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#1 Feb 22, 2013
It was a cold and rainy night at the precinct. Sargent Joe Friday and I were working the night shift. It had been a quiet night. The people of Indian Trail were behaving. I looked across my desk at Joe, leaning against the file cabinet in his new Indian Trail Blue police uniform.

"That's a big nightstick you've got there Joe" I said.

"I've been told that before" he replied in a deep sexy voice.

I slipped out of my chair and walked slowly toward the file cabinets on the far wall. His eyes moved from my perky breasts to my swaying hips and followed every step. My short blue policewoman's skirt rose up as I bent down to open one of the bottom drawers. I retrieved the file I was looking for and walked slowly back to my desk. Joe's eyes were locked onto mine, his lips quivered and I could see beads of sweat forming on his forehead. I knew his resistance was fading. I had him within my clutches and it was only a matter of time before.....

I sat down in my chair and swiveled back behind my desk. I didn't look at him. I knew he was watching my every movement looking for my signal to take me.

"I didn't know police work could be so difficult Joe" I said in a sexy whisper.

"Oh Darlene, it is hard, oh so hard" he replied.

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#2 Feb 22, 2013
"Chief Alvarez to Officer Luther. Come in please" crackled the radio in my squad car.

"10-4 Chief, I'm here" I replied. I had been on patrol all night cruising the streets of Indian Trail. It was almost 4 AM.

"Can you meet me at the new Movie theater"? asked the Chief. "Somethings come up and needs your attention".

I stopped at a 24 hour convenience store and picked up a cup of coffee and two doughnuts. I took my time driving to the theater. There was no traffic and the streets were deserted.

I pulled up beside the Chief's car. He looked worried.

"What's the matter Chief?" I asked.

"Well it's the name. We're going to get sued by the ACLU and the Pembroke Tribe if we don't change the town's name. We can't be INDIAN Trail, we have to either be Native American Trail or something else. I just don't know what to do"

"Calm down Chief" I said. "Come over here and sit in my car and we will talk it over".

He sat in the passenger seat. He was in his pajamas and a robe. In the pale light I could see that he had noticed how my perky breasts strained against the thin white cotton fabric of my policewoman's blouse. I dipped my doughnut in my coffee while he watched. I put the doughnut to my lips and licked the dripping coffee from it. "Mmmmm" I cooed "Don't you just love things hot and juicy Chief?"

"Well, maybe I do and maybe I don't" He muttered wiggling back and forth in the seat.

"Oh I see that you don't have much room over there Chief" I said pursing my lips together and speaking in a soft sexy voice. "We could move into the back seat and have lots of room. You know, kind of spread out so to speak".

"It's still raining. I didn't bring my raincoat. I didn't bring an umbrella and I didn't bring my rubbers" said the chief.

I slipped into the back and lay across the seat with my short policewoman's skirt half way up my thighs while Chief Alverez fumbled with the door.

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#3 Feb 23, 2013
Ex Mayor Quinn rolled a fattie doobie and lit it inhaling deeply. The fat Mexican woman held out her hand speaking loudly in Spanish. Ex Mayor Quinn did not understand and shrugged his shoulders. She began screaming Spanish curse words and pulled a box cutter from beneath her skirt. She came at him hard and fast; before he could react she was on him slashing back and forth. Ex Mayor Quinn fell onto the hot asphalt screaming. His blood ran in little riverlets and collected in a large crimson pool a few feet from where he fell. Unable to speak or move, the ex mayor looked at the cold eyes of his killer. His vision blurred, his pain passed and all color faded into a glowing white. He felt as if someone lifted him and he was floating.

Two boys riding bicycles spotted the lifeless body in the abandoned parking lot. They called 911 and Union County dispatch notified both the Indian Trail Police Department and the Union County Sheriff office. In less than 5 minutes a black and white from Indian Trail pulled up. Officer Allen jumped out of the patrol car and began securing the scene. He roped off an area about 50 X 70 with police tape, took over 30 photographs of the scene and the surrounding area and followed blood spatters toward the building in the center of the parking lot which was boarded up. He looked around the building for evidence of any entry way but could find none. At that point a Sheriff's Deputy arrived and began questioning the people who had gathered hoping to find a witness. In 10 more minutes the scene of the murder held a throng of people, deputies, police from 3 jurisdictions, Fire and Rescue and reporters and TV news crews.

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#4 Feb 24, 2013
Homicide detective King pushed away from the computer screen, lay back in his chair and rubbed his tired eyes. He had been over everything several times and nothing made sense. It had to be a random killing. Sure Ex Mayor Quinn had enemies but they were mostly political. Political enemies come with the territory, Everyone in politics has a few. No, this had all the markings of a random act.

