Oakdale / Cop's firing bares ill will...

Oakdale / Cop's firing bares ill will for longtime police chief

There are 256 comments on the TwinCities.com story from Mar 24, 2009, titled Oakdale / Cop's firing bares ill will for longtime police chief. In it, TwinCities.com reports that:

Oakdale police officers aren't happy with their boss, and they've gone public with their complaints.

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Saint Paul, MN

#86 Mar 26, 2009
If dumb means being paid better than most other cops in the country....I'd wanna be a dumb Minnesota cop too!
jack wrote:
Well, maybe just let the rest of them quit also, if the state would consider going back to the rules for certified police officers they had in the early 80's things would be better, after they got crazy with the new rules we became the laughing stock of the country, we get the dumbest of the dumb here, the smart ones leave the state right out of high school and take the department of their choice, we are stuck with the rest.
You have to remember that people do not go into law enforcement because they are smart.
Miss ya Chiefy

Minneapolis, MN

#87 Mar 26, 2009
How could I forget this one?
Police Chief William Sullivan: [email protected]

Saint Paul, MN

#88 Mar 26, 2009
Confused.....do they speak English in your neighborhood? Your spelling is atrocious (that means really really bad)
I am privleged that I neither know Sullivan or Coffey (but I do know Carsucci), but what I saw last night at the meeting, it dons't take a tyrained investigator to know that Coffey was not letting the truth. I have lived in Oakdale for the last 20 years and I would be concerned that our officers seem to spend more time and money in defending a mistake their comerades make, who are so called "experienced veterans".

Saint Paul, MN

#89 Mar 26, 2009
The feeling is mutual no doubt....is finger-painting still a "subject" at the ALC?
citizen joe wrote:
i hate cops....the end.
two peas

Saint Paul, MN

#90 Mar 26, 2009
Coffey Karma wrote:
There are always cops that people will not like, that comes with the territory and the job. However having a cop like Sean Coffey on the payroll pays a HUGE disrespect to all of the Police Officers men and women alike that service our country every day putting their life on the line. I've had my own encounter with this so-called cop, and it was one of deceit. "Flaker" & "MGN" I find it quit funny that you reference the black balling - Sean's REPEATED outstanding performances have finally caught up with him. One would ask, how many "other" Police Departments has he applied too? And REPEATDLY he has been shot down. He has brought this all upon himself. And yes his family and friends whom are most of the bloggers on here will contest this, but no matter FACT IS FACT. "Incredulous" - This is NOT the first time Sean has falsified documents, lied and fixed reports to be in HIS favor. Further more if you knew anything about how law enforcement works you would know that you are not able to discuss anything regarding any ongoing investigation. And yes that could result in you loosing your job if you did. I guess it runs in the family, I mean his brother is cop in Maplewood. Hey "Another Oakdale Resident" wonder why Maplewood is having problems? "The Big Bopper" says it best :( There are many fine police officers, however, there are a few that get caught up in the feeling of having "POWER". Those are the ones that are very dangerous and especially if they are in positions of police management. It spoils it for those that truly are out there ... making a difference.) Police are a brotherhood, they depend on each other to back one another up, looks like he's stabbed enough people in the back and it has finally caught up with him. Don't be fooled people, what comes around goes around, everything happens for a reason and that I am a FIRM believer in. I'M VERY PROUD OF CHIEF SULLIVAN AND OF THE OAKDALE CITY COUNCIL. THIS WAS LONG OVER DUE! UNITED WE STAND!!!
Hey "Coffey Karma". You sound just like Finney. Two peas in a pod.
The Sand Box

Saint Paul, MN

#91 Mar 26, 2009
It sounds like to me that the Chief needs to learn how to play in the Sand box with other people. He must have been picked on as a little boy, laughed at by the girls . This is why he is not playing nice. "Has he had an updated Physiological? I say give him hell all you Oakdale Officers and Community members. Send Sullivan off the playground with his shovel and pail in hand.
The Sand Box

Saint Paul, MN

#92 Mar 26, 2009
Sounds to me like you have the same issues as Sullivan!
one of the dumb ones

Saint Paul, MN

#93 Mar 26, 2009
I don't really feel sorry for the officers, I'm sorry for their writing hands as OPD is the only PD in the Metro (since the 80's) to still hand write reports.. This PD is 20 years of dysfunctional leadership. Officer Coffey has issues, no doubt, but there is solid truth to what is said here. Hopefully City coucil uses common sense and responds with hiring an outside neutral source to evaluate the PD and follow the suggested reccomendations for change.

