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United States

#23 May 7, 2010
When we decided to open our scooter store, we did consider buying all of our scooters from Sunny Depot. When I called their company for more information, it was so much noise in the background that the young lady could not hear the question I was trying to ask so she hung up on me! Not professional at all. I ripped up my dealership application after they hung up on me. They have beautiful scooters but don't let the prices fool you. They make up for the cheap prices in what they charge for shipping. Guys, do your homework. The China made scooters are not as bad as some would like you to believe. It's companies like Sunny Depot that give these scooters a bad name. Of course that is NOT the case in all situations. I thank God that I found out about these folks before my purchase. They are rude and arrogant. What is even more sicking is that they are all over the Internet and fooling a lot of people! Of course a big company like Sunny Depot is bound to have a few unsatisfied customers, so I did take that into consideration, but come on, they have way more than a few complaints, hey, everybody can't be wrong! BEWARE!!!
Tracy from New Orleans

Atlanta, GA

#24 May 7, 2010
I don't believe what everyone says about Sunny Scooters!!! I have had mine for almost a year and the only problem I have had is the carburetor needed to be cleaned after "NOT" riding it through out the winter...which cost 75 bucks!! Not really a problem at all considering "every" car needs a tune-up, correct?? Also, considering the scooter is made in China...who could travel to China to get it fixed, lmao!!

Denver, CO

#25 May 14, 2010
I was ready to buy one from them also, but after reading the reviews on this site and others, I'll find a more reputable company. Thanks for the information guys! I'm sorry you had such horrible experiences, but am thrilled that I found out before I also made a mistake.

Littleton, CO

#27 Jun 2, 2010
OMG! i have saved money for 5 months now to buy a 150cc scooter from sunnysports inc. just to find out there scaming inacent customers with knok off crap scooters. what a wast of time. I'm glad I did my homework and disided to check to see if they where la-git. That sucks that there still getting away with it. but at leat i know now,so i would not get scamed.

Thanks so much for warning will now look else where for my scooter.

Tucson, AZ

#28 Jun 18, 2010
I am a scooter shop in AZ and bought 27 scooters from them what a big mistake. DO NOT! WHATS SO EVER GET ANYTHING FROM THEM, half the scooters dont work and they will not respect the waranty either. Dont do it!!!!!! Take it from me a scooter dealer who got screwed with 27 peices of junk. Go to Valley Scooters in GA, if you want Chinese scooters. If you want better scooters go with Genuin Scooers or Sym scooters or even Kymco. I have since stopped buying junk from Sunny Motor sports, Sccoter Depot what ever name they changed to and have since become a dealer of Genuin Scooters and SYM much better poduct. Check me out in the coming months when I change my product on my web site.

Richmond, VA

#29 Jun 19, 2010
Changed my mind on buying after reading comments
Mr bean

Radford, VA

#30 Jul 5, 2010
Edgar wrote:
So where do u guys recemmend buying a 150cc scooter? I need one under $800 because I'm a college student, and after reading this I don't want one from them anymore
Buy from . i have orderd 4 scooters from them the past 2 years and havnt had a problem with anything

Mesa, AZ

#31 Jul 20, 2010
that is true ,i just both a scooter 150 cc and after 36 miles the belt blow out on the freeway,plus is does'nt go more then 45mph---piece of plastic.....

Deerfield, MA

#32 Jul 22, 2010
I should have went with my gut about buying my scooter after reading all of the horrible reviews, but the price was right and now I am really paying the price. After having it for only 2 months, the front brake line which was not correctly attached was hanging down rubbing against the tire. It eventually sliced the brake line so I was unable to stop and almost rear ended the truck in front of me. The brake line is under warrenty, so I called on 6/30/10 and after being on hold for the "service tech" for over 35 minutes he stated that I should have the new brake line in 5-10 business day. Well it is now 7/22/10 and I still do not have the brake line and keep getting the run around. I can't ride it year round due to the fact that I live in New England not in CA, and I only have a few months during the year to ride the scooter and I have aleady lost the best month of the summer. Please do NOT buy from the Scooter Family or Scooter Depot they both use the same service department which is HORRIBLE and the manager/owner of the Scooter Family was no help...


