That’s it, I’ve had as much of this asshole as I can take. Alex Jones is a pathetic jackass, plain and simple. If he vanished into a sinkhole into the lowest depths of the bowels of this planet, I wouldn’t feel the least bit sad. In fact, I’d probably crack open a beer and light a sparkler.

This pile of crap is going around promoting the idea that the Boston Marathon bombing is some government conspiracy.

He’s saying that the bombing at the Boston Marathon has been conducted under a “false flag.” You see, the term false flag is a naval term from long ago where naval ships would fly flags not of their origin to avoid attack. They flew these “false flags” to cover up the truth about what kinds of ships they actually were.
But let me give you a little bit of background information on this parasite.

Alex Jones is a Libertarian, and founder of a radical right-wing website which I will not mention, because I refuse to give him any kind of free publicity.