Saint Paul, MN

#94 Mar 26, 2009
Being the wife of an Oakdale Police Officer ,I have heard and all the crap this city and the Cheif gives him to deal with. This has been going on for years now and it takes such a toll on these police officers that they shouldnt have to deal with. Its odd how this harrasment that has taken and continues to take place is acceptable there and if it was at a office atmosphere this would never have gone as far as it did, its appauling. Oakdale needs to get rid of the Chief so these officers can spend there time being happier and being able to do there jobs better with him gone. I would bet that you would get more resuts with happier officers. I do wish that the article mentioned of all of the officers that went to supporte Officer Coffey,not one of them were able to speak. That makes me wonder to all those officers that are still with Oakdale that showed up how many of them now have Targets on their backs, Who's next? Hopefully no one but with the Chief's history you dont know. I hope that this gets to the citizens of Oakdale, the ones that were not at the meeting. When my husband called to tell me how the meeting went that night my responce to him was, "Aren't you proud to be working for the city of Oakdale now?" I hope that Officer Coffey and his family my best wishes and if they need any help to ask and we will do what we can to help our fellow officers and his family out
Oakdale Needs Change

Farmington, MN

#95 Mar 26, 2009
My understanding is that there maybe 5 former police officers that have reached a settlement with the city of Oakdale. If each agreed to the lowest six figure number it would be $100,000.00 each or $500,000.00. Add to that the cost of health insurance at $1500.00 per month. For 5 family's 12 months per year that cost would be $90,000.00 per year. Finally figure the average age of these former officers at 45 years or age.$90,000.00 per year for 20 years $1,800,000.00 I think the total cost to the residents of Oakdale would be $2,300,000.00.
Time for change in Oakdale.
Oakdale Needs Change

Farmington, MN

#96 Mar 26, 2009
To be clear, the numbers are estimates. They are not numbers off of any financial statement.
John Engle

Minneapolis, MN

#97 Mar 26, 2009
As a professional law enforcement officer in the twin cities for 15 years, and one that is well aware of the issues that have and are facing the Oakdale Police Department, let me make it clear to the citizens, elected officials and the readers, the problem with the Oakdale Police is the "CHIEF" and not the officers. Morale is his problem, funny thing is another police chief in one of our biggest cities stated the same thing, and guess where he is now, gone. If I was still an Oakdale resident I would demand it of my elected officials to terminate the contract of Chief Sullivan, otherwise the financial drain, both from training new officers to replace ones that leave, and also litigation that is sure to arise out of this, will continue at tax payer expense.
Free as an Eagle

Minneapolis, MN

#98 Mar 26, 2009
"Sullivan also acknowledged turnover in the police ranks, but said that two of his officers now are police chiefs in Stillwater and Waseca; and former Capt. Bill Hutton is now Washington County's sheriff. Also, young Oakdale officers tend to get hired at the St. Paul Police Department, he said."

So three of the around 20 cops to leave left for promotions, what about the other 17? Most of the "young ones" getting hired at SPPD are taking minimum of $3 an hour pay cuts, and worse insurance. You also have to purchase all the equipment needed for the academy at your expense which is about $1,500 bucks.

I wonder why all these young cops flock to St. Paul? I'm betting some of the reasons are:

-You are treated like an adult at SPPD and don't have Captains telling you to re-write your HANDWRITTEN REPORT.

-You can actually pursue a stolen vehicle and not watch it drive by you as the driver flicks you off.

-You don't have to call the Sergeant and ask permission to go to lunch, and when you do get permission he tell you to, make sure you listen to your radio. Really Sarge? Thanks for the tip, I wouldn't have remembered to do that on my own.

-Commanders in St. Paul don't tell you cant charge someone with Misdemeanor Obstruction because "That statute is not really used that much"

-Squads don't have 150,000 plus miles on the engines.

-SPPD actually has a program that allows you to write reports on your computer, and not with a pen and paper! What a novel idea! Welcome to the 21st Century

-SPPD does not have a system where it gives you "points" based on your work performance. For example, Oakdale gives you a "point" for every call you write, every arrest you make, and every ticket you write. These points are added up and divided by your 10 hour shift and that gives you your "PPI points number"

Now let me explain something to you non-cops. Some cops aren't big into making traffic stops. Some like to get back into the quiet neighborhoods and patrol and pull business doors. These types of cops in Oakdale are PENALIZED at the end of the year during their reviews because their numbers aren't as high as those who do a lot of traffic stops.

