 2013
Theolona must be at the game
More from Monrovia
What can you do to prevent storm water pollution?

Perform routine maintenance on vehicles to prevent leaks from oil and other car fluids.

Keep absorbent materials handy to allow prompt cleanup of all spills.

Don't hose down oil spills into gutters or drains.

Wash vehicles with biodegradable, phosphate-free detergents.
Use a bucket (not a running hose) to wash and rinse your car to conserve water.

Properly dispose of used oil, hydraulic transmission, and radiator fluids at a Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Don't blow or rake leaves into streets, gutters, or storm drains.

Use organic or non-toxic fertilizers.

Don't over fertilize and don't fertilize near ditches, streams, or other water bodies.

Use non-toxic pesticide alternatives whenever possible.

Never clean paintbrushes or rinse paint containers into a street, gutter, or storm drain.

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