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#1 Jun 13, 2011
Has anyone else had problems with the stupid girls or whatever that works in Dr Partens office? They are the hatefullest and rudest people I have ever encountered working in a doctor's office. They don't realize if it was not for patients they would not have a job. Dr. Parten wake up, before the State Medical Board comes in on you, for not releasing records to patients and the rudeness that your staff is showing the patients you had.

United States

#2 Jun 13, 2011
They have always been like that I no longer go there. Now my family goes to Dr. Wagner and they are very nice there. If I had to go to jonesboro er I would before I set foot in that place. So sad for the elderly that can't drive to another place. shame on them!!! Rude unprofessional hateful people!!!

Cabot, AR

#4 Jun 14, 2011
My family has used Dr. Parten for years. We all like him very much. I've never known of him being rude, unprofessional, or hateful to anyone. I also hate dealing with the women in the office, but their terrible attitudes aren't enough to drive me away from a doctor I know and trust.

Ash Flat, AR

#6 Jun 15, 2011
We use DR. PARTEN and have for years and will continue as long as he is a DR."BEWARE" what happen did you want something and didn't get it? If you don't like his employees then you have the choice to go where ever you and your family want to.So just go to another dr.and i am sure DR. PARTEN won't miss you and your family.Just post it when you find a dr that have all nice employees. There are good employees and there are bad ones every where you go.So just go find the perfect dr office that has perfect employees. GOOD LUCK. Remember you could have been the one that caused the employees to have a bad attitude.All i can say it is your loss and i am sure the office personal will not miss you at all.

Blytheville, AR

#7 Jun 15, 2011
you must not be able to read english very well. I said I now go to Dr. Wagner and I never said I Dr. Parten was rude he is a VERY NICE MAN but the office people are RUDE. And where we go now they are nice. And who knows it may be better I stopped going over 17 years ago and people do talk about the ladies up there sorry that pisses you off, but it's true. have a nice day...

Cherokee Village, AR

#9 Jun 15, 2011
'whatever" i have a nice day every day. yes i can read ENGLISH very well thank you!! there are rude people every where you go.like the parks,dr. offices, grocery stores,restruants,you name it there is always some rude people.so i am not sorry if i pissed you off. so you have a nice day.:)

Blytheville, AR

#10 Jun 16, 2011
unreal, are you an employee of doc's? you sure sound like carolyn..lol...jus sayn...i have been docs patient forever...you all have a great one

Jonesboro, AR

#11 Jun 16, 2011
Its big snob city MONETTE thats just the way it is now and always has been. you have to have some kind of stick up your butt in Monette to be treated like real people.

Imboden, AR

#13 Jun 16, 2011
"BLACKCAT" you would more about snobs and have to have a stick up your butt.i hate to be the one to tell you this but if you don't like MONETTE just pack your stuff and move on.you know everything you should know if this is carolyn or not???? i use DR. PARTEN and he is a great dr and a very nice one at that.he is a repected dr.and i apreciate everything he does for me and always will.his office workers are not the only people that can be rude there are patients that are just as rude or worse than the employees.i am not saying that the workers are rude. some people go in there with a attitude and so what do you expect the employees to do just sit back and take people attitudes? i believe if anyone comes in with a attitude then i would get an attitude also.so BLACKCAT IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED NICE THEN YOU SHOULD ACT NICE YOURSELF. THANK YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY. I KNOW I WILL!!!!!!! P.S. BLACKCAT I KNOW MORE ABOUT MONETTE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW.
Paul Harvey

Ash Flat, AR

#15 Jun 16, 2011
I set and read this stuff for fun and it so funny how people thinks " Topix.com " is like something really important, it's like it's the NEW'S and it really matters what they say!! One week it's Flash Mkt. the next week it Farmers Mkt, Dollar General!! I've worked behind and stood in front of all the counters and people in general think if they walk in a business that they should be treated like Kings & Queens... People it 2011 people could not really give a crap anymore, look at the whole world it falling apart more each and every day turn your looking for check and walk away with your head held high and shut your freaking mouth about somebody didn't smile and say HI like they should have, if you don't like MONETTE or it's people it's real easy " JUST STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR BEAUTIFUL LIL TOWN !!!! "
This is Paul Harvey Have A Nice Day !!!!!!!
Happy Days Too Whom You Are :)

United States

#17 Jun 17, 2011
U need not go any farther than carolyn parrish for the patents probllems n the office of dr parten, I saw her treat the sweeeetest lady n the world with disrespectful rudness u could ever witness. Mrs lucy prince is an angel and was treated terrible.!!!

