fight at 191 south in mokena....
dont mattter

Mokena, IL

#61 Aug 9, 2009
okay to clear you all up on your BS remarks towards eric or joe, first off no one is on here trying to correct grammer so lets throw that out the window who cares? grow up...and about this fight, every single person i have talked to that knows eric either from school or college or jus in general knows this kid had it comming, he got what he deserved, he ran his mouth at the wrong place at the wrong time to the wrong dude and met his match, the curb. joe did not knock him out so when the courts have this all over with you idiots who think eric is so damn innocent, need to have a reality check and relaize eric got what he deserved, no not the hospital or comma but to get hit, he hit my friend first n hats a fact so self defence or pure stupidity on either behlafs realy dosent matter...the fact is ERIC hit him first, in court thats all that matters, he (joe) was defending himself...and btw who the hell with a 3 yr old kid goes to a bar and fights a 21 yr old on his birthday? hes 26 with a kid and fights? sounds liek eric had more issues then one coming his way .... and for the comment on he belongs in a cage, hes a villian or w.e u wana say. do u know joe? no. have u met joe? no. joe is not the typ of kid that goes around "fighting" for fun.... hes no villan hes no animal ...mayb on tha baseball feild because he cranks homers, but hes not a bad kid he will be out of jail soon and the facts will come out and you all will be in shock on what actualy happend that night...get your facts strait..

Frankfort, IL

#62 Aug 9, 2009
Cringe...... ew... Don't Matter - you are a very angry person; I suppose it helps to write it down.

Romeoville, IL

#63 Aug 9, 2009
margaret wrote:
Cringe...... ew... Don't Matter - you are a very angry person; I suppose it helps to write it down.
I definitely agree with you, Margaret.

Bolingbrook, IL

#65 Aug 9, 2009
erics frat was banned from southern for raping one of my friends

Greenwood, IN

#66 Aug 9, 2009
I think that teacher at LWC/football coach needs to let up and let his son turn himself into jail. How many times do we have to see moose sit in jail?
idiots II

New Lenox, IL

#67 Aug 9, 2009
first of all all u fools out there that think u know the story u are wrong. ok look at the mug shot joe had no bruises maybe eric shouldnt hit like a pussy. secondly bruises dont show up instantly. he picked the wrong person to try to bully and got knocked out. yea what happened to him was horrible and i wish it on no one, but it could have easily been the other way around so how bout all of you people who are sitting here saying shit who dont have the slightest idea of what happened shut ur fucking mouths. one kid who may be completely innocent yes innocent cuz you dont know the whole story is sitting in jail for no reason and another kid is in a coma. have some respect for both and mind ur own business
wake up

Sunnyvale, CA

#68 Aug 10, 2009
Why are people sitting here and mocking one another, rather than praying and hoping for one anothers' best interest, everyone wants to pick a fight. This should open up everyones eyes and see what fighting and alcohol does to people. The heartache each of the family and friends are going though on both ends! I just hope that in the end everything works out for everyone and people open their eyes. Eric isn't the only one that needs to wake up!
you werent there

Sunnyvale, CA

#69 Aug 10, 2009
The bar was kicking everyone out, it was closing, and the bouncers were telling everyone to leave, just like they always do when its closing time. Its not the bars fault, first of all it wasn't inside the bar, it was outside and although it is on their property they aren't responsible for the fight. I'm assuming this is another reason why they try to remove everyone from the bar right away. I'm saddened that a young man is in the hospital, however wouldn't you defend yourself if you were being mocked, especially if someone hit you first? I was always raised that if someone were to hit me, I can hit them back. Besides he's not the one that hit him first, there is no logical way. Joe is not the kind of person to pick fights, he's the guy that will make you roll on the floor laughing when your having a hard day, will be one of the first kids at your door when you need him, and have you cheering the loudest at his baseball games. He was put in jail on his 21st birthday!!!! Could you imagine!?! He's been in jail long enough and all his friends and family are here praying for him and coming together in ways you never thought possible.

Sunnyvale, CA

#70 Aug 10, 2009
margaret wrote:
Cringe...... ew... Don't Matter - you are a very angry person; I suppose it helps to write it down.
Well at least were defending our friend.... Nobody can say that eric was this amazing person!!! And never got into fights... And that his frat didn't kick him out for raping a girl... How wonderful is your friend...guess his baby's mama didn't want to be with him either...its sad that's he's in the hospital nobody deserves that, but from everyone I ever talk to they all say that eric had it coming...

