Modesto's Calvary Temple Academy To C...

Modesto's Calvary Temple Academy To Close

There are 36 comments on the story from Feb 10, 2008, titled Modesto's Calvary Temple Academy To Close. In it, reports that:

's Calvary Temple Academy To Close -- A church-based K-through-12 school in Modesto will close at the end of the current school year because of declining enrollment. via

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Since: Dec 09

United States

#21 Jan 1, 2010
Pastors are supposed to have financial source of income outside of the church. The Church is not supposed to support the Pastor. When watching the man on You tube he does not bring a Bible. He turns his back to the congregation to read from the screen behind him on the wall. Then a woman that was clearly not his wife walked across the stage to do something and he verbally and visually coveted her behind. A True man of God does not behave that way. The mans completely obsessed with gay sex. I would not let my child near him. He teaches his congregation to raise an army for God. Were supposed to be Fishers of men. To teach Salvation not create a holy war with an army of teen agers without wisdom brought with age. This man needs to get away from the children. His building is devoid of th Holy Spirit. I can walk into any place of Worship to feel the Spirit of Jesus but there it is just a building. Also the women in the building show too much leg and cleavage. They wear too much perfume. A true AG church DOES NOT ALLOW THAT! This man is a fraud just like Joel Osteen. Satin knows every verse of the Bible just like anyone else. he will use men in these days as his tools to have souls surrender to him. The scene of the Gathering in the middle of the street was a very good example of disobeying Jesus. We were told not to pray like heathens in the streets. I'm going to post the video of the Sheriff speaking about the Murderers of Modesto. Your GOOD Paster has not made one tiny statement to the media regarding what has happened because the man does not care. He is a hypocrite and I see it plainly. But he sure has my Mother sucked in. I'm not going to anymore of the queer concerts they put on their either. No more men in womens clothing. NO more gnomes. AG does not allow that!

United States

#22 Mar 22, 2010
i went to calvery temple school...those people were so fuccin racist...they expelled me from school for kicking a door that i never kicked in the 1st place...when they asked the teacher who kicked the door,she somehow picked me, the only black kid in the area at the time...this brand new teacher that hadnt even been working there for no more than a week picked me...i saw who kicked the door..wasnt me..bitch musta been color blind cuz dude was white..they never asked my side of the story..oh no! instead they had my stuff ready to go, locker cleaned out! but the funny thing about it is the kids that played on the football team sumhow never got in trouble? i known players bringing guns to school and getting caught and only getting a slap on the wrist..having intercourse with the females students in the girls locker room, slap on the wrist...principle knew all about it never did nothing...(he waz also 1 of the top coaches for the team)...thats why theres no more school...what goes around came rite bout around up there ass..muh fuckas

Palmdale, CA

#23 Jan 2, 2011
Jesus didn't hate anything more than someone with a Pharisaical attitude. Look at yourself in the mirror buddy. Jesus came to save people obsessed with "gay sex" as you claim Pastor Glen is (which by the way, is completely unfounded and ridiculous.) Jesus came to bring life to women "showing too much clevage" (which by the way is not true at all!) The Church is suppose to be an inviting place for all people. It's people like you, unfortunately that keep people from hearing the message of a loving God.
God loves adulterers, drunks, harlots, homosexuals, cross dressers, liars, thieves, heretics, and out of control religious people. Yep, dbrants, Jesus even loves you. It's too bad you have such a hard time showing that same love and grace to others.
I hope you can rediscover that jn your life because it sounds like you are living a life driven by the law and devoid of all purpose. Our purpose as The Church is to reach the Lost. If your life's focus is only law, that's too bad man! I hope The Holy Spirit can put a new revelation in your heart. Reread what you wrote and contrast it with the Pharisees I think it would shock you.
If you're looking for a perfect church, stop looking because you'll never find it. I attended CTWC for 5 years (I left because I moved to Southern California) I can tell you that it is a place that preaches LIFE and clearly demonstrates the LOVE of God throughout the city of Modesto! It is THE church to be at in that city.

