Mayor Temper Tantrum

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#21 Nov 8, 2012
Hopeless Mohawk, I could not agree more. This person seems to pursue some personal agenda instead of what is best for the students in our community. Not sure what she is afraid of, that she won't be abel to bully her way through anymore if we merge?
Call it like it is

Syracuse, NY

#22 Nov 8, 2012
AGREED ! Lori is useless. She has no facts and no brain matter to support or back up any of her opinions. I wish i could have been a fly on the wall to hear both the mayor and the coach continually ask on point questions and watch the board sit there and stare at thier notes, hanging their heads in shame.


Thanks for hoding back our kids !!

Albany, NY

#23 Nov 8, 2012
Is it because of insurance liability that the Board won't let third parties use the field? One lawsuit could break our already withered bank accounts. Just curious, I have no skin in this game.

Syracuse, NY

#24 Nov 8, 2012
No, it is not. Pop Warner carries their own insurance, they have to in order to participate. Also, the school is already covered on that policy, because they play some of their games behind jarvis and one under the lights this year as well.

New York, NY

#25 Nov 9, 2012
School board take heed...You have lost the people that you supposodely "represent" (thats right you dont speak for your own PETTY reasons or self, YOU are supposed to represent the best interest of Mohawk and the CHILDREN).
Mohawk needs to examine the voting records and positions and public comments of each school board member.
If they are found not to represent the best interests of the Mohawk children and young adults, then they need to go.
One scholl board members votes against everything - as she states "I do not want my taxes to go up"; is that a statement of someone really representing the children, no it is a mean vindictive statement by a narrow minded self interested woman - who has no interest in the children at all. I won't name her like the people above - LoL, but we all know who she is.
Mayor - call for a special meeting - replace the school board in a democratic process. Hurrah for the mayor and the initiatives he provides. Shame on all those blocking our childrens education and to have a better Mohawk!

Syracuse, NY

#26 Nov 9, 2012
The following is a cut and paste from the Mohawk Board of Ed website. It is from their mission statement:

Board Philosophy (Vision Statement)
The Mohawk Central School Board of Education believes that it is the role of the school district to provide individuals, regardless of race, creed, gender or economic status, an educational experience that will prepare them to become productive members of the democratic society. To this end, the school will provide programs designed to develop the abilities of all children. In meeting this responsibility, the school district will encourage, promote, and foster throughout our schools:

1.Intellectual growth as a primary objective
2.Thorough understanding and mastery of basic skills
3.Recognition and cultivation of special talents
4.Understanding of community, nation, and an individualís role as a social member of each
5.Ability to exercise self-discipline as individuals and in groups
6.Respect for work and the ability to carry tasks through to completion
7.Stimulation of the desire for continued learning throughout life
8.The importance of the home and the family to the individual and society.

Having read that, please tkae the time to specificall reat item #4 on the list..."understanding of community and an indivudal's role as a member..."

Well THERE YOU GO your OWN words.
Way to turn your back on the community and the children.

yep they Suck

New York, NY

#27 Nov 9, 2012
Hey Mayor! Please take action against the school board. Find a reason to call a referendum - like the merger and lets get rid of the dinosaurs that do not represent me, or the children of Mohawk.
If you need an official letter - let me know I'll provide it signed. If you need voters, I can help organize and we can get these "unrepresentative persons" replaced by those who truly incorporate the values outlined in the boards own words.
The telegram tells all

Syracuse, NY

#28 Nov 10, 2012
Anyone catch the article in the Telegram this morning? Sends a nice message i do believe.

Mohawk Home BoyZ

New York, NY

#29 Nov 10, 2012
Great response by the Mayor of Mohawk in the Telegram. School Board nasties take warning! We are watching you and what you do, because we care about our children, unlike you bozos!

New York, NY

#30 Nov 10, 2012
Mohawk Home BoyZ wrote:
Great response by the Mayor of Mohawk in the Telegram. School Board nasties take warning! We are watching you and what you do, because we care about our children, unlike you bozos!
read in the news paper what one of the school board members wrote 'the reason for the turckey trot is not to make money but to bring the people together before the holidays and to bring the people closer bullshit the person who wrote this is [and we know who runs the turkey trot]is so full of shit she is by far one of the biggest snobs in mohawk and walks around like her shit dont stink its all about who you are and what crowed you hang with in this town, if you have the right last name your good to go if not your looked down on
School Board

New York, NY

#31 Nov 11, 2012
We are the evil that rots the souls of Mohawk! We will stay in place like a blight on biblical lands. We are legion. We will ensure that only we control what Mohawk can do. You can't fight us! We are in charge! We the school board!

Chicago, IL

#32 Nov 13, 2012
The turkey trot is a PTO fundraiser, it does make some money, but it is also to bring people together. PTO fundraisers are the only reason our kids get fieldtrips and it doesn't matter what your last name is, every child gts to go on these so quit bitching about the people who do good things for our kids and step up and do soemthing worthwhile yourself!

Utica, NY

#33 Nov 13, 2012
I think the Turkey Trot is a great way to raise some money AND bring the community together. What a concept..........bring the community together. Good job PTO and keep up the good work!!!

Syracuse, NY

#34 Nov 13, 2012
BOE can eat my taint
Jim Goes to the Mayor

New York, NY

#35 Nov 16, 2012
I hope people saw the BOE President's letter in the Telegram today, which gives plenty of details that our illustrious mayor left out in his rant. Such as the Board's offer to Pop Warner for the use of the field behind Jarvis and portable lights for that practice. Why wasn't that acceptable to Pop Warner or Mayor Temper Tantrum?

And hey, that supposed "practice" that caused all this trouble? That turned out to be a scrimmage between Pop Warner teams. There must have been 50 or 60 kids playing. Misrepresenting your intended use of school property is a great way to get a board to let you use their field.

New York, NY

#36 Nov 18, 2012
As for Mayor Baron is the best thing this village has happen to them in a long time. As for the school boe they have become a joke. The football team can practice on village property and its ok but pop warner can not on school property. their insurance is outstanding. An to the ones that say it could cause a lawsuit. well what about the football team getting hurt on village property? your school president is against the school merge. thats the kind of people thats on the board. I was told a long time ago by a former school board that if they say any thing about what has gone on the school board that the public should not know they would be sued for every thing they had. best of luck to mayor baron.
Park Slope

New York, NY

#37 Nov 18, 2012
The park isn't village property, it belongs to the library.
Big Red

New York, NY

#38 Nov 18, 2012
Park Slope wrote:
The park isn't village property, it belongs to the library.
Read the Weller Will, then make a statement.
Big Red

New York, NY

#39 Nov 18, 2012
I am gay and give hummers in the Weller Park gazebo.
Park Slope

New York, NY

#40 Nov 18, 2012
It's an irrevocable trust. It's not village property.

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