#33 Jul 24, 2010
I wish I had done more research before I purchased my 50 cc yellow Sunny moped. The scooter does not come ready to use and I had to spend nearly $200 to have it prepared -- carbuator cleaned, etc. I noticed when taking it out of the box that the right side handle was damaged with a scrape mark (as if someone had recently taken a fall). Two friends who have ridden scooters for years tell me that there is something wrong in the front end as it wobbles on curves. Now I'm terrified to even use the bike. Incidentally, the manual is hilarious reading but extremely difficult to interpret the broken English. I'm with "victim in Chandler, AZ" if a class action suit can be developed.


#34 Jul 24, 2010
Victim wrote:
MoBOunce, Very Upset Customer, Please respond to this email, We can combine and take them to the court. If your vehicle is less than 6 months old then we can win this case.
Count me in on a class action suit! Donna

United States

#35 Jul 24, 2010
Very Mad Person wrote:
Do not purchase scooters, ATV or any motor type items from Sunny Sports Inc.- Scooter Depot US. I think this company comes in any names also?
I purchase a MC-2501 scooter from them back in August of 2008. I have made a many phone calls to get replacement parts and information. Of course all calls are on my nickel! As of this today I have NOT got any parts or manual. If you ask too many questions you will be put on hold or just hang up on. I try using the credit card company to support me, but this hasn’t work either! One thing is for sure! YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD MECHANICAL BACKGROUND! You are going to spend more time off the scooter fixing it then on it. Don’t fall for the cheap and high mileage in the ad. It’s a trap to sell a piece of Chinese junk. Sunny Sports Inc.- Scooter Depot US it trying to put as many butts on these Chinese junk units as they can, before a Class Action Lawsuit is put in place.
Very Mad Person
Matt and Others: Do NOT DO BUSINESS with Hoveround either! My first chair went through 13 batteries in approximately 7 months; and, AFTER a whole lot of screaming, yelling and being left to those angels that rescued me, hvrnd Finally decided to up-grade--at no additional charges to Medi-Care--to a froint wheel drive $12,000. machine. By the time I had that one 4-5 months, those batteries were no better. Was rescued by Monrovia Public Works Dept for the chair and my caregiver for me! Ridiculous! As batteries 5&6 were installed May 9, they starting to fail within 2 weeks. AGAIN< after all kinds of threats and most of their local techs checking EVERYTHING out, one tech told customer lack of service they needed to send chair back to factory while both he and I knew it would be batteries. This loaner I have was up-graded as it was in a show. It seems the batteries are OK so far. I've had it about a minth or so. But, I still do not trust it! Final words: DO NOT THINK HOVEROUND WHILE LOOKING FOR A NEW CHAIR!!!

