Wisconsin congressman says he's strug...

Wisconsin congressman says he's struggling on $174,000 salary

There are 144 comments on the TwinCities.com story from Apr 5, 2011, titled Wisconsin congressman says he's struggling on $174,000 salary. In it, TwinCities.com reports that:

Democrats have been having a field day recently with comments freshman U.S. Rep.

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No tea for me

Minneapolis, MN

#1 Apr 5, 2011
Yah, hey, Congressman Duffy - nearly 175 grand would hardly keep me in cheese curds and Leinenkugels doncha know....
Out with the hypocritical right-wing out-of-touch mean-aass douches like Duffy and Walker and in with someone with sense and compassion.

Minneapolis, MN

#2 Apr 5, 2011
Seein' that we're talking about cutting public employee compensation...

Brainerd, MN

#3 Apr 6, 2011
Welcome to "The Real World" Sean!!Maybe Rachel needs to get a job, I'm sure Puck could help her out!!
Government Worker

Saint Paul, MN

#4 Apr 6, 2011
Dude - You supported cutting my pay and I make nowhere near what you do....try 38,000.00!

I have to feed a family on that!

Republicans are out of touch with middle class America!





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Minneapolis, MN

#5 Apr 6, 2011
Hey calm down ! Interns are expensive !

Minneapolis, MN

#6 Apr 6, 2011
Uh, ya. If I made 170K I would have more debt than I do now. Cuz I could get huge loans with VERY low interest and credit cards with VERY high limits. BUT, if I was smart enough to be an elected official, I WOULDN'T have that much debt! Proof again that these folks are clueless with how most Americans live. Before this troglodyte takes ONE bloody dollar from ANY WI worker he needs to give one of his own.
Governor W_nker

Barron, WI

#7 Apr 6, 2011
Dear Sean Guppy,

Since you and I agree that public employees have no rights, we are both idiots. That's okay, though, because the Krotch brothers will be giving us a big cash bonus and a party out in Cali. We call those perks "entitlements," Republican style. Wonder what we'll get when we kill all social programs and raise taxes on the worker bees. I'm sure that whatever we get will be outstanding. Maybe we'll get to hang out with Charlie Sheen and his godesses. Winning!

Your favorite Koch sucker,
Connie Conservative

Farmington, MN

#9 Apr 6, 2011
The man is a conservative. He "feels your pain."
He is following the example of a successful politician to win votes (poor decision making skills on his part.)

Six children!! Really? in America, if you have the money to pay, resources are not a problem. Apparently he doesn't have the money to support six children. Pro-Life? No problem. Try abstinance. I am sure he will suggest it to the teens in his household.

Just because you are poorer, doesn't make you perfect. Just a more poor sinner. Like me, a disabled woman living on the gratuity of the Federal Government, grateful for the undeserved handout.

Life has no rules except those self-imposed by the living or those who accept a higher power.
what the hell

United States

#10 Apr 6, 2011
$174,000, plus benefit package, plus living expense and this republican can`t make it. this republicans are sick.

New Richmond, WI

#11 Apr 6, 2011
174 plus travel expenses,a car,furniture and office paid for. Ohh poor baby . Fire this loser already I voted for the other canidate but hey he stayed in WI and voted yes to Walkers union bill so all turned out by sending Duffy to DC to whine like a little typical liberal BI#$%

Cold Spring, MN

#13 Apr 6, 2011
That didn't take very long.

The Sheeple are responding almost instantly to the call of the sheep handlers who have created this "news" and published it via this "news" source.

This is heady stuff that really stimulates thought.

I bet some of you evil Republican types will
try to defend this Congress Person.

You all know that his $174,000 would employ 2 Unionista's for 9 months each....greedy corporate pigs!

Thank God we have "news" sources like this to expose you evil Republicans!

Jim Hennen

Deltona, FL

#14 Apr 6, 2011
My heart bleeds for him. Imagine, trying to "eke" out a living on such a pittance! I am trying to live on less than $11,700 annually, so I can't even begin to see how this poor soul can survive on roughly fifteen times that.
Which brings me to this point: Reset ALL congressional and senatorial salaries to exactly four times the national average for poverty as proclaimed by our esteemed government. Perhaps by doing this, the sainted lawmakers will begin to see the world through our eyes, the eyes of the people instead of the eyes of the greedy, the eyes of the PACs, the eyes of the lobbyists, the eyes of special interests.
Is it possible that then they will work for the people, that public service will in fact entail some public sacrifice? Our form of government was NEVER intended to be filled with career politicians who could and do raid the treasury to their benefit and the benefit of the lobbyists, special interest groups and PACs.

Eden Prairie, MN

#15 Apr 6, 2011
He has 6 kids and says he's got bills, really? And how do you think that happened Congressman? Maybe with only 2 kids you wouldn't have so many bills, but that was your choice, so quit complaining. Wow, always amazed at the "entitled" mindset.

United States

#16 Apr 6, 2011
TrueGrit wrote:
Once again, all comments so far are from MN libs. Mind your own business (i.e. Khalid Sheikh Ellison). If Duffy wasn't taxed to the max by Obama's wasteful programs and debt load, he wouldn't have to make such comments. By the way this comment comes from a public employee making less than 50K a year in Duffy's district. Go back to your latte's and dreams of collective farms you sandal wearers.
$174,000, plus paid holidays, paid pension, paid medical hospitalization, paid dental, paid travel expense, paid food allowance, paid car allowance, paid housing allowance, paid telephone allowance, paid internet usage, paid everything and this republican moron is still whining and complaining.

United States

#17 Apr 6, 2011
Sure, his comments were out of line but, bottom line the dems make these huge salaries as well. What about when they were on vacation / hiding in Illinois, were they still getting paid???

Minneapolis, MN

#18 Apr 6, 2011
Choices. It's all about choices. He needs to realize how lucky he is.

Since: Jan 09

Saint Paul, MN

#19 Apr 6, 2011
Jeepneasy wrote:
Uh, ya. If I made 170K I would have more debt than I do now. Cuz I could get huge loans with VERY low interest and credit cards with VERY high limits. BUT, if I was smart enough to be an elected official, I WOULDN'T have that much debt! Proof again that these folks are clueless with how most Americans live. Before this troglodyte takes ONE bloody dollar from ANY WI worker he needs to give one of his own.
Who says that elected officials are smart?

Saint Paul, MN

#20 Apr 6, 2011
Dear Voters,
This is a great example of "be careful what you wish for." Next time, go to the polls and vote with your head, not TP emotion. In the meantime, I hope we all survive this mess.

Middle Class Hard Working Tax Paying Citizen who is nowhere close to six figure.

P.S. Mr. Duffy? I'll gladly trade places with you and your "struggles."

P.S.S. Children and youth...please know I am not one of the people who supported the policies of the Republican Party. I am sorry there are people willing to strip you of your basic needs and future. Please do not punish me in my old age.

P.P.S.S. Did anyone notice the abbreviation for Tea Party (T.P.) is also the abbreviation for toilet paper?


#21 Apr 6, 2011
First, no politician is worth more than $50K/year. Second, having fewer than 6 kids equals fewer bills


#22 Apr 6, 2011
As one acquires more money, they also acquire more debt. It's human nature. If you watch your spending as you grow monetarily, you will be able to afford your life style.Unfortunatley, most people do not do this and that is why they are in the state they are in. If you choose to go to college etc, you will have debts...unless you have a wealthy uncle..lol. Pay off your debts before you start getting more "toys". Budget, budget, budget!!
His remarks were stupid as they were said, but his meaning is still there. Next time, engage brain before you start speaking!! Imjustsayin

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