Review: Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis

Irvington, NJ

#350 Oct 31, 2013
Does anyone if there has been any report of Plexus Slim or accelerator causing kidney pain/infection?
love pink

Ballwin, MO

#352 Nov 2, 2013
I started using Plexus Slim and accelerator on October 21. After 10 days I weighed myself and had already lost 9 pounds. I walk constantly and am very active at my job so that helps but I'm loving this stuff! My energy level and appetite is great! Not jittery at all. I'm a believer. Recommend this to anyone.:)

Gulfport, MS

#353 Nov 3, 2013
Carl V wrote:
To S Horton: You have made my night! I take plexis slim and the accelerator and have lost abt 34 pounds in 14 weeks, BUT... you scared the hell out of me! The more I read, I actually thought about purging myself of the pill I just took out of the fear of death! My goodness woman, did you have to be so graphic in your description and sequence of events? Boy was I glad when I finally made it to the end, wiping sweat and all, swore I was dieing, kind of like suffering from symptom by association... then I sucked in a deep breath, of relief, when I realized that you my dear are an utter idiot, no disrespect I assure you! Funny as hell but still an idiot by any means of examination!!! After I composed myself from the panic attack I suffered due to your stupidity... I could not resist going back and reading it again. This time, however, because I knew that an introduction to a certified nutcase awaited me, I laughed at your predicament to the point I actually urinated on myself. Thanks Alot!!! Talk about 0-60 in 6 flat... I went from hyperventilating from fear of what I had been putting in my body to rolling with laughter as a 40 year old man pissed himself! Just fir the record, if I was your husband, I would have locked you up too! You my southern fried idiot managed to put a whole new spin on Alabama redneck! Mel Tillis, Foxworthy, or that other get er done guy really ought to fit your story into their skit! At least you could wag your junk in the trunk all the way to the bank!!! Seeing how I can still manage to write, I assume I have followed the directions fir proper administration of the plexus accelerator. Your source of a three month supply should have recognized the adverse reactions you were having and cut you off... NOT! They were laughing at your dumb ass right along with your friends that told you to keep taking it!!! That's funny right there, I don't care who you are... That's funny!
Dallas, Tx
I don't know Carl... the way you spell "for" ("fir"), you sound like the Southern fried idiot to me. You might say you still "manage to write"but I beg to differ.
PS - it's "dying" for the record.

Roswell, NM

#354 Nov 3, 2013
Jennifer from MS wrote:
I have had a TERRBILE allergic reaction to the Plexus Slim! The person who "recruited" me got angry because I asked to return the product! Then, when I called the Customer Service line, they too got angry and acted like I was crazy. I had to undergo a series of Decadron shots to clear this terrible rash up that was all over my face, chest, arms and neck. I work in the medical field so I am not an "uneducated" consumer!! Be careful of this product and careful of those individuals trying to sell you on it with unfounded claims and lack of FDA approval!
I took Plexus slim + accelerator for a month and didn't lose even a pound and I was eating less!

Savannah, TN

#355 Nov 4, 2013
I took plexus slim, accelerator, bio cleanse, and pro bio 5 for about 6 months and didn't lose anything. I finally just gave up bc I didn't have that much money to waste when it wasn't working for me. I have kinda thought about ordering the accelerator and only taking it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might help me start losing if I start it back?

Arnprior, Canada

#359 Nov 5, 2013
This stuff needs to be stopped the accelerator almost killed my wife in January high blood pressure lead to a stroke then a brain bleed.Has anyone out there filed any lawsuits against his company

Tucson, AZ

#360 Nov 6, 2013
sue brookhaven ms wrote:
i am pregnant, can i take plexus slim?
Its not recommended nor for breast feeding.

