the news media is focusing on the usual two bad choices the american people have as president. the best candidate, libertarian candidate gary johnson, is pretty much ignored. look at this man's record. he was a successful two-term governor of new mexico. he believes in low taxes, limited government. romney is not the job creator he makes himself out to be. he was so unpopular as massuchssetts governor he didn't bother to run for re-election and left office with 34 percent approval. gary johnson is a self-ade millionaire. he started his buisness from scratch and turned it into a multi-million dolar buisness. we ned somebody like that to turn around our failing economy. neither obama or romney have been a succsess at anything and neither has any clue about the economy. gary johnson favors marujuana legalization and civil liberties. h wants to abolish the ''PATRIOT ACT'' and the TSA. he is opposed to war with iran and says he would use his presidential powers to prevent israel from attacking iran and would not get invovled in a war with iran if israel provoked one. that is better than anything romney and obama have said, which is basically israel's foreign policy is our foreign policy. the two major party candidates are both terrible. obama is lucky romney is such a terrible nominee. romney has chosen paul ryan, who favors cutting medicare and social security bit not ''defense spending'' for the failing occupation of afghanistan. the stupid republucans and romney have just given a gift to obama and the democrats. while gary johnson is the only candidate talking sense saying we need to get out of afghanistan, both obama and romney continue to talk about staying. romney says he would increase troops and stay until ''victory is achieved.'' it's easy for a pampered politician who avoided and nver served in combat to talk tough far from the battlefield. our ''afghan allies'' have begun killing american troops with increasing regularity. the us military is opposed to war with ran because they know what a disaster it would be. he grunts troops are tired of afghanistan and want to leave. romney is no fiend of the military. gary johnson is the right candidate for america, a good man with no scandals. the american people would be better off with him in the white house. unfortunately, we will get one of two bad choices. our current president is getting frighteng;ly dissmissive of the constitution. it seems the power is going to his head. gary johnson is the best candidate.