So here is one of those stories that at first looks hilariously fucked up, and then, the more you look at it, the hilarity melts away and you are left with nothing but a big sad ugly bucket of Fucked Up. We refer, of course, to Wednesday’s twin explorations, at The Daily Beast and Jezebel,* of the phenomenon of Christian couples who just can’t get enough of the Rod Of Correction. Only they call it “Christian Domestic Discipline,” or CDD, because what good is any sexual or religious practice without a handy set of initials? Not that these folks would ever call it a kink, of course, because kinks are fun and consensual, while CDD is about taking an already patriarchal religious orientation to an abusive extreme. And then pretending that spousal abuse is a way to praise God.

Let’s start by saying that Yr Wonkette has no problem with people getting their freak on in whatever way they choose — we are, after all, a leather-clad mommyblog with a whip. But the skeevy thing about these CDD enthusiasts — and thank goodness, Daily Beast writer Brandy Zadrozny estimates their numbers as “in the low thousands”— isn’t that they like spanking; it’s that they’re treating male control of women as a freaking sacrament. You know, more than conservative fundamentalism already does.
Callie Beusman, writing in Jezebel, explains that Women in these relationships can look forward to their behavior being constantly monitored and corrected by their husbands, in what one such group’s online forum describes as “a traditional Male, head of household, female submissive, Christian Domestic Discipline relationship.” These lucky women can expect disciplinary measures ranging from lectures to restrictions on their “privileges”— frivolous things like being allowed to use the phone or meet friends or leave the house — to being put in “time out’ like a misbehaving toddler.
And, of course, the spanking (Yes! Spanking!) Only instead of the funtime enthusiastic spankings meted out at Castle Anthrax, this is some pretty grim, mean-spirited shit:
Rubbing the buttocks after the spanking, or providing ice/lotion/aloe vera is not recommended. Rubbing or providing a soothing pain reliever essentially defeats the purpose of a spanking. The spanking must be painful to act as a strong deterrent to repeating the unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior in the future.