Since: Jan 11

Chinese Camp, CA

#24 Feb 1, 2011
Gary Bell wrote:
ABUSIVE CHURCH CALVARY TEMPLE in Modesto,CA.!!!Glad to see the school close after the abuse me and my son lived through with three of the members Calvary Temple!!! WERE STILL TRYING TO PUT AN END TO THE ABUSE AT CALVARY TEMPLE (in 2009),WE HOPE FAMILIES ARE WARNED TO STAY AWAY FROM CALVARY TEMPLE!!! I've contacted the Modesto Police department over some of the threats towards me and my son, I just knew they were going to HURT my child because I refused to quit my union carpenter job, they declared it was wrong because of the amount of money I made and I wasn't skilled enough to make that kind of money.I went to school for 4 years(8 A's and over a B average and graduated second in my class on the final exam),over 8400 hours in the trade of carpentry at the time of graduation. While 2 of the 3 members of Calvary Temple set on there lazy worthless butts an sold amway or something like that and work part time at the church teaching bible study 2 knights a week, i've really not know them ever to work. Which left them all day every day to focus on my job my child and devoted there time to teaching me and my son a lesson about obedience. That when the threats towards my son began!!, I really believe and still afraid there going to HURT my son!! I've contacted the modesto police, there word against mine about the threats not enough for the police department to do anything. I know longer live in Modesto I moved to Oregon, I know they look up mine and my mothers phone number and we have been receiving phone calls a couple times a day were the caller doesn't say anything just listens!! I know it's that couple from Calvary Temple!! I contacted the Tigard Police department where I live and filed a incident report #09032623 with officer Horton. I mean what kind of nut is this couple. I would have the police do more but there clever about how they do things.There is alot more (them contacting my union anonymous and asking about my job)things they have done too many to list.I quit Calvary Temple 10 years ago, doesn't this sound like there real nuts and what's scary about this is after being threaten that if I didn't quit my Union and be obedient that something could happen to my son,(they tried to scary me into quiting my union with my son) is with the phone calls to both my house and my mothers house is do they know were we live(were my son lives), how far will they take this???? I contacted the senior pastor at Calvary Temple he know about there abuse but denies the abuse(i don't think he know all of it),I think they were worried i would sue or something like that, I know they were told to stay at home for a couple of months until this blew over, they did stay at home but they didn't leave me and my son alone and are back at Calvary Temple making those phone calls to me and my mother house trying to intimidate me!! That incident report was filed Jan.24th of 2009 and those phone call our currently happen(2009)
You sound like you're a few fries short of a Happy Meal, dude.

Ceres, CA

#25 May 28, 2011
BurnBlisterPeel wrote:
wow, you are desperate for an audience huh?
What a blanket statement regarding the christian church and anti-semitism. I think you will find most christians have a special love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Modesto, CA

#26 Mar 1, 2012
Calvary Temple, in my opinion, means well, but doesn't seem to care how it comes across to others. And there is too much emphasis on money issues, as it seems so much emphasis on whether people are tithing, and/or tithing correctly, leads one to believe either they don't trust God to convict people to give, or just don't trust the people in their own church to be followers of God enought to give without being told week-in/week-out to do so (I mean how many times do you really need to keep saying this same thing over and over?). Or it leads one to believe that maybe given so much emphasis on tithing perhaps there is some financial reward in direct proportion to the amount of tithes the pastor can ensure the people are giving. Is this the case? I would like to know about this last thing. It just makes me wonder if their focus is really on God, or on money? The way some of the members have talked it seems like they want to give so they can get, and assume that if they recieve in return from God more abundantly than what they've given, then they are somehow more favored. So I understand some of the criticism about this church being a "money" church. In fact, they've said it plainly from the pulpit that if God has your wallet He has your heart. But can it be true that our love for God is reduced down to a dollar sign? Jesus' disciples had love for the Lord, but had all things common. No man had any more money than the other as they all shared. I have considered that God may be using this church to reach the rich in a way that others might not be able to, and so in that respect I am glad their are rich people who are christian. But again, given so much emphasis on money, it can seem that their version of Ephesians 2:8,9 is "For by tithing are you saved..." And this is not coming from all members, but a good number have given this impression. Another thing that bothers me about Calvary Temple is that there is not much brotherly affection, which comes from the top down. By this I mean that given the people are a reflection of the leadership, the pastor is not very brotherly affectionate with the people, so the people are not brotherly affectionate with each other. And then its no wonder why the pastor has to prod people from the pulpit to go introduce themselves to visitors. I was a visitor, and was told from the pulpit by Glen himself that he would come meet me after the service, but he never did. That hurt.

Stockton, CA

#27 May 6, 2012
I went there for the first time tonight and experienced a deliverance with the Deliverance minister Rev Jim. I felt the power of God in that place through music and the sermon. It was given by Executive Pastor Williams because the usual Pastor and his wife were out of town. The sermon was called Redefining Faith and it was wonderful. When I made it to the visitors center I was greeted by three male ministers from 35-60 or so. They were loving and the usher named Joanne was also very kind. Before I join a church I have to do some reconnaissance and this site was useful to an extent. But I felt the power of God there and it was beautiful!

Stockton, CA

#28 Aug 7, 2013
I take it that you are Jewish. As far as misusing extant copies of ancient teachings all are guilty. Consider the following: the Hebrew Bible takes ancient teachings that are pre-Abraham, and claims that the people of Israel are the chosen ones. This is what any society would do if it had discovered a compilation of ancient teachings, that nation would be the CHOSEN ONE.