Harrisburg, PA

#36 Jul 25, 2010
Put that address in the URL bar above and that is the scooter I bought about 2 months ago. I called to ask about the order process and they helped out a lot and said if I ordered on that Monday it would be shipped Wednesday. So I ordered it. They also said 6-9 business days to be shipped from California to Pennsylvania. It was shipped Wednesday afternoon and I received it Monday afternoon. Back then I lived in an apartment building downtown off a major road and the truck driver came right up and put it on a pallet jack and brought it inside the parking garage a whole block from where the apartment is. He helped me unload it from the crate then I signed. We shared thoughts about scooters while smoking a cigarette waiting for the rain to stop that had just started.
I (having no mechanical knowledge) have the mirrors on and the battery setup within minutes. Though I must say the instructions for the battery setup should include: CHARGE THE BATTERY FIRST. I didn't know this and thought I had a DOA battery so I jumped it off my car battery (key out of ignition) which of course started it right up while causing a major short in the wire running from the battery to the starter (Replaced $5.99 at PEP BOYs)
Everything works great even the remote starter. I've put 600 miles on it so far and used about $15 in gas in 2 months and very happy. I've neglected to change the oil @ the initial 250 mile mark as well as the gear oil and though have noticed a loss in accelerating as I do when I neglect the oil in my car, it still is holding together.
I've only had one incident with the one CSR who was apparently "fired" for similar problems with other customers. I called b/c I didn't know what I did to the starter and I talked with Man 1: I needed to take apart and clean the Carb. Which I did and still didn't work. Man 2 the next day said I had to wait and get in touch with Man 1 and only Man 1 could help me... Hanged up called back asked for manager waited 20 seconds told manager, manager patched confirmed that was bullshit patched me to new person said i shorted the wire and a few bucks at the local auto store will fix it (my cost cause of the ID10T error) sent my email a video on how to fix it. I got the part fixed it in a few minutes. no problems since.
Though I did have another minor incident. I went on a road with alot of pot holes and the spark terminal plug came out and it took me a few days to learn that one. I thought I put it in correctly and a few days it came out again. the third time I pushed a little harder and it actually snapped in and to remove it i need to snap it out. I checked it out and on closer examination its designed to do that so it "locks" in place.
I average ~100MPG in the city and I've tested highway miles and I get the bike up to 65 flat ground I'm 6'5" @ 190 lbs wearing a leather jacket that catches the wind. oh and I get ~150MPG on the highway. I imagine if I had actually riding gear that was snug I could get the bike up to 70~75
Its hard to guess how much to put in at fill ups cause it will be closse to the E so I'll give enough for 1 gallon of gas on a 1.8G tank and I have to go back inside for 1/4 to 1/8 of that price back.
These bikes aren't junk. The problem a lot of people are having is they aren't getting them from the Scooter Depot directly, they are getting it from sub dealers who buy older bikes at a wholesale price from the Scooter Depot.
I live in Harrisburg PA and if you want to come check out my bike then hit me up an e-mail at itikuo @ yahoo .(com)
I added spaces so 3rd party programs don't scan and find my e-mail and send me scams and other @$%#ing shit.

United States

#37 Jul 27, 2010
Hi, I just purchased from Sunny Sports Scooter Depot. Even though I read many reviews which stated not to, I figured what the heck.. They are about 20 minutes from my place and that will save me close to $250-300 for shipping. Once I unpackaged it I found pieces of plastic laying on the bottom which had broke off from poor packaging. The place was closed by the time I got it open so I will try calling them tomorrow to see if they will replace the parts (they better). Overall it seems like a nice scooter even for being chinese made. Honestly, while I am a bit upset about the broken pieces, I'm not too surprised and wasn't expecting a perfect scooter. Theres a reason why this scooter cost $699 vs $3500 which it would cost to get one that was perfect. I'll see how customer service responds tomorrow and get back to you.

Concord, NC

#38 Jul 28, 2010
Tracy from New Orleans wrote:
I don't believe what everyone says about Sunny Scooters!!! I have had mine for almost a year and the only problem I have had is the carburetor needed to be cleaned after "NOT" riding it through out the winter...which cost 75 bucks!! Not really a problem at all considering "every" car needs a tune-up, correct?? Also, considering the scooter is made in China...who could travel to China to get it fixed, lmao!!
I am sure there is one here and there that are good but for the most thats not the story....oh and sorry you got ripped of on the cleaning of your carb....its a 20 or 30 min. job that is done with carb cleaner.

Burnaby, Canada

#39 Aug 12, 2010
I change my mind too !

Las Vegas, NV

#40 Aug 12, 2010
i bought the scooter from them in 2008. it never starts. the milage is still 0 on it. don't know what to do with it. it's just sitting in my garage. Never buy any thing from sunny depot. it's a rip off plus their customer service is very bad.
todd white

Honolulu, HI

#41 Sep 6, 2010
After reading all the negative reviews, I too have changed my mind about purchasing from Sunny Depot. I wonder if anybody from their store will contact me and try and change my mind? They have my contact information, lets see.


#42 Sep 6, 2010
Victim wrote:
MoBOunce, Very Upset Customer, Please respond to this email, We can combine and take them to the court. If your vehicle is less than 6 months old then we can win this case.
i have had nothing but trouble with my 50 cc sunny scooter.the dealer i bought it from is out of buisness now.327 miles on it and useless.
please contact me so i can get in on this lawsuit!
dave @ [email protected]

United States

#43 Sep 18, 2010
they talk very convincing & very freindly .Iam not buying from them after the all these complaing/they should close nobady should buy from then will go out bus

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