He had sent Friday and Luther out to look for derelicts, homeless, winos, anyone that looked out of place. It could have been a robbery gone wrong. Ex Mayor Quinn didn't have a cent on him but that wasn't unusual according to his family.

The blood splatters that officer Allen had followed to the abandoned building turned out to be Ex Mayor Quinn's blood type. Since Ex Mayor Quinn's body had not moved from where it fell, King believed that the blood dripped from the perp as they walked away from the murder scene. The blood splatters ended at the building. With the owner's permission King and detectives from The Union County Sheriff's Department had entered and searched the building but nothing was found. The detectives had concluded that the murderer had somehow cleaned or otherwise stopped the blood from dripping behind the building.

King picked up the phone and dialed an inter departmental number. It rang a long time before someone picked up the call.

"Forensics, Cohn here"

"Why so formal, jackass"? joked King.

"I guess it's my effervescent nature" answered Cohn.

"I hope you've got something for me. It's pretty hard to solve murders without any evidence you know".

"We are still going through the sweepings made around the body but I can tell you with certainty that there was a recently burned roach in relatively close proximity to the deceased".

"Hmmm, anything else"?

"Coroner's Report came in this morning. It confirms what we deducted on scene. Death caused by loss of blood from numerous slash wounds and arterial hemorrages. There's nothing in it that we didn't already know."

"Good, thank you Marblehead".

"You are most welcome young grasshopper. Now go to work!"

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#5 Feb 24, 2013
0200 Sargent Joe Friday turned off of Monroe Road, crossed the railroad tracks and found the little alleyway. The high beam headlights cut through through the darkness like two golden swords exposing everything directly ahead but casting shadowy light to the sides.

"Slow down damnit" said Darlene excitedly. "You are the typical male. You go full speed like a racehorse when slow and steady gives us time to enjoy it"

"So you enjoy looking for bums huh?"

"Would you just slow down and use the spotlight, Joe? That's all I'm asking. We've probably driven right past the people we are looking for."

Sargent Friday slowed the patrol car to a crawl and switched on the spotlight. He panned back and forth across the road and behind every building and house until they reached the end of the the road. He turned the car around and headed back the way they came.

"What's that"? asked Darlene as a shadowy figure crossed the road and slipped into the woods in front of them. Friday pointed the spotlight into the woods. The officers got a brief glimpse of a tall figure running. Friday gunned the motor and the cruiser lurched forward.

"What are you doing"?

"I'm going to cut him off. If I can get to Monroe Road before he does we should be able to bag him".

Friday whipped the patrol car from the Alley onto the two lane and then quickly onto Monroe Road. He pulled off of the road and killed the lights. Sure enough they saw the tall figure emerge from the woods and walk nonchalantly up the embankment directly in front of them. Friday flipped on the spotlight and yelled "Stop right there"

The kid was Hispanic. He had no ID on him and apparently didn't understand a thing the officers said. They decided to cuff him and take him in so their interpreter could question him. The charge would be vagrancy until they found out who he was and why he was walking around at 02:20 in the morning.

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#6 Feb 25, 2013
Luther and Friday were summoned to Alvarez's office the next morning

The chief was upset, he was actually very mad; an emotion neither Friday or Luther had ever witnessed of their chief. He was pacing back and forth.

"Sit down you two" he bellowed. He walked to the window and adjusted the blinds so that the room darkened a bit.

"How well did you two search that kid last night"? Alvarez asked as he sat behind his oversized desk.

"I searched him twice, full pat down both times, emptied his pockets, took off his cap and shoes, He was clean Chief" said Friday.

"And you Policewoman Luther, did you pat him down as well"?

"Partial Chief, Upper body and head. Then I went through and itemized the things in his pocket and wallet. Listed and bagged them."

"What name did you put on the bag Darlene"?

"Unknown male, time, location of detainment, charge:Vagrancy, case number, my name and Sargent Fridays. I followed protocol Chief, right by the book."

"Yes, I saw that, good job, but we now have a big problem". Alvarez stood up and towered over them. He was expressionless. His voice, normally heavy in volume and resonance, was weak sounding. "He's escaped. Not only that but he evidently had a well hidden razor concealed somewhere on his person. After you brought him in he was being questioned by Carlos, our Spanish interpreter. He refused to answer any questions at all. Wouldn't even give us a name. As Carlos started to exit the interrogation room the kid jumped him and sliced him up pretty bad. He then ran through the station so quickly no one had a chance to stop him. He was last seen high tailing it up the railroad tracks toward Mecklenburg. We've got people out looking and trying to follow his trail with dogs but so far, nothing.

“Just watching the show & LOL..”

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#7 Feb 25, 2013
YOU are one strange individual.

