2000 kids homeless wow how responsiable on our gov't.
wait till the new healthcare taxes are imposed or the fines for not being able to pay to join the national healthcare plan the number of homeless will be much higher..

but then you have the people who abused the system
being on welfare for years living on the taxpayers money.

then you have have these's young girls having babies at a very young age then give up the rights of the baby and the grandmother takes the child in which is then considered a foster child and the grandmother get a stipened for raising the child her daughter had it happenes all the time,yes there are those who have no choice to give up the rights of thier child usually their too young to raise the child or the child is a burden on her social life.
you see young kids 19,20,21,22 .....on welfare ,they will have no motivation to get a job while we are paying for them to live,some are legit,but i bet at least 75% are not
and if they are deesperate enough during the winter and have no shelter (this is the young ppl) they will go to a hospital and claim to be suicidal and be place in the psych unit 3 meals a day,free medciation,clean linen,ive personally seen this done while working at a local hospital,
and hen when they are about to be discharge they act out might vcut themselves so they can get a longer stay
i recently call DSS inquiring about becoming a foster parent,i have 27 year experience working with the juvies,the only problem is that i have a 1 bedroom apt. they and state law requires a foster child need thier own bedroom and i totally agree with this ,but when i said if i go and get a 2 bedroom apt which i can in the apt complex i live in,my problem with going further with this to help the kids is if iam not approved then iam stuck witha 2 bedroom apt.i asked the DSS worker
arent there any funds to help with the cost if i chose to do this.sh couldn't answer my question,was very rude.but i see many people from newburgh with numerous foster childen i aw one with 5 fosterkids 3 were her grand children 2 were truly foster kids i know this because she dropped all her personally infrmation during the recent snowstorm and i called her to tell her that bag has been sitting in the snow ,i gave her my info to come pick it up she never called me back,i called the number she had in the bag for CPS well it took 2 1/2 weeks before someone picked it up and it was a county worker there was so much information in that bag i wasnt being nosy i was trying to do the right thing my god there was ssn#
kids historys,section 8 housing application,paystubs i was beside my self that she couldn't be bothered to try to get this bag back
i finally called the supervisor of CPS whose name was on one of the paper and to his credit it was finally picked up
so iam willing to help take a kid in but they should be able to work with someone willing to help and the experince i have ,i have the time as i became disabled while working on one of those psych units my co worker was murdered we both were severly assualted by patients this happen at bon secours hospital in port jervis.
after my assualt i was left with a spinal cord injury but iam able to walk ,and drive just cant do alot of stuff i use to ,ive tried to go back to work but they wont let me.

sorry i kinda of just rambled on here ,but the system needs improvement there is no way 2000 kids should be homeless,
as for the folks that have been on the welfare rolls for years should be made to take a drug screening test monthly and if they are using kick them out let them live on the streets
if this was to become a policy you would see the welfae rolls drop real fast