Chicago, IL

#71 Aug 10, 2009
If anyone knows anything about this you sure aren't making it seem that way. The fight happened at 12:50, therefore it was not when the bar was closing, and everyone wasn't being told to leave. Per witnesses that were NOT at the bar, but picking designated drivers that are no way affiliated with Eric, all gave the same statment that there was NO, read that NO, punches thrown by Eric, in fact, there wasn't even a confratation. Doesn't anyone realize that Joe was SUPER drunk, it was his 21st bday. He had been out all night starting at a BBQ at his parents, then to a bar in New Lenox, then finally to 191. The bouncers even said that there was no arguement, Eric didn't talk "shit" to him. Eric was blindsided. Do you think Joe would really still be in jail if the he had thrown the first punch and this was self defense? Think about it. Get your facts right, his frat wasn't kicked off campus for what is being said as a rape, it was a totally different incident that I don't feel is even part of this conversation so I am not going to get into details about it. As for Eric having a 3 year old son, what does that have to do with it? Also, for the comment saying why was he at a bar when he has a child, now come on, that is ridiculous. Just because you have a child doesn't mean that you are not allowed out of the house. He is an amazing father, very involved. You have NO CLUE about that circumstance so that should not even be anyway discussed here. Eric did not have it coming, none of the people on here that are obviously ALL Joe's friends know Eric at all. Also, stop saying it isn't the bars fault. Maybe you should educate yourself on something called "Liquor Liability," and "Assault & Battery," which is insurance that a bar buys to protect themselves from these exact incidents that occur. Ever heard of over-serving? Or ever heard a story when someone leaves the bar, drives, and then kills someone, and that persons family then sues the bar? Exactly, so please do not speak on subjects that are clearly above your head. If Eric was aware that this was going to happen, I am sure that it would not have ended the way it did, he would have at least been able to defend himself, no sucker punched from the side when he wasn't paying attention. As for him being such a bad person, and deserved what he got, come on, please re-think what you type and act like an adult. None of you know him personally, he is actually a very kind hearted person, funny, nice, and would do anything for anyone. I am not saying that Joe isn't a good person, but sometimes liquor gets the best of you, especially when consuming in excess, which is known to happen on your 21st bday, which of all you have reiterated over and over again. Eric was acting mature for all of you that are saying otherwise, a punch was never thrown by him. This again is stated by the witnesses that are no way affilated with Eric, never met him, didn't even know his name. Sitting here and bad mouthing either party over and over is not going to change anything, in fact it will make it worse for each of the loved ones involved.
Each side has said their part on what they think of the individuals involved, now isn't it time to move on. Joe's friends aren't going to convince Eric's friends otherwiese, and vise-versa, so what' the point of this anymore? Can't we just all go and pray and encourage the ones we care about and not keep going back and forth with this nonsense? Please think about it before posting again with so and so is terrible and deserved it, and this person said that, and this person did that. Just wait until justice is served and then based on what the courts, states attorney, mokena detectives, and lawyers, etc. determine, then form your opinion.
Thank you.
Concerned friend

Englewood, CO

#72 Aug 10, 2009
I am kindly asking all of Eric's friends (or friends of friends of Eric's friends who think they know the story) to refrain from commenting further. Let these friends of Mr. Messina's say anything they want, they will say anything to compromise the case and it will wind up backfiring. The only testimony that can be admitted in court are SOBER (and unbiased strangers) witnesses, and justice will, no doubt, prevail.

Please keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers, and while he'd be flattered by those defending his honor, it is better left to the prosecutors.

Bolingbrook, IL

#73 Aug 10, 2009
All the people who want justice should have eric arrested the second he gets better for assaulting joe... or even how about arresting the person that actually eric, because if that other kid didnt hit eric, how come he has a lawyer, how come he hasn't gone in to talk to cops??? lincoln-way teachers teaching their kids to let other people go down for things they didnt do
just wondering

Mokena, IL

#74 Aug 10, 2009
I totally agree with flabbergasted. And I'm wondering: Is this a case of 'roid rage' fueled by too much alcohol?
I mean, it wouldn't be the first time a student athlete got involved with steroids to try to keep a scholarship.
If Joe is such a great guy that wouldn't hurt a fly and serves homemade meals to the sick, why in God's name would he blindside someone only to hit him again in the face when he's on the ground bleeding profusely?(as was testified to at his second bond hearing)
Just wondering.
get it right

United States

#75 Aug 10, 2009
alright so... u people are pathetic.
get your facts straight before you go blabing wrong information. to all the people that keep talking about these nonbias witnesses, obviously they are wrong because they didnt even see the right kid hit eric. and even in court they said there was a altercation between both parties that they were looking into. so no eric did not get blindsided and no he wasnt randomly picked out and punched.

a. joe wouldnt just hit someone
b. joe didnt knock the kid out
c. there was an altercation between the boys
d. get your facts straight
get it right

United States

#76 Aug 10, 2009
just wondering wrote:
I totally agree with flabbergasted. And I'm wondering: Is this a case of 'roid rage' fueled by too much alcohol?
I mean, it wouldn't be the first time a student athlete got involved with steroids to try to keep a scholarship.
If Joe is such a great guy that wouldn't hurt a fly and serves homemade meals to the sick, why in God's name would he blindside someone only to hit him again in the face when he's on the ground bleeding profusely?(as was testified to at his second bond hearing)
Just wondering.
joe is not on steriods. thats rediculous.
college athletic programs test for that.
have u seen joe before.... def not on steroids.

Bolingbrook, IL

#77 Aug 10, 2009
eric is a snake. you people talk about how he is such a loving father then why did he file a paternity suit to try and prove that his baby was not his. he didn't want anything to do with that kid. The truth came out then, just like it will come out now. nothing he says or anybody he associates with can be taken seriously.
just wondering

Mokena, IL

#78 Aug 10, 2009
I heard one of his friends even testified against him.
Concerned Friend

Englewood, CO

#79 Aug 10, 2009
AGAIN, Eric's friends need to refrain from commenting, no matter how disgusting and untrue these statements are. Those of us who know Eric know these things aren't true and please try to keep that in mind before risking jeopardizing the case. They are monitoring this site and mentioning anything about the case is damaging to both sides. However, it has done more harm to the aggressor's case than the victim's. Let's keep it that way and stop here.

PLEASE, as tempting as it is, just continue to pray for Eric's speedy recovery instead of egging these idiots on.
Close to home

United States

#80 Aug 10, 2009
First. It is apparent that you r a young crowd. U each have something to say then would u be willing to testify? Didn't think so. Joe and Eric r not not the only people involved here. There are 2 families that have been hurt enough. So do not talk about the families as if u have any clue about them. Simply hope that your own families never experience what either family is going through. Also, the more versions of the story u conjure up the harder it is for the authorities. Let's not make it harder to put this to rest so both families can move on with the life and peace they deserve
Close to home

United States

#81 Aug 10, 2009
Hey just wondering get a grip when were steroids brought up? What next? Aliens? I understand each of u longs to eminate you gossip girl generation but enough already.

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