Annawan High School players arrested ...

Annawan High School players arrested in locker room ''incident''

There are 615 comments on the WQAD story from Jan 5, 2010, titled Annawan High School players arrested in locker room ''incident''. In it, WQAD reports that:

ANNAWAN, Illinois - Three area basketball players for Annawan High School have been arrested and charged after a locker room ''incident'' involving a freshman player, and the alleged victim's mother wants them kicked out of school for good.

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United States

#612 Jan 9, 2010
check yourself Amy wrote:
Things always seem to come back and bite you in the *****.. I went to Annawan and the victim's mom was one of the biggest bullies in High School. She may not have went to this extreme but she did her share of making fun and tormenting others. Maybe she should appologize to all of those she treated unfairly. I know her son has nothing to do with the way she acted and did not deserve this but she should think back to the things she did. Would she have wanted a criminal record for the things she did.
Well maybe if the "important people "would have left her alone in school ,maybe she would not have had to defend her self.The snotty a-- people in that school didn't know who they were screwing with .Those people might like to reflect at this time.

United States

#613 Jan 9, 2010
Balls to the face motha Chuka!

Peoria, IL

#614 Jan 9, 2010
Home of the Braves wrote:
you guys, it was just a teabag, or a trout slap. i've grown up in annawan and am now in college. we do this all the time to each other, not just in the locker rooms. its part of growing up and being a man. What is with this junk about being kicked out? the kids be kids.
So putting your nuts in another guys mouth and having a dick slap you is part of being a man?

United States

#616 Jan 9, 2010
sounds like they really know how to have fun in Annawan;;;;Not.

Theodore, AL

#617 Jan 9, 2010
I do agree with some comments on here, while I believe the boys are completely in the wrong, and disgusting for their actions, no one truly has the right to bash the families. Whether or not you like the families is on your conscience, but your thoughts don't need to be spread across the area.
Anytime you say something, you look just as stupid as the 3 boys. As a high school senior, I understand the boys side to an extent. While this has never happened at RIHS, many other pranks have been pulled causing trouble.

Then again, if something like this did happen at RIHS, the police wouldn't be the only ones involved in the punishment either. While most believe our schools are full of gangs and fights, it isn't 100% the case. But we know who to mess with and who not to mess with, unlike these boys. They had it coming, and they got what they deserved. Luckily for the rest of the community, they've still got a court date.

The rest of Annawan still stands a chance to see these boys in trouble for what they've truly done.

Beardstown, IL

#618 Jan 10, 2010

Osco, IL

#619 Jan 11, 2010
Gee...looks like the cat is out of the bag now. Peoria newspaper carried it in their newspaper today. Who's next, Chicago? New York? Los Angeles?
Article in the "Sports" section Jan 11, 2010 @ 11:01 PM.

Des Moines, IA

#620 Jan 12, 2010
i concider that hazing if that happened to one of the good boys that r a students and great at sports god for bid they all need 2 b charged as sex affenders they r old enough to know it was wrong1619
doesnt matter

Jacksonville, AL

#621 Jan 12, 2010
Unknown wrote:
<quoted text>
EXACTLY! I agree fully. They did it as a joke, not to intentialy hurt anyone. I know them, they are so nice. The boy didnt say anything so he obviously didn't find it that offensive or he would have. If any charges get pressed he should get ot pick them.
hey would you like sweety balls in ur face? i think not that freaking gross doesnt matter if it was a joke or not! if your a girl that like a sweety vagina in your face. look at it from prospective!

Osco, IL

#622 Jan 15, 2010
Dad's & Mom's: "The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown" fire?
Remember that one?
So Sad for my community

Berwick, PA

#623 Jan 16, 2010
Unfortunately for the vicitm that this had to happen. But for the abusers this is not their first offense, not even their second and they need to have very serious consequences for their very serious actions. They have been allowed to run rampant and get away with many things for many years by a school system that chooses to sweep things under the rug and pretend that they don't happen, especially for athletes and students whose parents are well known. Joe Buresh has not taken discipline seriously for a very long time and many students have learned that they can get away with a slap on the wrist. And over the years their bad behaviors have escalated. I am proud of the parents of the victim for taking a stance against this kind of behavior!
The parents of these students also need to take some blame. They are good parents and good people, but have watched as their children have progressivly become worse and worse and have done little to nothing about it. If the school is not going to issue consequences then they should have a long time ago.
If things had been stopped and serious consequences given by the parents and the school system the first time these students crossed the line they may not have learned and believed that this behavior was acceptable. It is time for Annawan to get rid of Joe Buresh and bring in someone who will not sweep the poor and out of control behaviors of athletes and other students and under the rug. They also need to elect a board that does not give preferential treatment to some students because of who their parents are and how good of an athlete they are.
I hope that these boys get the full consequences of their actions and I hope that other students in Annawan learn from this that it is not an anything goes community. Annawan is a great community that has let their students run out of control for too long!
So Sad for my community