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#8 Mar 3, 2013
He ran. He left the police station in full stride. He ran along the railroad tracks and looked back. He saw no one. He could have slowed down or even stopped and rested but he didn't he kept going. He left the railroad tracks and ran up the embankment into the woods, followed a trail which led to a paved road through a housing development. He felt exhilaration. The endorphins had kicked in. He sprinted down the side of the highway for another mile picking up speed on the flats.

He knew where he was going. He just needed to get there before daybreak. He knew they would come after him. This time they wouldn't find him.

Just ahead he saw the trail that led into the deep woods. He jumped the side ditch and cut between the trees. The leaves crunched under his feet until he found the firm footing on the red clay trail. Only the darkness of the deep woods slowed him. He slowed to a slow jog, his eyes scanning ahead for the familiar things.

He could see the green glow of the beacon ahead. they were calling him. He picked up his speed.

Darlene spent the better part of the day on patrol. It was, thankfully a quiet day. The dressing down she and Friday got from the chief was still on her mind.

They had searched that kid repeatedly. She was sure he was clean. There was no place he could have hidden a knife or razor. He was cuffed the whole time. It just didn't make any sense to her.

The kid himself was a mystery to her. He didn't speak, had no ID and made no eye contact with either of them. Friday had remarked on his report that the subject appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, possibly of Hispanic descent. He had medium length black hair and black eyes. He stood about 5'9" and weighed 175 pounds. The mug shots for some reason were blurry.

She crossed Monroe Rd. The afternoon commuters had filled up the road. It was choked with traffic. It was time for her shift to end and she was glad.

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#9 Mar 6, 2013
The phone rang twice before King answered.“Homicide, King”

“Why so formal, young grasshopper”? Cracked Cohn.

“I hope this is more than just a social call. I'm running out of guesses on this case and must soon resort to good detective work. Please tell me you have something solid for us to go on.”

“First of all the DNA report from the cigarette came back and it matched the Ex Mayor so it is likely he was doing a doobie when he was struck down. We didn't get anything beneficial from the sweepings around the body other than that. Second, all of the blood in and around the body and leading away from the body came from the victim. Third, we have two very good footprints made by the perp stepping in the blood. The sole of the shoe is a ripple type found only in shoes sold at discount stores. The size is 6 medium. We purchased and tested a pair we believe to be identical to those worn by the perp at a Family Dollar store.”

“So I'm looking for someone with small feet. That narrows it down” joked King.

“Don't be so impatient. There is much more, young grasshopper” chided Cohn.“We did a compression test on the ripple soles and matched it with the impressions we found at the scene. We came up with 13.2 pounds per square inch which means that the perp weighed in the 190 to 200 pound range. In examining the wounds in the victim's body we determined that the only weapon that could have caused such narrow wounds was a razor. We concluded that the murder weapon was likely a box cutter. We then took a close look at the wounds themselves. We built a computer model of the victim and inputted the wounds and the angles they originated from. It became obvious to us that all of the blows came from below the victim's head. In other words the perp was swinging the blade upward. Using this information we have concluded that the perp was short, likely no taller than 5' 6”. You'll get all of this in the report that we'll send out later today.”

“You've done it again, Houdini” said King.“Congratulate your fellow wizards in Forensics for me. Say, do you have anything yet on Carlos' attacker”?

“Not much. He did leave us a little clue. He evidently cut himself as well as Carlos. We found two blood types. This perp was tall and lean so definitely not the same individual as the Ex Mayor's case. We're still sifting through it so I may have something for you later.”

King hung up the phone and walked down the hall to Alvarez's office.

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#10 Mar 22, 2013
The night shift. Darlene usually didn't mind the night shift but this night had started out bad and seemed to be getting worse. Her first call had been a mailbox vandalism. A carload of High School kids drinking beer and smoking pot going around town smashing mailboxes with a baseball bat. She didn't catch them in the act like she had hoped but she pulled them over. It didn't go well. She had to call for backup. Four kids headed for Juvenile Hall, all four charged with underage drinking, One for possession of a controlled substance and two for resisting and detaining an officer of the law.

She pulled into the parking lot of the drugstore and checked the doors, walked next door and checked the door of the auto parts store. Walking back toward the car she spotted an old fellow across the street waving to her. She waved back thinking he was saying hello. His arm motions continued and she realized he was asking her to come to him. When she reached him he nearly collapsed in her arms. He obviously had some sort of medical problem. He tried to tell her something but his voice was very weak and his breathing so rapid that words were impossible for Darlene to comprehend. She made an ambulance call and a first responder call. She got the old fellow to lay down and folded her jacket under his head for a makeshift pillow. She asked him if he was thirsty and talked calmly to him while she checked his pulse. She heard a car pull up and saw John Wilson, one of the Fire Department's volunteer First Responders come running with an aide kit. Next to arrive was Cathy Greeson, an RN at the hospital who was also a volunteer First Responder when she wasn't at the hospital. The old fellow was in good hands. Darlene stayed until the ambulance left with the old fellow for the hospital.

