Review: Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis
Katie R

United States

#29 Oct 15, 2011
I can relate completely, on one point, to the story from the lady in b'ham. I had diarrhea also but only in the beginning. The part of not being able to sleep was not an issue for me. Overall, I have enjoyed the experience I have had and plan to continue taking it as long as I am seeing results. To date, I have lost 44 pounds in just a little over 7 months with Plexus Slim and the Accelerator. One thing you will notice is a drastic reduction in the amount of weight you lose early on vs long term. I think this may be in part by design. I now exercise 5-6 times per week but nothing strenuous. Mainly, just walking 2 miles and a 15 min aerobics video i own, but I will throw in an occasional bike ride or slow jog. I believe if it had not been for plexus that I would not be at the level of stamina I am now. Being almost 50 pounds heavier will put a damper on a lot of things you never even stop to realize. I do wear a size 6 now, have much more energy, actually rest better (even with the accelerator), dont suffer what I call "afternoon fatigue", substantially lowered my blood pressure, and believe it or not, dumping the weight actually kicked my sex drive in overdrive. I am more "awake" at age 34 than I have been for the last 8 years. I am healthier, more active and actually don't mind my husband seeing my body now (ladies, you know what I mean). I am so glad I decided to give it a try.

Katie R
Armory, Ms
Richard Weastin

United States

#31 Oct 15, 2011
Sorry but I forgot to include the link to the location I found the discrepancy on.

Richard Weastin
Warren, RI
Hans F

United States

#32 Oct 15, 2011
Here in Deutchland, we have many pills that are not available in US but most tend to act as speed. Can we have some shipped here? We look for some weight loss the works mit nit side effects.

Hans F
Frankfurt, GE APO AE 09060
Emauuel G

United States

#33 Oct 15, 2011
Re: Patrick H - Knoxville, TN "...One other observation, anyone else but me see that there is a flaw in this sites location posting? It doesn't match where anyone is from. Anyway, that's technology for you. Happy Slimming!

Patrick H
Knoxville, TN"

I did notice this! lol especially when the guy from Germany posted and it showed up as the same town as the post before him. I have seen this problem on this forum and others like it before. A bug they haven't worked out yet trying to combIne geo tracking and gps technology. Although it has come a long way, it's not quiet there yet on some platforms. As far as the plexus slim goes, I've never tried it but my aunt uses it and she is a believer in it!

Emanuel G
Long Island, NY
S Horton

United States

#34 Oct 15, 2011
Well, well, well... my dear friend Carl. You see, for the record sir, I contemplated NOT sharing my experiences of Plexus Slim misuse and it's serious negative effects because I knew that by putting the truth out, in it's purest form, I indeed ran the risk of my public service message not being the focus because there would most likely be an uneducated, cowboy from Texas, moonlighting as a starving comedian, who only mastered one true art in his whole life... and yes buckaroo, it does involve your over inflated ego found deep within the only brain in your head(s), yes cowboy, that is plural. I'll define for you later... I'm sure you need it. You see, the art you mastered requires the talent of a boot wearing, ten gallon hat wearing, big buckle showing, with a sock crammed in his wranglers, but you did it cowboy, and I am talking about the only thing you've been able to rope and ride which is your pathetic little underdeveloped penis... you, at 40 years old did what it takes most men late in their 70's to master... piss themselves. You see cowboy, you simply used me as an excuse to hide your own personal inadequacies, from all those studs in Texas... Oh', I wouldn't imagine that it would help your rankings on the circuit any if they knew a 40 year old cowboy had lost control of his bladder. You see you are royalty to me and I will bow down to, "Your Most Worshipful Hiness, Sir Little Prick Leaks A Lot"! A Redneck from Alabama, Southern Fried Idiot... really your "Penile Penitrated Anus"? I am honored to be in your presence, I knew that I knew you from somewhere... they made a movie about you... Oh' what was it? Hmmmmm... YES, Broke Ass, naw, Broke Dick, naw, YES, that's it! Broke Back Mountain!!! I've never met a real cowboy before, a gay one anyway. You see, we have some real men in the South! Can I have your autograph.... Please? Your such a funny, funny, man... literally, funny! You bit of more than you can chew with those puckered up pretty penile sucking lips. I can hang with the best of them without using that trashy language you used, managing to get my point across with only using grammatically correct medical descriptions of your under developed, inoperable anatomy. You see cowboy, I am a true Southern Belle who happened to try and get the upper hand on a few of my closest friends and I shouldn't have. An idiot, I may be but a comedian, your NOT! Which brings me to the point, I set out to make. After weighing the odds of dealing with people like you and saving the life of a child... Well, you know what they say, an 8 second ride for a cowboy is considered an accomplishment, a winner, a high achiever, a record holder... down south, us Southern Bells prefer a real man that Respects his woman and knows how to ride more than just a bull and certainly for longer than 8 seconds. I would invite you to Miss or ALA for some riding lessons but after talking to me the way you did, these real men here would ride your queer ASS, right into the swamp where the alligators play! There, you got me, I said it... I couldn't help myself. You know what? It felt good... You my arrogant bed wetting cowboy can kiss my Souther Belle ASS!

As you said, no disrespect I assure you... Only truth!!!

Yours Truly,
Alabama Hottie
Brooke P

United States

#35 Oct 15, 2011
Oh my goodness! Cowboy Carl... want some Plexis? lol

United States

#36 Oct 15, 2011
she was a whole lot nicer than I would have been. can't touch this!!!!