Berwick, PA

#624 Jan 16, 2010
Unknown wrote:
This is my last comment. All of you commenting on this. Have you ever done something? Got caught? Felt bad? Knew you shouldn't have done it? Regret it? Wish you could take it back? Now it lives on with you til the day you die? Think of them. They have to live with this forever. They made a mistake, they confessed. Give it a break. Let the boy decide what happens to them. One guy was planning on going into the army or some thing like that. It's ruined now.
The problem is that these boys have done things like this over and over again and nothing has happened. They should live with this forever. What they did was wrong and their needs to be consequences. Knowing all three of the boys involved, they all knew that this was wrong, before they did it. They should have known that by doing this it could have a major affect on their futures. If you are going to do the crime you need to do the time.
So Sad for my community

Berwick, PA

#625 Jan 16, 2010
Unknown wrote:
<quoted text>
That was a school prank, it happens everywhere.
It doesn't make it right!

Elizabeth, NJ

#626 Jan 19, 2010
second chance for those kids

Geneseo, IL

#627 Jan 19, 2010
I read all these comments in response to the blog, and really people? Half of these people that commented live in cities no where near Annawan, do you even know these guys? Shame on everyone that judged them so harshly based on one article that really only shows you one view of the story. I think WQAD should shut this down. What if the boys read these things, you really want to put them through anything more than they're going through. Everyone needs to mind their own business and leave these guys alone.

Osco, IL

#628 Jan 20, 2010
joe wrote:
second chance for those kids
Three strikes and O-U-T. They already had two.

Osco, IL

#629 Jan 20, 2010
Stephanie wrote:
I read all these comments in response to the blog, and really people? Half of these people that commented live in cities no where near Annawan, do you even know these guys? Shame on everyone that judged them so harshly based on one article that really only shows you one view of the story. I think WQAD should shut this down. What if the boys read these things, you really want to put them through anything more than they're going through. Everyone needs to mind their own business and leave these guys alone.
Yeah,. "mind their own business" Do you mean like totally so the two adults jumping and pinning down the 14 year old minor child,(might I add, while the child was pulling his shirt up over his head? Cowardly blind-sided?) while another (pupil) then proceeded to stick his own "business" in said jumped minor child's face?
Just what are they "going through" that the rest of minor children everywhere is not going through after violation? Bullying and what-not.
Shame on us? Right back at you, Ma'am. ;-0
What in the heck, does it matter where we live? Or, if we "know" the three self-admitted and documented law-breakers?
It's called: "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" (a little thing called 'First Amendment' in the Bill of Rights, ever hear of it?) that includes Y-O-U, WQAD and all of us.
IMO, let the perps read the posts, no...better yet, read and then in adjudicated "Alternative" School,(or preferably IDOC) write on blackboard every day a 1000 times each: "We will not sexually assault and pledge to be good citizen's." You know; 'Do Unto Other's?'
Oh, and by the way Steph., it is NOT a "blog" it is a television news cast story. You know: "The medium is the message." (Marshall McLuhan) The topic is "Annawan High School Player's..."
And you Ma'am are posting in "COMMENTS."

Osco, IL

#630 Jan 20, 2010
So Sad for my community wrote:
<quoted text>
It doesn't make it right!
Although I hear what you're saying So Sad, I can't agree, with that. It doesn't happen everywhere, and should not happen anywhere.
Like I told the boys a couple days ago, something you might joke about, in the locker room, but...not not actually ever do. It's a crime.(f-e-l-o-n-y)
Just saying.
scott neahring

Peru, IL

#631 Jan 23, 2010
that was stupid of them

United States

#632 Jan 28, 2010
A-Town Alumn wrote:
<quoted text>
It happened to AT LEAST one freshman a year when I was in high school, along with several other "hazing" incidents that I won't go into graphic detail about. Your stupid and blind if you think this is an out of the ordinary "incident". That being said, rules are changing and they have to be smart enough to understand that zero tolerance means you can't get away with that stuff any more.-Punished and expelled sure... Criminal charges- No. Don't take away 3 "kids" chances to be productive members of society for one mistake made in a high school locker room haze.
Wow! I'm not from this area and the ignorance and racial issues in this area are mind boggling to me, from all races. Now as for whether or not these children deserve criminal charges I disagree with you. First of all a couple of these kids have gotten into recent trouble and every incedent seems to progressively be getting more severe and violent. Where does it end, and if we don't take extreme action will it. As far as this poor child who is half black is concerned, and his mother who seems to be taking this better than I or my wife ever would, how can your stomach not turn over for what they are having to go through. If you or your friends had to go through this "hazing" then you are as hick, disturbed and as much to blame as these other kids parents are, for not stopping back in your day. Most people on this site would sing a completely different tune if it had been 4 black kids sexually assaulting one of these rich white kids. The police would have been all over that and no where near the amount of people would have complained. Heaven forbid this happens to a girl at this school if we don't stop this, but if you were the parents of a girl and these boys pinned her down and stuck their privates in her face or where ever, can you imagine how sick and angry you would be. They would get the max sentence from the school and the law. Since it is however 4 rich white kids its not a gigantic deal... do you really see that as rite or do you only see it as white...?

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