EPCC plans another 2 early college hi...

EPCC plans another 2 early college high schools

There are 36 comments on the El Paso Times story from Aug 17, 2008, titled EPCC plans another 2 early college high schools. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

A successful community college program that allows high-school students to graduate with both a diploma and an associate's degree will begin at two new campuses Aug.

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epcc student

El Paso, TX

#23 Aug 18, 2008
hello i was a student in the spring at valle verde campus. they had this program going on at that time and i believe it not a good idea for the high school kids. reason is that they being mixed with college students that range from 18 to 50 or more years of age. their has been problems of harrassement on campus imagine this your students. when they take the college placement test most high school student have to get placement courses in english and math. a very important thing for me as a epcc student they are kids. they run around the halls screaming and laughing during lecture. i believe they should move and get college credits but they should do it in their own campus.
EPCC Employee

Florence, AL

#24 Aug 19, 2008
Some of us who work at EPCC are also concerned about young girls being in classrooms with 18 and over men. There is already a lot of drama and hookups that carryover from high school. Are the 14 year old girls going to be mature enough to deal with being constantly hit on by these guys? What happens when I need to ask a 15 year old to leave my classroom for behavioral problems? If they leave and get in trouble, or get hurt, is it my responsibility? Ask anyone in administration and they have no response. Don't worry I'm told.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#25 Aug 20, 2008
I must have struck a nerve in "someone" with my comment. I guess confidential documents will fall into my lap pinpointing who is lying on their applications, and that will be all the proof UTEP needed, and since I did their job I would get a thank you from someone.

United States

#26 Aug 21, 2008
Another example of how our educational system "dumbs down" our educational curricular. Tell me how is this going to happen when such a large number of our high school grads must take remedial courses when applying at better higher level universities. We are definitely doing an injustice to our kids and our standards here in the US.
I attend

Brownsville, TX

#27 Dec 13, 2008
actually the early college program is doing awesome at my school. i attend the valle verde early college high school and find that it isnt as hard as other people might find it to be. all your hours can transfer to any college or univercity in the state of texas. all of the students have to be U.S. citizens and live within our district. also every student that attends has to submit an applictaion, after that they are hand selected. only about 125 kids make it. "the students do ok with High School classes, but when they enter college classes they struggle and often fail" this statement it wrong in so many different ways. Our high school prepares us for our college classes. How is it that you can say that and yet i have made all A's in my college classes? The one thing that we "high school" students have is commitment. People look down on us and say that we are "at risk." If anything they are at risk because at 18 we will graduate with a high school diploma and an associates degree and i will look better at that interview. As for our high school it is the best in the district. "Are you kidding!!! We can't graduate 43% of our kids from high school, we have the biggest drop out rate in the State, and our kids cannot pass the TAKS.......... " We had one person fail the taks test. So i guess we can pass the taks. And dont think it is a boring high school, it is the greatest hgih school!:]

Obregon, Mexico

#28 Dec 28, 2008
I am a student that is currently enrolled at that program. I believe that program is wonderful and fair for students like me that want to take advantage of their time. Ive seen many students dropping out of high school, so why not giving us some reward for staying in school and doing what we are supposed to do.
Also I have to mention that the guy that said that this program is unfair is completely wrong. It is a great reward for capable students. And I assure you that in the future that this type of student is going to be your manager; we are accustomed to deal with a lot of pressure. Please stop those silly comments, we don't deserve that.

By the way those credits are accepted at almost every school that belong to the UT system. And also are accepted by private universities that know that this type of students are special. I believe that they know that students like this are precious.

have a wonderful day and keep studying... that is the only way to get a master degree.
The Phoenix

Brownsville, TX

#29 Jan 11, 2009
Hey for all the people who dont think this works it does dont be all jealous beacuse you didn't get this oppurtunity when you where you young.

Brownsville, TX

#30 Feb 7, 2009
Jane, historically, borders where created for what? An old friend of mine, Roy Griesel, once asked me, "what would the western hemisphere be like if there were no borders?" People make borders and out of greed. It is assumed that they are for protection and stabilization. Love thy neighbor, or do we not live in a free nation? By the way, in what language is "Colorado"? By the way, I love Colorado, lived in the "Springs" while serving my country. A little trivia: What is the most spoken language in in the western hemisphere? That is the language we should learn to speak.
Student at EPCC

El Paso, TX

#31 Feb 27, 2009
I am currently attending EPCC and I am upset that they are allowing HS students to obtain their degree b/c everyone else had to put in their own seperate time to get to where they are at today.
One of my teachers commented on the decision to do this with the words, "This is just another way for EPCC to make more money" and I believe that to be true.

United States

#32 Apr 1, 2009
thats not goig to happen if you realy think about it what do colleges do they are there to get your mony and if the money is coming from over the boader they'll take it to. so about yur screaning it's not going to happen.
hispanicamericanproud wrote:
I hope its only for Americans and Legal Residents. NO illegals or Border Crossers allowed, I hope the school screens their applicants well.

El Paso, TX

#33 Apr 15, 2009
I can see the point of view of respected administrators of EPCC. As a VVECHS student I do see those students who represent bad the school. But at the same time there are these students who strive for greatness. Personally I have gotten all A's in my college courses that I've taken so far. I am used to being under pressure; I am currently taking 3 college credit classes plus my classes at the high school. I find the classes that I am taking in high school to be rather more difficult. In the end those students who don't try well, too bad for them. But for the rest of us who work hard and are mature, well then we are just a step ahead. I know that my credits won't pass to private colleges out of Texas but that is my goal. To me EPCC is a breeze.