United States

#37 Oct 15, 2011
I do apologize as it appears that I struck a nerve in you. My intent was not to offend you but bring your ridiculous situation a little sunshine by finding the humorous side. I do admit that I, well, might have mentioned your stupidity... instead of doing what I intended to do. Let's not forget that your the same self described southern belle that took not two times the recommended dosage, but three! Even your own husband that I am assuming fit into the classification of southern men that you described, had you commited! Honey, you don't get put in a nuthouse without having some screws loose. The pathetic thing is after almost killing yourself, you only managed to loose 6 pounds! I guess you had the munchies while you were strung out on the accelerator and don't remember binge eating. I won't even address all the other hogwash you tried to peddle but I will say this. You seem like the type that has some real inadequacies of your own and like others, made a futile attempt to over compensate by drawing attention away from you and directing them at someone else. I've seen a lot of people like you in my life, although it has been a while... most grow out of it around 7th grade. Boy, you must have really caught it bad as a kid to still be this raw over it. I'd bet you a donkey in my back 40 that you've got more than junk in the back of yours! Alabama hottie, take my advice and don't ever leave the back woods you call home. I know it is tempting because we have electricity, automobiles, grocery stores, and even potties... but as good as it might seem, it's a cruel, cruel, world out here! It will be okay though, just remember it's easy to be a centerfold when your the girl next door in a trailer park. I'll settle for a real Texas cutie with everything but junk in her wranglers! Hope you don't go through your whole life being so bitter. It's not my fault you needed plexus in the first place, can't read, spent time in the nut ward, and probably have to wipe slobber between taking a breath and typing because your missing so many teeth. Look on the bright side southern belle, you'll fit in just swell with... well, you know! Oh, the only real reason those gators stick around is because even they know where to find what they need and how easy it is to get it. If you ever learn to read and try it again, post a before and after...

Dallas Cowboy!
Lonnie G

United States

#38 Oct 15, 2011
That's what I'm talking about Carl!
Charlotte H

Tupelo, MS

#39 Oct 16, 2011
I have been taking plexus slim and the accelerator for about 5 weeks and have lost 13 pounds and dropped a dress size. Looking forward to the future and what's yet to come. Thanks plexus!

Booneville, Ms

Tupelo, MS

#40 Oct 17, 2011
Two weeks on plexus and I have lost 9 pounds. Started the accelerator Saturday. Can't wait to see what happens now.

Memphis, Tn

Tupelo, MS

#41 Oct 17, 2011
Plexus Slim is a wonderful product and when used with the Plexus Accelerator, produces some amazing results! I have lost quiet a few pounds and dropped 4 sizes in my waist but most importantly, I feel fantastic! I will be placing my next order from Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis in West Point because although I have never met her, I hear that she is an amazing Christian lady who happens to take Plexus products herself and truly believes in what she sells. I will be joining the Golden Triangle's Plexus Slim Explosion!!!
Victoria S

Tupelo, MS

#42 Oct 17, 2011
I had never heard of Plexus Slim by Sue until the other day but the funny thing is I heard some girls talking about this Plexus Explosion thing at the student union about a month ago and just didn't know what they were talking about. I am interested in at least attending one of the meetings in the Golden Triangle and possibly ordering some. Anyone know how to go about finding out when and where the next meeting will be held? If I understand correctly, isn't the lady that owns this company from West Point... Sue Hollis?

Thank You,
EMCC Mathew, Ms Campus
Victoria S

Tupelo, MS

#43 Oct 17, 2011
I had never heard of Plexus Slim by Sue until the other day but the funny thing is I heard some girls talking about this Plexus Explosion thing at the student union about a month ago and just didn't know what they were talking about. I am interested in at least attending one of the meetings in the Golden Triangle and possibly ordering some. Anyone know how to Ho about getting a schedule of when and where the next meeting will be?

EMCC Mayhew, Ms Campus
Walter P

United States

#44 Oct 18, 2011
Been monitoring my blood pressure for quiet some time and have had some elevated readings. I do not take blood pressure medicine and according to medical charts am not considered obese. I have been reading up on Plexus Slim and have seen reports where some people have reported positive changes in both blood sugar and blood pressure. Has anyone ever taken Plexus that has not necessarily needed to lose weight? If so, has there been any measurable changes in either of these two areas mentioned above?

Laurel, Ms
Cliff W

Tupelo, MS

#45 Oct 19, 2011
I am fairly new to Plexus Slim like some of you. After being on the weight loss program with the Accelerator for 5 weeks, I have lost 11 pounds. I have starved myself using other diet methods before and am pleased to say that there is mi comparrison. I actually do not get hungry!

Grenada, Ms
Latoya C

Jackson, MS

#46 Oct 19, 2011
I love my Plexus Slim body now! I am thinner than I have been in 20 years! I have been trying to loose weight every since my last baby was born. I just kept on gaining weight. Now I am loosing it.

Strong, Ms
Mindy V

United States

#47 Oct 20, 2011
I love plexus slim. I have lost 21 pounds. great product.
Lametria D

United States

#48 Oct 20, 2011
I been takin dis plxs slim 4 a while now and loosin a lot of dim pownds. Need 2 get me sum mire dow cause I'm gettin low. Good plxs slim, good stuff.

Macon, Ms
Plexus Slim By Sue Hollis

United States

#75 Oct 20, 2011
P.S. By the way for those of you that are wondering my husband Randy and I have been PS products for a little over 2 month now and I have lost a little over 60 lbs and Randy has lost a little 40 lbs we have lost several inches as well. For you that was wandering

God's Blessings,
Sue & Randy Hollis

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