I am writing this review to hopefully get a dangerous road bully off the road!
I was purposly almost run off the road this morning (09/13/2012) by someone driving a truck for Garrison Transport. The trailer tag number was Z08-890 and the truck number was 018.
I was in the left lane behind an SUV and in the right lane was a pickup, a box truck and then this semi. The pickup was going fairly slow so the box truck (safely) changed lanes and got in front of the SUV. The box truck was running right along side the pickup (passing), the SUV was directly behind him and I was directly behind the SUV. The semi driver speeds up and runs right up behind the pickup then turns his blinker on. I suppose he thought the SUV driver and I should have hit our brakes to let him get over and when we didn't we swerved into our lane then back in to his. The SUV driver and I both had to brake and swerve onto the shoulder to keep from getting hit. The semi driver took that opportunity to get into the left lane to pass the pickup.
I've tried to call the only number I could find for this company but it just keeps ringing. This guy should not be on the road period but especially not behind the wheel of a 40 ton missile!