Since: Oct 13

Location hidden

#362 Nov 6, 2013
cam wrote:
This stuff needs to be stopped the accelerator almost killed my wife in January high blood pressure lead to a stroke then a brain bleed.Has anyone out there filed any lawsuits against his company
In the beginning when I started Plexus I was on blood pressure pills and I took the slim and the accelerators with no issues. What was your wife taking and how much a day? The accelerators are not for everyone.....the warning label for the accelerator is: Not intended for expectant or nursing mothers, or if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular condition. Not intended for children under the age of 18. Avoid taking this product with cold medicine containing pseudoephederine, ephedrine, PPA, or products containing caffeine. Before starting this or any other supplementation consult a health professional. If unpleasant effects occur, discontinue use.

Sacramento, CA

#363 Nov 7, 2013
I was wondering is it necessary to take the accelerator with the pink drink due ti I like coffee every morning

Since: Oct 13

Location hidden

#364 Nov 8, 2013
Candist wrote:
I was wondering is it necessary to take the accelerator with the pink drink due ti I like coffee every morning
No, you do not. While the Accelerator does help speed up the weight loss in most cases, taking the Plexus Accelerator with Plexus Slim is not required. If you wish to take the accelerators at lunchtime you can also do that. Normally I drink my slim in the morning and take 1 accelerator then at lunchtime I take a 2nd accelerator. I do drink a cup of coffee every morning.

Orlando, FL

#365 Nov 11, 2013
aareal wrote:
I am thinking about ordering plexus slim but I'm a little skeptical because it was used to help improve diabetes patients sugar (from what I am reading...) And I am hypoglycemic...
Does anyone know of any studies or affects of the plexus slim on hypoglycemia?
Also I am 20yrs old with over 100 pounds to lose... I've been dieting and excercising for a while but only losing about a pound a week. I'd really like it to speed up... Maybe plexus slim would help!
I took for a month. Love it. Do not stop eating. Eat normally and healthy. I am hypoglycemic as well, and I graze all day with different things. Carrots, fruit, wheat thins. Only have lost 4 lbs, BUT I went from a 37 1/2" waist to 32 1/2" in a month... THAT is the important thing in my book. Also, it helps with portion control because you do not want to eat as much
Kelli B

San Ramon, CA

#366 Nov 12, 2013
I'm almost out of my PS which means I've been on it for almost 30 days and i've only lost a few lbs. I use it with 1 accelerator in the morning (tried 2 and it was just too much) and I drink it faithfully. Even though my appetite has decreased significantly, I'm not seeing any results. I was going to try another 30 days but my GOD its expensive lol Anyone have any suggestions? I don't eat fast food (pizza maybe once a month), don't eat fried foods, literally instant oatmeal for breakfast & lean cuisine for lunch every day NO candy, no snacking, etc. Does it only work for people who have a LOT to loose? I needed 20lbs. So bummed and not sure if I should give it another month :(
Lee ann

Jackson, MS

#368 Nov 12, 2013
Kempa wrote:
I need to read posts from people who have done Plexus Slim and not lost ANY weight. A friend of mine sells it and I did the 7 day challenge. Nothing. She says I probably have "Candida".(read about it on the Plexus Slim website) So, I'm advised to take Probio 5 for a month then start up the PS and Accelerator again. She is a really good person and have been encouraging me, but I wanted to know if there are any out there who aren't having the success that I am also. I've done the drink and accelerator for 3 weeks and NOTHING!!!!!
7 days is not long enough to know if it will work because it detoxes your body first you need to give it a try for 1 month at least and yes the probiotic 5 will help a lot but with that you need the bio cleanse to flush the yeast out! If you have anymore questions look me up on fb Lee Ann Meaux Rankin
Lee ann

Jackson, MS

#370 Nov 12, 2013
DMM wrote:
<quoted text>
I took Plexus slim + accelerator for a month and didn't lose even a pound and I was eating less!
Jennifer, it is my understanding that slim detoxes your body and some other people have had rashes from the toxins coming out! I'm not sure if this was your case or not! I'm sorry you ran in to people who were rude to you that is definitely not how I conduct my business! Lee Ann Rankin

