Principal arraigned for alleged inapp...

Principal arraigned for alleged inappropriate conduct with youngster

There are 12 comments on the Mid-Hudson News story from Nov 11, 2010, titled Principal arraigned for alleged inappropriate conduct with youngster. In it, Mid-Hudson News reports that:

CORNWALL Washingtonville High School principal Michael Rossi was arraigned in Cornwall Town Court Wednesday night on a misdemeanor charge of having inappropriate conduct with a 16-year-old boy that allegedly occurred October 11 in a car in the Town of Cornwall.

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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Nov 23, 2010
this is not the first time Rossi has been involved in a sexual harrassment suit. Google his name and Federal Court.

Oyster Bay, NY

#2 Nov 27, 2010
Michael Rossi has a history of playing hide the salami with little boys for a LONG TIME.Rossi picks boys up at gas stations and takes them home where he watches them work out while he does the dirty deed to himself and he pays the kids a benji.

Cary, IL

#3 Aug 30, 2012
Is this the same Michael Rossi that worked for John Wayne Gacy? The Michael Rossi who worked for Gacy murdered a lot of people along with his buddy David Cram in a confidential mass murder site in a rock quarry. Google Shadowreports Rossi Cram Gacy. They fooled the cops back then by blaming everything on John Wayne Gacy. I'm hoping their days are numbered now. I wonder if this is the same Michael Rossi? Someone needs to ask him directly.

Cary, IL

#4 Oct 16, 2012
The system is broken when criminals win. In Rossi's case he has won big in several arenas all because of a broken system. I still have hope the law can get him. All we need is one cop, one lawyer and one judge who defies the broken system.

Warwick, NY

#5 Oct 18, 2012
The Judge Noreen Calderin is the incumbent running for Supreme Court Justice vote for anyone but this LOVER OF PEDOPHILES ESPECIALLY SODOMITE OF CHILDREN > Calderin gave NO PROBATION<NO PCYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING< NO JAIL TIME FOR THIS LONG TIME CHILD RAPIST< NO PROFESSIONAL CENSURE . Michale J, Rossi see Sauerhaft vs. Hastings on the Hudson School district where the PEDOPHILE MICHAEL J> ROSSI living in New Windsor and receives a hefty pension form the New York State Dept of Education. Chief Hovey arrested this sodomite pedophile low life criminal for 300 sextexts and forcible toucjhing.5 misdememanors that PPOrange County District Attorney Francis Phillips recused himself from prosecuting the PEDFOPHILE MICHAEL J> ROSSI and gave it to sullivan County D.A. Jim Farrell wher the SODOMITE CHILD RAPIST MICHAEL J> ROSSI of the Washingtonville School District that had rallies for this freak of nature.The fix was in and now let the voters send the message to Judge Noreen Calderin that lets this PEDOPHILE off with a tap on his limp wrist.PEDOPHILES are recidivists unfortunately for the children Rossi will be stalking and sexually exploiting more children in the future.Give Michael J. Rossi of New Windsor a POLYGRAPH about his sexual histroy with children MR. Phillips and see the results not that you care.Com plicity and cover up of this particular PEDOPHILE will happen again and again but Francis Phillips hopefully will be shamed publicly for not prosecuting this RAPIST MICHAEL J> ROSSI. of the Washingtonville School District. For the victims of this evil men may God Bless You and Your families for your tremendous courage to expose these vile evil little worms who prey on innocent children.God Bless America.

