it's important to clrify some things about the us military. it is often said they go to war ''for us.'' no they don't. all wars are started by the government. it's not like american citzens go up to the military and say,'' hey, go fight these wars for us.'' and it's not like the military responds by saying, ''we like you so much we're going to go to some distant land and risk our lives for you.'' the military has to go where they are ordered. if they refused they would be court-martialed and thrown in the brig and dishonorably discharged and become convicted felons and lose their benefits. most folks these days join the military for financial and economic reasons, often because they can't find a job in the civilian sector, not ''to serve their country,'' as is usually the government's propaganda. the founding fathers never intended for the military to be a revered institution as is happening today. there is no reason to thank soldiers forir service. the wars in iraq and ahfganistan have done nothing for the american people. it's never a good idea to tell a certain group of people they're superior to others. some have aken to calling today's military ''the new greatest generation.'' while world war 2 soldiers defeated the axis powers, germany, japan and italy in lass than four years, today's military hasn't been able to defeat two rag=tag insurgencies in two backwater countries. and ww2 soldiers came home to a boming economy; today's vets come home to unemployment. you can always tell the reality of a situation by looking at it. despite a lot of hoopla and ''support the troops'' rhetoric, there are a lot of homeless veterans. i don't think members of the military deserve any more adualtion than anyone else. the military is the most overrated instition in america. they do not ''defend'' americans. the attacks on 9/11 and the huge gun salews prove that. we should stop overpraising the military. when a lot of these guys get home and realize the government doesn't care about them. they commit suicide. the military is nothing more than the contemporary praterian guard. the military does nothing for the average american.