Columbus, IN

#374 Nov 16, 2013
Wow your dumb why wouldn't u stop after the first week if u were having so much problems

Sunset, LA

#375 Nov 18, 2013
I have been taking plexus for a little over three weeks , my first day of plexus was HORRIBLE . No drama intended, but that is the truth. I had the shakes the entire day, and not like the im high off caffeine shakes, it was more of a high off drugs kind of feeling! I slept 12 hours, the energy ? I have none. The accelerator smells like sardines and gets stuck in your throat because the pill is pretty big, the drink its self taste like artificial sugar/ watered down koolaid! And I got tired of drinking it and the taste VERY fast.. to the point where I hold my nose and chugg it just to get it over with, lets be honest most of the people trying to promote this " diet " dont really tell you the whole story. I have to FORCE myself to eat, and when I do I have no taste of the food at all. Now the weight loss? The first two weeks I lost 3 pounds, and that includes eating healthy, only drinking water, and walking 2-3 miles a day if I had the energy! I then gained all the weight back, which wasnt much to began with. The person I bought the plexus from keeps telling me " dont give up this stuff works " but im sitting here like, who is forcing you to lie.. because this stuff does not work! Atleast not for me. When I asked my administratorwhat to do and if i was doing it wrong she told me to spit in a glass of water and see if it sinks or has tails or whatever crap theyre trying to portray is wrong with why im not seeing results, which of course my spit was bad, and she advised me to get pro bio5 , spend more money, and probably not see any results! Im not going to buy pro bio 5 im returning this crap in the morning. Getting a refund! And telling everyone I know that this junk is as phoney as the people trying to sale it!
Darla B

United States

#376 Nov 18, 2013
Serious question to ask? Have any of you had to give a urinalysis for a drug screen after using Plexus Slim and the Accelerator? Was just told by a friend that a friend of hers may lose her nursing license after having to do a drug screen for her company because she tested positive for methamphetamine. Claims it is in the Accelerator. This just happened about two weeks ago. My company does random drug screening and I would not like to have to be put in that situation of proving I'm not a druggie simply because I'm trying to lose weight. Any comments would be appreciated.
My friend is using Skinny Fiber, any thoughts about this product?

Huntsville, AL

#377 Nov 19, 2013
sue brookhaven ms wrote:
i am pregnant, can i take plexus slim?
Please do not take any supplements that are promoted for weight loss during any stage of pregnancy. It could cause miscarriages or harm the developing fetus. Besides you will want to worry about weight loss after the baby is born! Congrats btw!

Baton Rouge, LA

#378 Nov 20, 2013
I have many friends that have lost weight and had many benefits from Plexus Slim. I however did not. I found that the Accelerator pills made me very jittery and sick to my stomach to the point that I wanted to throw up. I stopped taking the pills and tried again. But again, sick to my stomach and jittery. I did not take any other caffine product while taking them and took as directed. I decided to just take the Plexus Pink. I liked the taste and found that I wanted to drink more water. At first I thought it would work, but after several weeks, I gained 5 pounds. I was also eating better and begin exercising. I thought that something was wrong with me, but found out my mother, sister, and also a coworker of mine had similar exerpiences. I really had hope for this product, since 2 of my close friends sell it themselves, and had great results. I guess this wasn't for me. Just wanted to post this in case someone else had the same experience as me.
carrie hines

Pevely, MO

#379 Nov 21, 2013
Pauline F wrote:
I have been trying to find somebody in my area to buy this from but even though the word about plexus slim is everywhere you look on the Internet, I have not been able to find a distributor in the North East. Is this only a product being sold in the Southern Region? Amazing how I stumbled upon this thread actually, just goes to show you guys what happens when you put only your city in the search engine... never knew there was another West Point in the US. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
West Point, NY
Go Army!
hi pauline my name is carrie hines i am a plexus ambassador i see here you are trying to find someone who sales this product so you can order. just go to plexus and order from the site it will be shipped to you in 3-5 days good luck

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