United States

#34 Apr 15, 2009
Student at EPCC wrote:
I am currently attending EPCC and I am upset that they are allowing HS students to obtain their degree b/c everyone else had to put in their own seperate time to get to where they are at today.
One of my teachers commented on the decision to do this with the words, "This is just another way for EPCC to make more money" and I believe that to be true.
So.... I see that you feel it is unfair for high school students to be attending your EPCC campus... I guess I can see that you had to work so hard on your own time to get to where you are... but I must say, do you have kids? I can assume that you don't. You see this program is a program for students that want to go above and beyond, students that want to better themselves, and this program proves to be a way to do it. Seriously most of the students at Valle Verde Early College High School look for a way to challenge themselves, and you can't get the kind of challenge of sitting in an actual college class at just any high school...

I really would like to apologize for me and my fellow students making you feel that way, but we have work our butts off nearly ten times harder, than you might, I don't apply this to just any college students, but to most. We worked hard to get to where we are just as you did, and guess what... We still work hard. If you have to think about it... We all take ADVANCED high school classes... COLLEGE classes... participate in clubs and organizations (which it is mandatory to at least be involved in one club or organization... and some of us have jobs to boot... So please don't give us this sort of injustice... it just is not right... I would bet a lot of money on the fact that is you were offered the same opportunity, and you accepted it you would not be making these sort of comments.

As for what your professor said... If EPCC is using our program as a scheme to get money, don't blame that on us. As students of VVECHS (and other early colleges) we attend the program for the simple fact that it is an amazing opportunity, that it wouldn't feel right to turn down. When given the chance to succeed, why in the world would you pass something like that up. I'm sorry but I believe these negative comments are plain ol' selfish cries... if you really think about it, you're really just upset that this opportunity wasn't given to you.

As for the whole maturity thing... I have honestly seen students that are more immature than sixth graders... so, yeah I don't get that... and ladies and gentlemen we all went into Valle Verde Early College High School knowing all the sacrifices we had to make, and if you all can't see that we work hard and make sacrifices, thats a fault on your end of the stick not ours...
Someone at VVECHS

Dallas, TX

#35 Apr 16, 2009
I think what we have here is a simple case of woe-is-me syndrome. The EPCC student who doesn't want other high students in their class sounds like they can't keep up with their high school counterparts. I will be the first to admit that high schoolers can be annoying...but weren't you when you were that age? And lets face the facts: You can't compare the behavior of one or two students to all students. So why the personal attack? I would put any one of the VVECHS students against an EPCC student academically any day of the week. Immaturity does not speak for intelligence and the EPCC student would not have appreciated their intelligence being attacked because of their age. It is clear this student needs to grow up.
As for the teacher who made the comment...maybe what he/she is failing to realize is that there is a certain element of job security (in a struggling economy)with students from a high school attending the institution they teach at. Apparently the EPCC student fell into the mindset of someone who can't see further than their own air of superiority. All students should be encouraged to attain higher education. Not only is it sad, but it is also discouraging that a college professor would be so narrow minded. Perhaps that student had their facts skewed? I would hope so. Would that student even HAVE the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning if EPCC were not available? Maybe not. Put things into perspective here.
The students at VVECHS are amazing in all facets. I'm sure the same is true of the Mission students, as well. If I had the opportunity these students have, I would be spreading the word to initiate more Early College programs.

Ashburn, VA

#36 Apr 16, 2009
Jane wrote:
This is just another way to give Mexican illegal alien students a college education…courtesy U.S. tax payers. BTW: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a financial backer of La Raza.
Worry About your Calumbine shooting in Colorado before you place your guns else where.
VVECHS Student_F

United States

#37 Apr 18, 2009
Student at EPCC wrote:
I am currently attending EPCC and I am upset that they are allowing HS students to obtain their degree b/c everyone else had to put in their own seperate time to get to where they are at today.
One of my teachers commented on the decision to do this with the words, "This is just another way for EPCC to make more money" and I believe that to be true.
I acknowledge your concerns, but I do have to say that jealousy corrupts the mind, maybe because you never got the chance to enter this prestige program and so what if it's a way for EPCC to make more money, you're in it for the same reason. I also understand that you put in your "own" seperate time to get to where you are today, but that just means that we accomplished more in a smaller amount of time. Do you you understand that we're taking college and high school courses at the same time so how is that any different from what you went through. I think that instead of opening your mouth to attack our school and the people attending it you should get your facts straight, you are a college student after all and whether you like it or not, we are at the same level.

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own.~Harold Coffin

El Paso, TX

#38 Apr 18, 2009
how can ppl jst judge without knowing what they are saying or simply by not having the right info.???? how can u say that most EPCC students are failures??? where is the proof show it to me?!!!!!!! and the people concerened about illegals being selected for the early colleges i don't think they should worry about because they are not taking anything away from you so please MYOB!! one more thing the "person who struggled to obtain the associates degree with 4.0 GPA" who said the early college students don't struggle as well??...hey they are putting effort like you did.to make a long story short.....early college students dont give anyone any reason to dislike them or mistreat them or simply judge them...you guys just create your own lil drama out of pure jealousy:)

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