There had been nothing on the Ex Mayor's murder in nearly a week. Darlene had felt the frustration that the entire department experienced. Every lead had gone nowhere. The state and county likewise had exhausted all of their leads.

Darlene pulled into the Fastway on Monroe Road for a cup of coffee. It was almost eleven. She got a cup and a doughnut and walked slowly back to the car. In the light cast by the Fastway sign above the furthermost gas pumps she saw a shadowy figure pulling something heavy behind him. She approached slowly.

"Hey, what have you got there"?

He was surprised to hear a woman calling to him. He hadn't seen her approaching. He was even more surprised to see that she was a cop!

"Oh, it's nothing, just some old junk I found on the side of the road" he answered.

"Where are you taking it" asked Darlene?

"Just back here in the woods where I live"

"Can I see what you've got. I like old antique things. You might have something I want."

"Oh no, nothing worth seeing in this bag. No mame, no antiques whatsoever. Just old junk. That's all."

Darlene approached the man slowly and looked over the obviously full canvas military shoreleave bag.

She didn't see it coming. His punch intended for her jaw missed and landed harmlessly on her shoulder. Instinctively Darlene spun and landed a roundhouse kick hard into the man's groin. He fell moaning and writhing in pain. She quickly slapped the cuffs on the man and made an assistance call.

Little River, SC

#11 May 27, 2013
where is the rest of these stories? I like it.

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#12 Jun 28, 2013
The afternoon sun found openings in the heavily forested canopy and cast dappled rays of bright sunlight here and there along the stream bank. The two elderly gentlemen sat on big plastic buckets carefully watching their fishing lines in the muddy waters of Indianhead Creek. The short man slowly rocked back and forth as if keeping time with some tune only he could hear. The taller of the two sat motionless.

"I recon the bass will be along shortly" said the shorter man. "They run up the creek to feed on the minners when it cools off a bit. We is here at about the right time by my reconnin'"


"Hear tell they goin' to fire the po-leece chief. Did you hear that? Seems like theys all upset over not catchin' whoever done in ole Quinn. Myself I say give the man more time but you know how folks is these days. Hurry, hurry, hurry ain't nothing fast enough to suit anybody. Ain't it so Joe?"

"That's the gospel. I was up in the bed with your old lady last night and she said 'hurry and get done before Jack gets home'"

"Oh now! You stop that foolishness. Hehehe!! Your old lady always tells me to take my time cause you is so damn slow. Look there I got me a bite Joe and it's a big one"

The shorter man stands and begins pulling his cane pole until it bends nearly double, the line taut and moving quickly back and forth.

"Hold on Jack. That's a big one for sure. Try backing up before you break your pole. Here I can help"

Together, the two men succeed in pulling a huge bass to the edge of the creek. The flopping body fighting to re-enter the water with every move.

"Lord a Mercy he's a big one. Here, you hold tight Jack and I will go fetch him on a stringer before he gets loose" said Joe.

Joe stepped on the bass to stop his frantic movements and ran a stringer line through his gills and out of his mouth. "I got him Jack. I say he weighs 8 or 9 pounds. That's the biggest bass I have ever seen come out of this creek by far."

"He will be good eating for sure".

After they secured the bass and tied the stringer to a tree they resumed their positions on the buckets and were quiet for a while. The sun sank a little lower and the shadows became longer as darkness begin to spread.

"Ain't got much more time to fish" said Jack. "I don't want to get caught out here in the pitch black. I might never find my way home".

"What you in a hurry for? I got a flashlight. I recon we can stay as long as they is biting. Besides, your old lady ain't done with her new boyfriend yet."

"Ha! Well, when I saw how that fish was floppin" around I reminded me of your old lady last time I got in the sack with her. She told me 'honey, grab a holt of something cause this is going to be a rough ride' hahaha"

"Shhh What is that? Be quiet you old fool. Did you see that green light up there? Get down Jack"

Jack crouched down and Joe pulled him the rest of the way down. They lay in the cold mud on the creek bank looking a a deep emerald green light they flashed and then glowed steadily for a few seconds. They could see movement around the light as if someone was walking around it. Occasionally they heard a whirring noise and sometimes they thought they heard voices.

"Let's get the hell outter here Jack. I don't like this at all." They scrambled to their feet when the green glow got weaker and grabbed their gear. they made their way down the creek bank in the dark not speaking.

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