Lake In The Hills, IL

#6 Oct 19, 2012
Is this the same Michael J. Rossi who worked for John Wayne Gacy, if he is then he is a mass murderer at Deep Quarry. The cops covered it up in 1979 and won't admit to the coverup now which indirectly protects a man who murdered at LEAST 30 people along with his friend David F. Cram. Cram killed himself, or so the story goes, in 2001 in a forest preserve in Gacys home town of Des Plaines. If this is the Rossi who worked for Gacy then he is a mass murderer on the level of Gacy himself.Despite 30 years since he was last seen here someone rocognized him on the internet with 99% certainty as being your Rossi. The 2012 cops are protecting the secrets of the 1979 cops and the people are getted screwed over by a 30 year old secret cleanup that nobody cares about anymore except them.Is he the Gacy guy?
none shadowreports posts

Cary, IL

#8 Feb 13, 2013
The realization of slander lawsuits on behalf of a mass murderer in regards to Deep Quarry may unfortunately be a textbook example to show the people the grotesquely magnified effects of a non-investigated major crime, to show the people the magnified ill effects of the misuse of the blue code of silence, and it also serves to show the people how even a mass murderer can be multi-protected by the laws that were designed to protect honest people. Mr. Michael J. Rossi, who was Gacy’s employee, wherever he is, is sitting smug right now (as was Mr. David F. Cram and potentially others), multi-protected by; 1) The non-investigation of the late 1970’s mass murders covertly and incorrectly blamed on John Wayne Gacy. 2) The blue code of silence; 3) The potential volley of attorneys, through no fault of their own, who are willing to work for free, willing to take up the cause of protecting a mass murderer from “supposed” slander simply because there are “no reports”. 4) The potential Judges and Jurys, through no fault of their own, who can falsely and unjustly punish witnesses, simply because non-disclosure and non-investigation was the chosen and protected plan in 1979. All of these reasons can falsely prosecute the innocent, tie up the court systems, waste tax dollars and bring to public spotlight witnesses whose desires were to always remain anonymous for the safety of their family from lunatics and sympathizers. Unjustly finalized slander suits would be another coffin nail in the ethical protocols of justice, the protection of victims and witnesses rights, and the system of due process. If anyone needs legal protection from the misuse of power it is the people, and NOT the criminals. This all could have been avoided with simple honesty in government that used strict proper protocol. There are no valid reasons to protect the interests of a mass murderer.
none shadowreports posts

Cary, IL

#12 Jun 10, 2014

(both names removed)

Just a reminder to please resolve this heinous matter. I am asking you both as a gesture of good faith towards the citizens of this supposedly civilized country, that you make a publishable statement in response to what I am calling my eyewitness account. Your refusal to respond to this public request may also be published. Under ordinary honest conditions there is a great deal that I could prove as to the presence of Gacy, Rossi, Cram, the third abductor, myself, Daniel Noe, Russell Nelson, Robert Gilroy and others at that quarry and Sunrise Lake however the governments FULL illegality of this matter has rendered the entire secret cover-up and situational ruse unconstitutional and without any due process whatsoever. Your mentors have violated the constitutional rights of the victims, the families of the victims, the witnesses, our nations children, just about everyone who is/was affected by the murderous molesting associates senseless continued freedom. Your esteemed mentors have senselessly, needlessly, illegally, arrogantly, and recklessly endangered us all with full accidental blind stupidity which has now become FULL REPERCUSSIONAL UNCARING MALICE towards the citizens who you swore to protect. The government cannot possibly expect children and adults to continue being victimized, sodomized or possibly murdered by free individuals who I PERSONALLY witnessed to be abductors/mass murderers strictly for the dual purpose of cleansing stigma and to protect the obvious criminality of high level government figures. I firmly believe that these illegal government clean ups were initially done with the best of intentions, however you know and I know that the government broke many laws regarding the secret cleanups of suspected John Wayne Gacy sites. The Illinois Supreme Kangaroo Court, with Bartlett IL front and center as a main benefactor which spawned the fabricated history in 1979 AND 2010 was 100% illegal and 100% fatal to those who suffered in death as a result of its 3 decade aftermath. Not to be understated as a matter of convenience for those in government are the decades of pedophilia and molestations to many of our children in IL, MI and NY. The stigma of Cook County, Dupage county and the town of Bartlett’s plight is inconsequential if it involved/involves the victimizing of innocent human beings. Any police officer, politician, or government employee whose primary concern is to protect the 1979 and 2010 lawbreaking politicians and lawbreaking police officers over the safety of the citizens and especially children should reconsider their career choice; a quick vote amongst the people would verify this statement completely. The people do not want a blatantly corrupt government that protects it’s criminality, with the byproduct of such criminality being the lifetime protection of mass murderers and pedophiles, nor do the people need a government that values corruption, values false history and values governmental lies AT ANY COST.