My point is you need both kinds of cops in a department. You need the traffic guys, and the cops who wave the flag in the neighborhoods, talking to citizens and making sure business doors are locked. But PPI has turned Oakdale into a traffic ticket writing crazed department. There is no incentive to pull doors or drive the neighborhoods because you won't "earn a point" that way. If you have less points than your co-workers, that will effect your year end review badly. Now think about this, if you have a bunch of bad year end reviews, is another department going to want to hire you??? And this is how Administration officials destroy the moral.

Let me ask you people in Oakdale this: Why do you think that you get so many warning tickets, and fix it tickets? Good coppers got tired of tagging every Joe Taxpayer! All you are in Oakdale is a "point", remember that! If I was a taxpayer here I would be outraged. Call the chief and demand he scrap this garbage program!! LET THE COPS BE COPS!

Now do you see why OPD cops leave for St. Paul? And for the record they haven't all been young ones. Alot of the guys who left had 4-5 years on. In my book that's starting over. Contact Oakdale City Council and demand change in this PD, or you are going to keep loosing your good cops!
Cant make it up

Minneapolis, MN

#99 Mar 26, 2009
Anybody living in Oakdale a couple years ago get a ticket for the super-serious crime of watering your lawn on the wrong day? Well, that's because the officer's were told by the Chief that whoever writes the most Watering Ban Tickets will be rewarded by being able to pick a training event to attend anywhere in the continental U.S.
Well, guess what, the officer never even got to attend the training!!
Also, another funny story about Mr. Ethics. The chief told women police officers in a meeting that they shouldn't expect to get light duty if they "Chose" to get pregnant. It's the woman's choice to get pregnant and the department won't offer them light duty because of their choice! You can't make this stuff up people!

Santa Clara, CA

#100 Mar 26, 2009
Don't forget that by choosing to get pregnant you would be stuck working as a pregnant officer in a squad until you couldn't wear your duty belt. What a burden on your partners and a danger to your child! Once unable to wear your duty belt you'd be forced to use your sick time to stay off the street, which if you don't have a lot of time, would result in little to no maternity leave. Oh, but you could always take maternity leave UNPAID, like anyone can afford that in this day and age! Give me a break! Time for a change Oakdale!
Coffey Karma

North Branch, MN

#101 Mar 26, 2009
No where anywhere in my statement did I ever indicate that there aren't issues that have been handled poorly by the City of Oakdale. There have been many, but stick to the case and the individual officer at hand, Sean Coffey. As I stated in my first comment, I've had my OWN experience with this cop and yes for your information I ALSO WORKED FOR OAKDALE. There is corruption everywhere you turn at EVERY CITY. I do not think this behavior is acceptable and I've never said it was. Sean has chosen to "fix" things in his favor numerous times and "other" cops have noticed. His attitude or should I say lack thereof for "other" cops that don't see HIS ideas HIS way has got HIM where HE is. How is his attitude any different than the people you are so upset with? Rules are rules PERIOD. ALL SHOULD FOLLOW THEM. I'm sure the sexual harassment complaints, his wife was part of. She also an Oakdale cop, FYI. And let's remember people this is not HER FIRST HUSBAND THAT HAS HAD TROUBLE WITH THE LAW. If wish to air everyone's trash, Sean's and his lovely wife's can also be aired too. Furthermore do NOT speak on behalf of any other departments or counties until YOU YOURSELF, get all of the information. This is how problems start. Sean was a problem, ALWAYS HAS BEEN. And they took care of it. It's a START. So keep going I say! If there are more problems than deal with them. But don't make this pathetic excuse for a cop, Sean Coffey, make the rest of the GREAT cops look bad. And further more if you think that every cop everywhere likes their Chief and all of their commanders, lieutenants and sergeants you’re the one that has your head up somewhere. If you don't like where you’re employed then leave, I did. Also they are union and if every one of those cops has always felt that way about the people in charge, they could have used their union to work that out. AGAIN GATHER ALL THE FACTS FROM EVERYONE, before you make public statements swaying residents minds on falsified information. Oakdale is in Washington County and Washington County has some of the lowest taxes in the state! So obviously there are still SOME people in charge that know what they are doing. And every single time a law suit comes up, remember people, THOSE ARE YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. BE SURE YOU HAVE THE HONEST FACTS BEFORE YOU WASTE PEOPLE'S HARD EARNED MONEY. STILL UNITED WE STAND!!!!!
Another Oakdale Resident

Saint Paul, MN

#102 Mar 26, 2009
Anyone know when the meeting Tuesday night will be replayed on Cable? Or if it will? It would be helpful for those of us who couldn't/didn't attend.
Concerned Citizen

Minneapolis, MN

#103 Mar 26, 2009
(Copy of letter to City Council)

Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council Members:

I was in attendance for the City Council Meeting at which Sean Coffey was terminated. Let me voice my disgust with nobody being allowed to speak on Sean's behalf. It was clear to the 50 plus people in attendance that your minds were made up about Sean's future well before the meeting.

