Jone Knapton Homicide Task Force

Jone Knapton Homicide Task Force

There are 81 comments on the story from Jan 24, 2006, titled Jone Knapton Homicide Task Force. In it, reports that:

EAST MOLINE, IL a ' The Illinois State Police announced today the formation of the Jone Knapton Homicide Task Force.

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Former Co-worker

Northbrook, IL

#21 Sep 4, 2008
I previously worked with LK in the early 90's and I cannot believe he would do something like this. He would help everyone in the office...he was the go-to guy whenever we needed help.

Lexington, SC

#22 Dec 31, 2008
I have just met Larry Knapton but he is using another name sure wished I knew more about him.

Gurnee, IL

#23 Jan 4, 2009
Fascinating thread. I recall that someone who was related to Jone gave me a haircut a couple of years ago. She shared similar sentiments to those posted here as she was cutting. I don't recall the woman's name, nor do I remember the specific details she shared. But I remember getting the impression that being close or related to Jone gave this woman a sense of identity, and a feeling of righteousness.

It's a curious phenomenon. While the woman (and those who are commenting in this thread) are clearly victims of this crime (in the sense that we are all victims when one human treats another human with violence), none of them are the direct victim. The sisters-in-law are trying to stake a position of more righteousness in relation to the others. No one is more justified than any other to speak of their pain and loss. Regardless of their relationship to the victim, or relationship to someone suspected of being the killer. Pain is not logical, it's an emotion. It afflicts anyone who has a heart. To denigrate another's pain because that person has a different relationship with a victim is chop-logic.

The self righteous tone of many of the posts in this thread denigrate the memory of Jone Knapton. None of us has any more right than any other to claim a more justified pain at the death of this woman.

I suspect that Jone was, as people have described, a delightful woman. And it's also unquestionably true that this was a heinous crime, and one that speaks to the brokenness of a society that seems hell bent on perpetuating violence as a means to solving problems. Some of the people posting in this forum are eager for vengeance, and a violent death (or rotting in hell) of the person who committed this crime would not appear to cause a sleepless night for some. I suspect that such an outcome will not bring peace to broken hearts. That peace can only begin to grow in an environment of forgiveness.

United States

#24 Jan 5, 2009

I don't believe the sisters are gaining any "identity" from the gruesome demise of their beloved sister; it's more likely that they want the SOB to not only be caught, but to suffer as she did.
Pray, Wonderer, that a sociopath, like him doesn't cross your "sun-filled" path.

Forgiveness my derriere!

Gurnee, IL

#25 Jan 16, 2009
Drako -- So causing another to suffer relives suffering? I don't see how.

Lexington, SC

#26 Feb 8, 2009
I met Larry "Brad" a few months ago in SC. He comes across as a very sweet, kind, gentle man. Since I have found out all of this I find myself having a very hard time beleiving anything he says. I hope justice is served.
Da Police

Springfield, IL

#27 Feb 22, 2009

Just wanna let you know we did not stop working on the case.

Lexington, SC

#28 Mar 24, 2009
well wanted to let every one know Larry has left South Carolina. Do not know were he is headed but be on the look out for him.

West Des Moines, IA

#29 Apr 6, 2009
Last i heard he went to new york. But I think he has been back to Iowa cause he has family there as well.

Norway, IA

#30 May 7, 2009
I work with the women his is suppose to be living with in Wall Lake and she said he is in New York and sounds like he lives hi off the hog, and thinks he is a womenizer. This man needs to be put away and pay for everything he has ever done to everyone. What of P O S. He needs to ROT in hell.
women in Iowa

Norway, IA

#31 May 8, 2009
I am the women in Iowa that Larry lives with and I feel I need to respond to certain posts on here. I do not believe Larry is a "womenizer" or an evil person. He cheated on me (as many men and women have done) but that doesnt make him an evil person. He made a stupid mistake (his own words). I would also like to add that people cheat because there are people out there willing to cheat with them. This other women knew he was involved with me and still pursued him and still is. Does it make it right? NO it doesnt but she is just as much to blame. what is the term we use for those women? You all know what I am referring to. I do not think we live "hi on the hog" nor does he. We live a modest life and work hard for things we have. I have been with him for over 5 years now and he has never harmed me or even raised his voice to me for that matter. People are entiltled to give there own opinions of him but so am I, and he did NOT do anything to harm his wife. One day the person(s) responsible will be caught and be put to justice. Comments that are made about him not only effect him but also those around him who care about him very much (young and old). I think people should keep their "theories" to themselves. In the world I live in you are INNOCENT until proven guilty and I have seen enough evidence to know for myself that he IS innocent.

Norway, IA

#32 May 11, 2009
i no longer work with that lady he lives with in wall lake i moved out of the area. i wish her luck she is a nice lady.