From a Jewish perspective: Since the Tanahk should not be taken literally, lest one lose his/her way, it seems that the true teaching is that each human has a heart-that is Israel, that longs for YHWH. Each one also has a mind-that is a serpentine portion of the brain-El Satan-WHO DECEIVES HUMANS. And thern ther is YHWH, a helper-comforter-who help Israel in the fight against the internal adversary.

So it's not Christians, Jews for Jesus, Muslims, Catholics, MOrmons, or the Jewish people who are to blame it's EL Satan who must be subjected to the divinity within each one. Follow your heart, not your intelect and stop hating!

Stockton, CA

#29 Aug 7, 2013
And don't indulge in an AD Hominim fallacy dure to my spelling!
Abuse in is never funny

Portland, OR

#30 Mar 16, 2014
I'm comforted in the fact that there are other church in Modesto besides The House Church. Instead of look into an abusive member at the house you get a stupid reply like yours. And I am betting your not that educated yourself. I would love to see what great feats that you have accomplished in your life. I would hope people from the House church would want to pray about a member abusing children and families, and maybe try to stop the abuse.
Modesto Mommy wrote:
Funny how all the people against Calvary Temple seem to be somewhat uneducated (evident by the gramatical usage in their complaints. The are also ignorant to what Calvary Temple is all about. A pastor should flourish financially, God does not want him nor us to go around poor and in poverty. If you are in poverty it is not Pastor Glen's fault or the Lord's. It is yours. Instead of complaining about money or your lack thereof, do something about it! Go back to school, learn a new trade, get a better job. May God bless you and heal your anger!
Abuse in is never funny

Portland, OR

#31 Mar 16, 2014
I'm comforted in the fact that there are other church in Modesto besides The House Church. Instead of look into an abusive member at the house you get a stupid reply like yours. And I am betting your not that educated yourself. I would love to see what great feats that you have accomplished in your life. I would hope people from the House church would want to pray about a member abusing children and families, and maybe try to stop the abuse.

Modesto, CA

#32 Aug 26, 2014
Arthur Davis wrote:
There are those in the community who are grateful that Calvary Temple’s school K-12 is closing its doors. This anti-Semitic group has for years shown its religious contempt for the Jewish people. This church is mad because of the verse shown in Deut. 13:1-4 which states that all mitzvahs (commandments) remain binding forever, and anyone (including the Christian church) coming to change the Torah is immediately identified as a false prophet. We all know who the false prophet Messianic Churches are. We also know that the Pentecostal and Baptist churches are sponsoring religious terrorism against the Jewish people here in the United States and in Israel. It is a fact that Jews for Jesus are not Jews, but a Christian church. They are a Christian backed front for anti-Semitism. It is also a fact that any and all Messianic synagogues or churches, no matter how they camouflage themselves as Jews, are Christians. It is our duty as Jews for Judaism to warn all synagogues and Jews about many of the various churches that are trying to spread their false religion. We all should be aware of the desire of these false religions to destroy the covenant made between G-d and the Jewish people. In each Jewish community we are asking that they beware of these Torah hating wolves in sheep clothing.
Quit stealing services that are provided you and pay what you are in arrears on and I would not have to camp outside.

Modesto, CA

#33 Aug 26, 2014
onan the barbarian wrote:
god will judge allthe naysayers
Quit stealing services that are provided you and pay what you are in arrears on and I would not have to camp outside.

Modesto, CA

#34 Aug 26, 2014
Abuse in is never funny wrote:
I'm comforted in the fact that there are other church in Modesto besides The House Church. Instead of look into an abusive member at the house you get a stupid reply like yours. And I am betting your not that educated yourself. I would love to see what great feats that you have accomplished in your life. I would hope people from the House church would want to pray about a member abusing children and families, and maybe try to stop the abuse.
<quoted text>
Quit stealing services that are provided you and pay what you are in arrears on and I would not have to camp outside. This is abusive to me and my family.

Modesto, CA

#35 Nov 14, 2015
scott wrote:
<quoted text>replying to being uneducated i guess jesus was uneducated too. should you pastor florush more than the message how is it that glen has a huge house and nice car while most people in the church is barely making it does to not seem wrong to you.It seems to me most of the people there their God is glen not jesus.also what did jesus said to the rich ruler it seems to me what you are learning from glen church if you go there is the gospel of glen not Jesusthe last thing i will talk about money is even if i was poor which i am not what is wrong with that,jesus was poor too and that is from the bible too Here is a great song for glen it's called my jesus by todd adnew
He has more worldly debt! Also more in default and arrears on other rendered services.

Ventura, CA

#36 Feb 13, 2016
anti christ wrote:
calvary temple is a cult. screw the people their and scew the christains made up god
I being raised in an Atheist home..... as so many can see... most Atheist.... are angry folks that are still have child issues of how God when they we're little... in their religious home seemed to forsake them.... if people of faith are crazy..... why do you argue with crazy.... this is just the cry of a wounded dog.... GBless you... If you ever get sick.... I'll pray for ya....

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