I also must thank Lori as she was the only one with the common decency to return my phone call. Let me remind the other council members, I am a taxpayer in this city. You work for ME. I don't work for you. I'm disheartened that as a citizen in this city, the council continues to remain steadfast in their blind support for the OPD administration.

Now, another costly lawsuit is under way and if history is any indicator, the city will be paying out a large portion. I want my tax dollars going to more constructive things than paying police officers money when they shouldn't have been fired in the first place.

Furthermore, I truly hope an investigation into Captain Kettler's comments are made, and based on Sean's punishement for lying, I would assume Captain Kettler's punishment would be the same.

By not listening to the countless officers who have left OPD, and are trying to leave OPD. You are keeping your head's in the sand about the huge moral problem in that police department. I find it disgusting that on-duty officers were not allowed at the meeting to show support for a brother. Interesting the only people in uniform at the meeting were two Sergeants who happen to side with the Chief.

If nothing is done to look into why so many people have fled from the Oakdale Police department, you council members are not doing your jobs. This will be remembered at election time. I trust you all are viewing the comments on the following website:


While most of the names are anonymous, the stories they are telling should cause you to question why so many people are saying the same thing. Are they all lying? Doubtfull. Do your jobs as elected officials and demand a full investigation at this department from a neutral party. Offer to talk to the street cops there off the record. Show the citizens that you actually care what is going on at this department.

Elections will soon be here for some of you. The people elected you and trusted you to be stewards of the city and the department. You have failed thus far to be stewards of the department. Start asking questions, start digging. A good man got fired because you didn't.

P.S. Mister Mayor, when you told Megan Boldt of the Pioneer Press that you just received the letter of no confidence that night, I believe that to be less than truthful. The letter was sent out to you and the council on February 12.
Had Enough

Saint Paul, MN

#104 Mar 26, 2009
Re: Coffey Karma "stick to the case and the individual officer at hand"

If you are going to try to make a point, stop contradicting yourself. If you want everyone to stick to the case and the officer at hand what does his wife or her past relationships have to do with the current case. Grow up and stop slinging mud. You being a former Oakdale employee sounds like a step in the right direction for the city.
Glad I left the nest

Minneapolis, MN

#105 Mar 26, 2009
Hey Coffey Karma

Its classy of you to start bringing wives into this you coward. So much of what you write makes me scratch my head I still doubt that you ever worked for Oakdale, what was your call number?

Sean's attitude can't get people fired. Administration there have made multiple sexual comments that violate workplace rules you clown. There is a big difference. Bad attitudes don't ruin careers. Power hungry administrators do.

Sean's wife had nothing to do with the sexual complaints either smart guy. If you worked there and were still in the know you'd know that, so swing and a miss again.

As far as airing everyone's trash, this isn't personal "Trash" i'm airing like you did you mope. I'm airing workplace FACTS that I have seen happen or know it happened because I keep in contact with everyone there, unlike you apparently.

You wonder why you're the only one who "worked" with Sean who doesn't like him? It almost makes me think you might be an administrator in the county....possibly for a Sheriff's deparment?

Sean didn't like where he was unemployed, and he tried to leave but COULD NOT. The cops in Oakdale have tried to use their union, hence the vote of no confidence that only 2 officers voted to abstain from, and 2 were unable to attend the meeting.

Your comment about tax dollars at work for every law suit that comes up proves my point. My taxes could be lower or the PD could actually get good equipment if they weren't having to pay out huge chunks of cash for employees they screwed over.

The next time you actually decide to make a post, please do so in paragraphs so it's easier for me to tear your idiotic statements to shreds. And next time lets leave wives out of it you coward.

Lastly, we on here in defense of Sean have provided specific examples of dysfunction we have observed. Please enlighten us with some of these "experiences" you've had with Sean. Until then, please put the pitcher of purple kool-aide back in the fridge, and sober up before posting your next rambling. Thank you.

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