Blytheville, AR

#18 Jun 17, 2011
i didnt say a dang word about carolyn, ive lived here all my life born and bred. I love dr parten he is my dr and a very good one, and i also know this town very well, i have never been anything but nice to those people, so dont cop any crap with me i didnt say anything that bad and i if you want any of my ass ive got it with me. Somebody must have pissed in your cheerios. geez

Blytheville, AR

#19 Jun 17, 2011
I dont think you know anything about monette that i dont. i promise you i know alot.

Ash Flat, AR

#20 Jun 17, 2011
Blackcat you sure have a attitude yourself.If you think the employees should just bow down to you when you walk in? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.I was born and raised in MONETTE also and i like my home town very much. I use DR. PARTEN and so does my family. They have always been nice to us. If i had as many problems that you have with the staff then i would go somewhere else.As far as knowing about MONETTE you can't prove it by me you know more than me or anyone else that has been there all their life.So blackcat try and get a life and leave the DR'S staff alone if you know how and go and gripe about the way the economy is and see what kind of attitude those people will have. I don't think they will welcome you with open arms.If you want to improve people attitudes go where you can make a world of difference.I am sure you can make a real change in the world by just complaining about about what goes on in MONETTE.Because thats as far as you will get.So blackcat you have a good week end and at least the office will be closed and you want get your little feelings hurt. I ENJOY MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!!!!!!!!

Blytheville, AR

#21 Jun 18, 2011
Your a fruitcake, what the hell are you on my case for i didnt say a damn thing about his freakin staff i said monette people and there are some that are snobs alot of them. im not going a damn place so just kiss my fn ass please and i have never been anything but nice to those people up there. Sooooooo FU I enjoy my life to the fullest also and you need to get off you high horse, i can make a comment on here just like the rest of you so get over yourself. you sound like someone that needs therapy

Ash Flat, AR

#23 Jun 19, 2011
BLACKCAT from reading your little bit of shit i can tell you are the one that needs the therapy not me. you are so stupid you need to get a sign and write STUPID on it and walk around town and let everybody see you in person. get out from behind the computer and do that. the idiot that you are.you also need to watch you mouth since you are calling yourself some kind of intelligent person. NOT!!but you have a good week end and i hope no one pisses on your flakes. YOU BIG FLAKE YOURSELF.I AM ONE PERSON THAT IS ON A VERY TALL PEDESTAL AND YOU CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT.:) oh yea be sure and stay in monette so you can judge people that seams to be what you do best!!!!!!!!!

Bono, AR

#24 Jun 19, 2011
wtf ever. your opinion doesnt make or break me lol get over yourself. i wont be one this stupid topix again because i really dont care!
just sayin

Trumann, AR

#25 Jun 21, 2011
The way you're all carrying on, I would think ya'll were really from Poinsett Co., not Monette! lol

Jacksonville, AR

#26 Jul 20, 2011
Well, I think everyone knows how the Doctors Office is in Monette.
Dr. Parten is a very nice person and fine doctor.
His staff on the other hand is a completely different story.
Now if you watch your p's and q's and dot all your i's and cross all your t's then you might get a smile and How are You...
But,if you don't go to the right church or associate with only a certain group of people, then you probably won't even get a nod...
Oh yeah, but I forgot, the office manager is a Christian and member of a gospel group which is suppose to minister to everyone and set a good example.
Yes, everyone has bad days.
Everyone that walks into that office should be treated as you would want to be treated.
I wonder why they have a big turn over in personnel?
If everyone quit going the Dr. Partens then somebody might not have a job much longer.
I hope and pray Dr. Parten recovers well, but we all know he has had alot of health problems in the last few years.
As to all the other ones up there, good luck...
just me

Cherokee Village, AR

#27 Jul 21, 2011
well where i grew up.you could tell who the christian where by the way they acted.here they r just as rude as the dopers.they come in you place of work .and buy there beer and cigs.and just as friendly as they can be.meet them on the street they dont speak.its funny to me.its like split personality.lol.all in all.we do have a good little town.even with the good and bad people.it the same everywhere people.everyone just needs to try to get along.god says love the naughbor.god bless everyone.

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