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#1 Jun 3, 2012
can anyone tell me anything about him?
Is he single? kids? whats his story?

United States

#2 Jun 19, 2012
I know of three kids he has, by two different women. And don't takes care of any of them. Don't know if he's with anyone right now. Why do you ask. Are you interested in him?

Louisville, KY

#3 Jul 9, 2012
he has 5 kids by 4 women and dont take care of any of em. he makes all these kids and then dont pay for them cause he says the mom's are ho's but he's the ho running around here wit all these kids not helpin raise em. stay away he is gross and a damn liar

Naperville, IL

#4 Jul 9, 2012
Is he a child molestor? Heard he was have not seen if he is a registered sex offender.
Justice Served Daily

Garden City, MI

#5 Sep 5, 2012
Tony, He has a file on record for a Accusation of Child Molesting. They could never prove it. It's a shame that these children must suffer.

5 kids by 4 woman is correct unless recently updated.
1 mother has 2 kids of his a boy and girl ages both are small in age.
1 mother has a little girl who he pays child support for ,But thats the little girl that he has molested ,continues to molest and nothing can be proven.
1 mother has a baby who leaves him with Chad for weeks on end (another loser) And then of course Chad doesn't give that baby time or day.

He is a drug user,He smokes pot,drinks, and still lies through his teeth. He can be seen driving a White Ford? Pick up truck with cab. If spoted STAY AWAY He is trouble. He by now is probably a walking disease bank. Very Sexual active as proof with kids. One accusation is he might be Bi sexual but prefer that of little boy gender. Not worth Touching that thing. Leave it alone, If touched seek medical attention right away. Foul mouth,still lives with his mom in same city Hustonville , KY.

Westland, MI

#6 Sep 6, 2012
Hey now. I am his youngests mom and i let Chad have his son for a week and i keep him for a week. We have (or had until his cracked out other babymomma ruined that for him this week ) a shared parenting thing going on. I think its important for a kid to have his dad and grandparents in their life. Buttill he can pass a drug test and prove to keep my son fromthat cuntbag he is sleeping with he wont have him anymore.
Whoever u are up there- he would never harm a child especially his daughter she is his pride and joy.

Anyway whoever started this. I wouldnt mess with him. Hes a liar a cheater and a terrible person all around. If you want someone faithful and someone to make you happy- its not a 32 yr old unemoloyed loser who lives with his parents and is 30k behind on child support.
Email me at [email protected] and ill gladly tell you all about anything youwant to know.

Westland, MI

#7 Sep 6, 2012
And let me say, i love that i live 4 hours away and people want to talk shit about me. Noone down there knows anything about me or my son so id suggest y'all not talk shit. Or at least put a name with it so i know who *thinks* they know anything about my life!...
Justice Served Daily

Denver City, TX

#8 Feb 5, 2013
He has pestered with BOTH girls That is a PROVEN FACT! He does do drugs, and hes no longer shacked up with the girl that he has had 2 kids by. BUT she is pregnant again with His kid so that makes for 3 kids by him and still no child support. He is a DEAD beat Baby maker NOT a Dad. He can Never be a dad the way he goes about himself. He does drink, he does smoke pot he is on crack and he does do Coke. Not one to mess with your right. He also swears he has a job, but its Stealing what ever he can get his hands on. He still has the white pick up with extra cab. He does go to church but he smokes pot all the way. He has been found to smoke crack and pot while he has visitations with his kids. And the youngest son Cries all the time he never changes him, or feeds him he keeps him in the car seat the whole time and when tired of the screaming takes him over to his mothers where she takes care of him. To Ha Ha get your facts straight and look into him more before you give your son over to him. Dead beat fathers don't deserve visitation, I guess you wont figure this out till after CPS gets involved.
someone tell me

Morehead, KY

#9 Feb 5, 2013
carla wilcher that works for breece hayes skanky looking dope head. Anyone heard if shes a rat? Shes been in alot of trouble latley but not getting any jail time. Whats up with that?

Westland, MI

#10 Feb 5, 2013
Thanks "justice" for that info. Can you please email me? [email protected]

Westland, MI

#11 Feb 5, 2013
And I did say that until he could pass a drug test (which he has yet to do) he wasn't getting my kid

And I thought Amy was pregnant by Ricky Rowe? I didn't know it was chads.
well fare

United States

#13 Feb 6, 2013
Looks like you ignorant welfare chasin,have another kid,get a bigger check sluts would find these things out about the man before you lay down and spread for the man..poor pitiful me.Open your mouth and show your ignorance some more,who gives a shi@?
Justice Served Daily

Plains, TX

#14 Feb 6, 2013
Dates would add up to being someone entirely different actually. Not even Chads. I did email you Babymomma.

My advice, Don't mix in with Chad. Amy is a good momma she means well. Give her a break.
#15 Feb 7, 2013
Amy isnt a very good mother, man yall full of shit so badly. fakest people I have ever seen. Amy is prego by some guy named ricky rowe. Get your stories and bull shit straight before you go spreading rumors about me or anyone else for that matter. Must be depressing to all of you having such boring and sad lifes that you try to ruin others lifes.

Grand Blanc, MI

#16 Feb 7, 2013
Lol I'm welfare chasin? I was with the guy for two years even we had a kid and FYI I don't get any type of welfare. I take care of my kids without the state. Thanks for your concern. Get a life.
#17 Feb 7, 2013
Sarah is a Damn good mother, she works her ass off every day. She does more for her kids than 99% of other mothers. She dont chase welfare by no means. Her and I may not be together or whatever, but I'll still say she is a great mother. It'd best best for all to keep her name out of yalls mouths. Wanna talk about welfare chasing, then talk about amy, now she is a welfare chaser.
IgnoranceIsntAlw aysBliss

Somerset, KY

#18 Mar 29, 2013
Maybe one day, all of you will get lives & won't be so miserable. But, contrary to what you may have heard, ignorance isn't truly bliss. Because all of you on here spreading lies, rumors, & gossip are too ignorant to realize: you can be sued for this. It's called Slander. Or in the case of you not having the guts to actually say anything, & preferring to hide behind a computer & fake name, Libel. And even though you use fake names, and your city/state information isn't accurate, you still can be tracked by your IP Address. So, don't be surprised when you receive papers from someone's lawyers. And I'm pretty sure those of you who have posted on here know who I am, so if you are going to say something about me, have the guts to say it directly to me, & don't be spreading rumors about stuff you know nothing about.

Houston, TX

#19 Apr 16, 2013
Amy is a great mom, and I see nothing wrong with her. She has great wonderful children that all have a chance in this world because of Amy. She is NOT on welfare and frankly its none of your business who Amy is. If you have no guts to come out and stop hiding behind some fake name then dont go posting at all. I am glad to have her as my friend. She has never screwed anyone over and you all have NO!!! Rights to be talking crud about her when you dont know here. what you all have is he said she said crap Stop making up the lies and leave her alone. You all have kids, tend to your own family and leave hers alone.

truth teller

Fairfield, OH

#20 Oct 28, 2014
This dude is a theif, dope head and dead beat (cant say dad) donor. Worthless as tits on a boar hog,total waste of oxygen.
Yes sir

Harrodsburg, KY

#22 Sep 13, 2015
Is he from over the pond? Or is it a fake accent?

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