Lexington, SC

#33 May 12, 2009
I know the woman that is spposed to be pursing Larry Knapton you need to wake up it is the other way around. When he first meet her he told her lie after lie and matter of fact just spent more time with her away from New York.
Woman in Iowa

Norway, IA

#34 May 12, 2009
Mary wrote:
I know the woman that is spposed to be pursing Larry Knapton you need to wake up it is the other way around. When he first meet her he told her lie after lie and matter of fact just spent more time with her away from New York.
lol. She knew shortly after meeting Larry about everything because I personally called her and told her and she still continued to see him and call him. I was on the phone when she told him to choose and he said that he was staying with his family. And I am fully aware that he went down to NC because he told me. He got the ring back from her and that should have been a hint for her but she continues to make wedding plans for July and tells him that he needs to quit his job and move down there with her. She lives in denial obviously and neither will happen and it's good to hear she has friends to support her when she realizes this.

My post was only to say that he is not an evil person and did not harm his wife in any way. Yes he was not faithful and acknowledged that he had made a mistake. If she cant see that after all of what she has seen and heard then I doubt she ever will.
Lady in NC

Savannah, GA

#35 May 14, 2009
Dear Woman in Iowa,
I would like to respond to your posting from yesterday I'm close to the LADY you are referring to as prusing Larry. Since we are posting for the WORLD to see lets be HONEST in our postings. I know who is prusing who and to be truthful so do you. You are truthful when you say he cheated on you but once the LADY in question found this out she did let him know she was not that type of LADY she would not be part of anything of that nature. He made the decision to continue to pruse her. Your are also so being truthful when you say people cheat that is usually when they are unhappy not just becasue there are other people willing to cheat also. Lets get to the meat of this posting!!!! NOW lets be honest again, I have read your e-mail to this Lady and they are in no way the same tone nor do you use the same sweet language you have used in your postings. Let's stop trying to be someone your not. If you so VERY close to Larry why is it that you do not know the LADY he is prusing has her RING back on her hand and have confirmed wedding plans!!! And if you are aware of their NC visit are you also aware of their Virginia weekend. I will close this posting by saying we should not post things we are not sure of and if you are hateful in your e-mail you should show your same side in postings for the WORLD to see. One other thing, I believe I know who is in denial and it doesn't appear to be the LADY in NC. Once you were not able to run her away with your e-mail you started posting to this site. This website should be used for the purpose it was created for postings about Joan!!!!!!!!!!
Should the LADY from NC need me I will always be there. Have a good day and be truthful in your postings!!!!!
Woman in Iowa

Norway, IA

#36 May 14, 2009
Looks like I am the only one who is being honest here and I guess the truth will come out in court. I do hope you show up, I know this other lady will be there because I have made it a requirement just so she see's the proof. He obviously was saying the same things to boh of us except he planed a Sandals resort vacation for me. I gave her a sample of the proof I had and she still wants him? I am not that desperate so she can have him. And she can live with the guilt that she was part of destroying a family and she too will rot in hell. If she was not that "type of lady" then why is she with him now knowing he has a family in Wall Lake? My first email to her was not nasty at all. I sent her an email telling her that he was back with me and thats it. It wasnt until she sent a nasty email to me that I resipricated. As far as posting on this site. I posted because others have posted nasty posts about him including people Deb knows and I responded. I was not going to allow that if in fact he was the stand person I thought he was but he obviously is not the same person and he deserves everything people have said to him and much more.

Bensenville, IL

#39 Jun 29, 2009
Ha Ha Ha! A child pornographer is not innocent! I can't believe you allowed your children to be arround him. You may think he is innocent but I have known him much longer than you ever will. I know what happened and it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out. You say you live modestly yeah right! Living off of my mothers life insurance is more like it. I can't believe you can live with yourself.

Bensenville, IL

#40 Jun 29, 2009
To the woman who is marring my father: I hope you plan on being his next victem. I want nothing to do with you and can't believe after all of the lies he has told you that you could still go through with it. He will be caught and I hope you plan on visiting your husband in jail.
Women in Iowa

Norway, IA

#41 Jun 29, 2009
I am no longer with him. He is currently engaged to a women and living in NC. As far as me living off of your mothers life insurance....I think not. I work and pay my own bills (no man supports me). He never supported me. I can live with myself just fine. The only crime he is guilty of is cheating and lying about it and yes he will pay eventually.

Bensenville, IL

#42 Jun 29, 2009
Larry is guilty of so much more than you know! I am sure you are not aware that his is a felon. You need to come clean and tell the police what you know. Also, quit claming that he is your family. He abandoned his family a long time ago. I know that he murdered my mother and there is proof. He will pay for his crimes. Just keep living in the bubble that you do.

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