If you are simply following orders that continue to effectually protect mass murderers then I completely disagree with your actions but if that is the path you choose, then so be it, infamy thru apathy may become your legacy, your names may then deservedly be added to my publishable list of those in government who refuse to lift a finger in this secret cleanup mass murder matter. Take your time and get your statements right. The bottom line is that you are NOT working for a criminal organization and you do have to investigate mass murder.

Thank You.
-Felix Francis Marcus, Eyewitness to mass murder.
none shadowreports posts

Cary, IL

#14 Jun 16, 2014
RoJa wrote:
John Wayne Gacy was a liberal and an NWO puppet. He made me take acid in 1978 in Kansas City in the Greyhound station. It's his fault I tore my clothes off and set fire to my face because of all the spiders. I was arrested and charged with indecent exposure while the grey men in tuxedos made me drink floridated communist water. Then, I was recruited into the NWO. The liberal NWO agents kidnapped all those people on that Malaysian Flight at Diego Garcia for use in satanic illuminati orgies. It's because of the illuminati that Obama and Pelosi are in office, which is against the third and fourth ammendments to the Constitution. The reptiles run the economy and wanna put microwaves in your head to cover the satanic messages on TV and the internets. John Wayne Gacy is a leader in the NWO and he is alive and well in Astoria as a 45 year old black woman who threw stuff at me last year. The NWO can do body swaps with reptillian alien technology. Now he's running schools to use lasers to brainwash children to be part of secret illuminati satanic orgies. The evil is everywhere. Go to David Icke for the truth. He talks to us anti-NWO agents through a special frequency we can hear from our inplanted chips. Wake up!
Mr. Roja,
This is not a joking matter; this is the pinnacle of heinous perversion imaginable by not just the cold blooded mass murderers deeply involved but those in OUR government who place a greater importance upon the perception of their false ethics than the very lives of the citizens who they hypocritically swore to protect. In this matter in 1997 AND 2010 clout mongering pomposity is all that binds the web of blind accidental stupidity.
-Felix Francis Marcus, eyewitness to mass murder.
you be the judge

Cary, IL

#17 Jul 1, 2014
you be the judge

Cary, IL

#18 Jul 3, 2014
You be the judge.
Is this the same Rossi from 1978 and 2010? ...
deep quarry

Cary, IL

#19 Jul 29, 2014
Citizens of NY; The police in Illinois are corrupt beyond your wildest expectations, and it looks as if their NY brethren are just as corrupt as Illinois is. Here is a letter sent to me after I warned your officials that I witnessed Mr. Rossi murder people who I can describe in great detail.

(I have received and read your e-mails. Michael Rossi does not reside within my agencies jurisdiction, is suspected of no crimes within our jurisdiction, no longer works with our jurisdiction and any crimes you suspect him of happened well outside of our jurisdiction. There for we would have no probable cause to start any kind of investigation into him. I do acknowledge there is a resemblance with the Michael Rossi picture from the Gacy case and the former principal here, again we would have no cause to investigate crimes you allege happened in a different state. We have no similar outstanding/unsolved cases like this locally and there is no proof the two man are one in the same. You time would be better spent with your local authorities.)

This is where your tax dollars go; they do not go to protect you, they go to protect the corrupt government. You are going to have to go after Rossi yourselves with private lawyers. If that fails, then have fun living with a mass murdering Gacy disciple teaching your children.

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