I think it is wonderful that an animal right group stepped up for these poor animals. They are the victims here. I am a resident of Monroe and I am so ashamed of how these poor animals were treated in the care on Monroe County Animal Control. Did you know those idiots waited to get those poor animals any medical attention till they just started dying and there had been many calls of possible abuse out to that home but those lazy p.o.s would not got check. Four dogs died in their care and Busters Pitbull rescue was trying to help and they would not let them. When I was in school to be a LVT, I fostered for a rescue group and you know Monroe's ACO would rather put animals to sleep than release to rescue groups. Then I got father in law to adopt from their when he got the dog, it died the next day of parvo. Good job Monroe ACO you should be real proud of the once again ass of a job you did again. Thank you to the rescue group that is helping!!!!