As far as I know of Gary Johnson, he is a very kind-hearted man who was always willing to give all his patients the time they needed to help them out in their time of illness. You had to wait a little longer to get into a room, but once you were seen with him, he spent a great deal of time trying to help an individual out in their time of illness and take whatever time it took to make them feel at ease in his diagnosis and took every step needed to ensure their recovery. He is an extremely caring, generous man who cared so much about others than himself. There were times, I could see his back might of been hurting him, due to an injury earlier in his life, but always stayed late or did whatever he had to do to take of care of his patients, even if that meant keeping longer hours on any given day. He was not one to rush you out once you were in a room and seen by him. He always made sure his patients were given the upmost importance and respect in meeting their needs. I find the allegations against this kind man very hard to envision and I hope that he will be cleared of any allegations as he does not deserve this injustice. I think this whole story has been blown way out of proportion, based on the nature of this human being's character. If you had ever been his patient you would of felt as I do and seen his kind and generous way towards adults, teenagers and kids