kristie bowmans ol man that died

kristie bowmans ol man that died

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booboo who

Princeton, WV

#1 May 8, 2010
what happened there i know kristie used to be a needle ho and the spec friend they mentioned debbie neely is one of the worst there is.... was any of that involved or was he sick?

Princeton, WV

#2 Jun 13, 2010
what was the mans name that died? i remember yrs ago she was with that guy keith that she had a son with, is that all the kids kristy bowman had was that one son? so how is kristy now? she use to be so out there all tore up on something all the time and still everywhere she went

Princeton, WV

#3 Jun 13, 2010
i know she just has the one kid, he's about 16 and keith is the guy blizzard beat up supposedly for molesting his (blizzards) 13 yr old niece. he never was much, thank goodness his mom took the kid hes seems to do ok. but kristy was into some hard core stuff and that debbie girl shes in jail for all kinds of drug related thefts. so i would imagine they had some really shady dealings going on up there. i am not sure about the mans name other than it was her fiance and he was maybe in his 40s but i jw too if he oded or what. cause yeah anytime i seen her she was so out of it they also banned her from the elem school bk years ago for comming down there and talking about drug deals if im not mistaken with charolette lavake/sands(the younger of the two lavake girls). they were both always effed up picking up their kids, kind of sad but true.

Oakvale, WV

#4 Jun 13, 2010
kristy bowman is still the same ol ho everytime i ride through montcalm shes out there lookin a hot mess n tryin to find someone to d!ck her down for a pill.. yep shes still a sloppy needle junkie ho n the last i heard shes effin jerry poore n henry dinger n god knows who else i guess who ever has the most $ or dope that day... n as for nasty a$$ charolette shes nothing more then a ol washed out nasty old sloppy ho that thinks she looks good but she looks dumb cause she dont look nothing but nasty... she deff. aint got it like she thinks she does n for the ones she does get they dont do nothing but treat her like the ho she is then sends her nasty a$$ on her way so shes a pill ho too....
for real

Princeton, WV

#5 Jun 13, 2010
i know for a fact jerrys not touching that nastiness he loves jill and he wont risk losing a 10 for a 1 . kristie has been nasty for a long time and thats beside the point jerry isnt all in that shit now. it is what it is and hes been trying to do better because he loves jill i just dont see him risking losing her for any of the nasty needle hos in montcalm

Rupert, WV

#6 Jun 14, 2010
well baby im glad u got that much faith in him and i dont know where u get ur info from but baby its all wrong cause ive been there n seen it for myself and he most not love her to much cause he beats the f&@k out of her n not only that he does let all these chicken heads suck n f&@k him for a lil bite of a o.c 20 so whatever n ur right it is what it is n if it walks like it n talks like it then it is
for real

Princeton, WV

#7 Jun 14, 2010
i hate to hear that im not around them much if ever but i really hope he dont mistreat her and if he really does i hope she knows she has fam out there.

Since: May 10

Bluefield, WV

#8 Oct 21, 2010
I saw Christy Bowman the other day and she looked really good. She said she is getting her life back together. She has a new boyfriend, not from around here, that is taking real good care of her. Let's give the girl a chance before dragging her through the mud. She does have a son, Matt, who loves her for what she is, she is him mom. Lets all pray for her.
was it

Bluefield, WV

#9 Oct 25, 2010
does matt even see her anymore? she wont change shes done threw away the years of raising her child

Madison, TN

#10 Nov 10, 2010
She is someones daughter grand daughter niece aunt cousion and mother.... she has not been great in life she has been down right awful... but her life is different now. Jerry is a pos who use to abuse her. how dare someone take up for him. the day he dies itll be a good one. and same for keith. keith has lied to matt since the day he was born. so before yall drag someone in the ditch why dont u look in the mirror (if you own one being from montcalm and all) and ask yourself why you are even on here talkin crap about this woman? Kristy never says anything rude about people. and if ya have something to say you might want to put your name... but we all know that wont happen. have fun in yalls trailor park at least she moved out of hers.
take a look

United States

#11 Nov 10, 2010
In the mirror, in your house, or in your family she is not the only one. For some reason all of you feel the need to run off @ the mouth before lookin around @ your own lives. You people sure wouldn't like it if some one made you the topic of discussion, dragged up and put out all your dirty doings.
boowhooooooooooo o

Bluefield, WV

#12 Nov 14, 2010
well if i was your topic i could rest knowing you couldnt say i abandoned my kid for dope. you could not say i sold my snatch for pills, you couldnt say i was such a low life bottom feeder that i wouldve ever been with the likes of kieth wilson.

and when did jerry abuse her i remeber those kids being spoiled little BRATS if anything they missed a few daddy ass whippings, i know kieth made up for them but she ate it up and stayed with him. jerry tried to get her away from kieth bougt everything matt needed at one time. exposing matt to all of it. but hey keep thinking everyone has the same skeletons in their closet if it helps you sleep at night im not perfect but im definatly nothing like that nasty skank..........

Madison, TN

#13 Nov 15, 2010
bitch put your name on here! ill beat your skank ass. i dare ya but you wont so go under a bridge and die. k thanks!

Bluefield, WV

#14 Nov 16, 2010
well at least we know the only person defending kristie on here is kristie so anyhoo i think the reference old man meant ex boyfriend the one where she was like the fiance to when he died he was alot older than her but not her daddy.

Madison, TN

#15 Nov 18, 2010
sorry hun this aint kristy... like i said put ur trashy name and see what the hell happens... or do u even know how to spell it?
his name

Antioch, TN

#16 Nov 18, 2010
his name was harvey and him and kristy were doing good with each other why dont u people leave the dead out of ur conversations whatever kristy doin now is her busniness it has nothing to do with r.i.p. harvey u all r true pieces of work
sthrn grl

Bluefield, WV

#17 Nov 19, 2010
slicker wrote:
I saw Christy Bowman the other day and she looked really good. She said she is getting her life back together. She has a new boyfriend, not from around here, that is taking real good care of her. Let's give the girl a chance before dragging her through the mud. She does have a son, Matt, who loves her for what she is, she is him mom. Lets all pray for her.
i agree with you i saw her at church the other day. everyone deserves another chance...maybe she is trying to change her life and i agree she did look really nice

Madison, TN

#18 Nov 25, 2010
Patty, hun, go play with your baby dolls k you wako.
Leave her alone and dress your dolls.
where is keith

Beckley, WV

#19 Dec 26, 2010
where is keith at now days? last time i seen him he lookes so skanky looking...i remember him back in the day had money but he was a big police informat i guess that is how he made his money but he was strung slap out! just wonder whats going on now days? and that trailer him and kristy lives in last time i saw it looked like weeds and everything around it but it was a pretty nice trailer.
gone bad

Bluefield, WV

#20 Dec 26, 2010
hes common montcalm trash now and was then too just hid it better then. you might find him hanging out at that nasty place across from old hortons market or maybe the ASPCA MEOW. you are right hes a no good dopehead he is the boy that butch blizzard pistol whipped for giving his niece dope and molesting her she was like 14. so yeah definate skank now days i see him and pretend i didnt

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